Listen to the cicadas

Step outside on a late September afternoon and you hear the sounds of a million voices singing about life. It is at once raucous and soothing; rhythmic and staccato. Close your eyes and feel the electricity that surges through the air in a music as primal as any noise on earth.