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Ryan Phillippe Reveals He And Ex Reese Witherspoon Disagree With the Media About Who Their Kids Look Like

A serious debate has been raging on in Hollywood for years now – who do Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s children look more like? As their children have gotten older, followers couldn’t help but notice how much Witherspoon and Phillippe’s son and daughter are carbon copies of their famous parents. Most fans believe that daughter Ava Phillippe is her mother’s mini-me. They tend to compare son Deacon Phillippe to his father’s days in Cruel Intentions. That is the usual consensus amongst the public. But not everyone agrees with the media’s opinion on who their kids favor.
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Black Panther’s Angela Bassett Gives Update After Letitia Wright’s Wakanda Forever Injury

When on-set accidents happen, it can send viewers and the press into a panic. In recent years, these accidents have led to dire consequences and lawsuits. So, when news broke that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s Letitia Wright suffered an injury, fans were frantic to know what happened. But there hasn’t been too much information released, which is usual for Marvel projects. After weeks without any information, Wright’s costar Angela Bassett gave viewers an update on the actress’s current situation.
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Spider-Man 3 Alum Topher Grace Asked If His Venom Is In No Way Home And Gives All-Time Hilarious Answer

The secrecy surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home has spawned multiple theories and rumors from Marvel fans. With the multiverse playing an essential role, there have been some confirmations and speculation about who is and isn’t popping up in the sequel. One name that hasn’t come up is Spider-Man 3 alum Topher Grace. Of course, Grace entered the Spider-Man universe as Peter Parker’s well-known adversary Eddie Brock/Venom. The character in Spider-Man 3 wasn’t as well-received as Tom Hardy’s take, but he still left an impression, so his return for the next Spider-Man film wouldn’t be too far off. The BlacKkKlansman star channeled his inner Eric Forman to give a hilarious response about his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home.
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The Hilarious Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Scene That Changed Alfonso Ribeiro’s View Of The Show

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’s Carlton Banks is regarded as one of television’s most beloved sitcom characters. That love for the uptight cousin of Will Smith was greatly due to Alfonso Ribeiro’s performance in the classic show. No matter the scene, Ribeiro always managed to steal the show – whether it be through his iconic dance or other silly hijinks. Certain Carlton moments stick out to devoted fans of the show. But there’s one particular scene that sticks out most for Ribeiro. Recently the America’s Funniest Home Video host revealed the moment that changed his perspective on the '90s sitcom.

Nicolas Cage Explains Why He’s Never Retiring From Acting

It seems like every year, Nicolas Cage drops at least two or three films. With his projects being released theatrically, on VOD or dropped direct-to-video, it's hard not to find Cage's face on some sort of screen. Given how he hops from project to project, the actor seems to love his work and craft and, like many people, the Willy’s Wonderland star isn’t above taking a break from his occupation. But at this phase in his career, one might suspect he’s leaning toward the r-word – retirement, yet that’s far from the truth for the Oscar winner, according to him.

LeVar Burton Has A+ Goal After Jeopardy Dashed Hopes Of Hosting

Jeopardy!'s decision to name Mike Richards as the show’s host instead of LeVar Burton was met with disappointment from many viewers. Of course, the game show's choice ultimately didn't work out so well. Some fans saw this as the perfect opportunity for Burton to re-insert himself into the hosting search. However, even that window seemingly closed, as Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings were announced as the hosts for the rest of 2021. Nevertheless, the Star Trek alum isn't too worried about being asked back to host the iconic game show and recently provided some insight into the A+ goal he has now that his hosting hopes have been dashed.

What It's Like To Be On Set With An Icon Like Angelina Jolie, According To Eternals' Kumail Nanjiani

Marvel Studios’ Eternals has slowly become one of the most anticipated films of 2021, with part of that appeal being the stellar all-star cast. Of course, the biggest draw was Marvel’s ability to recruit Angelina Jolie. Being the Hollywood star she is, this superhero film could’ve turned into The Angelina Jolie Show. However, that didn’t happen during the filming of the Phase Four film, according to Kumail Nanjiani. The actor spoke on what it was like being on set with Jolie for Eternals.

Halle Berry Gets Candid About Abuse, Being A Black Actress In Hollywood, And Becoming A Director

Halle Berry has been regarded as one of Hollywood’s best talents and beauties. But all that acclaim and adulation hasn’t shielded the actress from the harshness of the world. Over the years, Berry has been open and honest about the many tribulations she has faced in her life and career. Just when you thought the Bruised star couldn’t be more open, she decided to reveal some more about her journey. The Oscar winner was candid about her battle with abuse along with her Hollywood career.

Precious Director Lee Daniels Recalls Firing ‘Disrespectful’ Crew Members Who Couldn’t Get The Lighting Right For Black Cast

When it comes to filmmaking, every director has their pet peeves about their process. For Lee Daniels, making sure the lighting for his cast is right is his. This became a major issue while filming the Oscar-nominated film Precious. Daniels wasn’t too pleased about how his crew treated the Black cast members. The director recalled the time he had to fire his crew from the set for bad lighting.

James Bond Casting Director Explains The ‘Rigorous’ Audition Daniel Craig’s Replacement Will Dive Into

With No Time to Die serving as Daniel Craig’s swan song, the debate over who should be the next 007 has grown intense. Multiple names have been thrown out there from a Bridgerton alum to Snake Eyes actor Henry Golding. But the search has become less about finding Craig’s replacement and more about the legacy of James Bond. That legacy has been built over decades with many actors taking up the mantle. Of course, being 007 has been about more than looking suave and gaining new conquests. There’s a certain about of physicality that comes with playing the world’s top spy. That’s why James Bond casting director Debbie McWilliams chose to break down the rigorous process Craig’s 007 replacement will experience.

Jessica Chastain Addresses That Red Carpet Moment With Oscar Isaac That Sparked Romance Rumors

CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links. Having potent chemistry between co-stars has always been important in selling a story to viewers. Sometimes onscreen chemistry has even tricked the viewers into thinking the actors are involved in real life. That ended up happening to Scenes of a Marriage co-stars Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain. Of course, this misunderstanding didn’t come from their limited series, but an awkward red carpet moment. After the co-stars got swept up in romance rumors, Chastain finally decided to address the viral moment.

Alanis Morissette Slams The HBO Documentary About The Making Of Her Iconic Album Jagged Little Pill

Music documentaries are nothing new with iconic musicians. Take rock queen Tina Turner and pop superstar Janet Jackson, who have headlined their own. Now music superstar Alanis Morissette has added her name to the list. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of her seminal album Jagged Little Pill, Morissette decided to participate in a documentary titled Jagged. Despite his initial cooperation with filmmaker Alison Klayman, the “You Oughta Know” singer wasn’t satisfied with the results. The rock star decided to speak out against the HBO feature documentary.

Jeff Bridges Offers Health Update After Fighting Cancer And COVID

Jeff Bridges’ cancer diagnosis shocked Hollywood as well as moviegoers. After his announcement, Bridges seemed to go silent as he went through treatment. But now, the Oscar winner has broken his silence on his health for the first time in months. The Tron: Legacy star finally gave his followers an update on his fight against cancer and COVID.

Dune’s Denis Villeneuve Has A New Attitude About The Movie’s HBO Max Release

CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links. As one of 2021’s most anticipated releases, Dune is poised to be the sci-fi epic audiences have been craving after a year of challenging times. But the road to its release has been messy and hard-fought to put it lightly. Part of that had to do with director Denis Villeneuve’s displeasure over Warner Bros.’ hybrid release plan. Now, Villeneuve’s mindset has shifted. As Dune’s release quickly approaches, the director has a new outlook about the sci-fi epic’s HBO Max release.

Jennifer Garner Is So Relatable As She Sends Her Kids Off To School For Another Year

Kids and their parents have been anticipating this school year for obvious reasons. Sending children back to school campuses after a year of remote learning has been hard for millions of parents across the globe. No one personified that mentality more than Jennifer Garner. She couldn’t help but be relatable as she sent her and Ben Affleck’s children back into the classroom, and the actress decided to share her take on sending her kids back to school.

Aaron Rodgers Talks Viral Jeopardy Hosting Stint, But Talks Playing Football For A Few More Years

To say Jeopardy!'s search for a host has a bust would be an understatement. Every week, fans seemed excited (or perturbed) by the guest hosts and were quick to share their thoughts on whether they could fill Alex Trebek’s shoes. One of the most-talked guest hosts was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who proved that he was more than capable of handling a weekly trivia show. While football fans turned in, they seemed to worry about what it could mean for the beloved player's playing career. Well, according to the NFL MVP, he could be playing a few more years.

Why Hamilton’s Renée Elise Goldsberry Nearly Turned Down The Chance To Audition For Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Musical

Years after its debut, Hamilton is still the gift that keeps on giving. Whether it’s the filmed version or the show's continuous Broadway run, fans can still indulge in the phenomenon one way or another. Of course, the original cast has moved on to better things. Viewers don’t need to look further than Girls5eva’s Renée Elise Goldsberry to see the musical’s success. But things could’ve gone differently for Goldsberry had she turned down the audition for Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical as she'd planned to.

Vanessa Lachey Talks Moving To Hawaii For NCIS, But How Did Nick Lachey Feel?

NCIS Hawai’i is a big step for Vanessa Lachey as an actress, as her leading lady role in the show makes NCIS franchise history as well as marks a milestone for her own career. The role required her to move to Hawaii, but Lachey’s new role didn’t just affect her. She faced the prospect of relocating her family to Hawaii, meaning that she and husband Nick Lachey needed to have a serious conversation. Now, with NCIS: Hawai'i just over a week away from premiering, the actress revealed how her husband felt about the move.

Zendaya Has A Net Worth Of Millions Of Dollars, Says She Still Has Money Anxiety

Zendaya has come a long way since her days on Disney’s Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover. As one of Hollywood’s rising stars, the actress has reached the fame and success most people her age would dream of. Of course, the Hollywood star has raked in millions in her short, but momentous career. Yet despite making tons of money, Zendaya still worries about her finances. The Euphoria star admitted to dealing with money anxiety despite her current success.

Kumail Nanjiani Talks The Long Wait For Marvel’s Eternals And How He Feels About People Finally Seeing The Film

After the final trailer dropped, Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting to see Eternals in theaters. Fans aren’t the only ones anticipating the Marvel film’s release as star Kumail Nanjiani is just as hyped. Nanjiani has been pushing for Eternals’ release since it was delayed last year. Now, he’s ready for Earth’s great overseers to arrive in theaters. The Eternals star gave some thoughts on the film’s delayed release and moviegoers finally getting to see it.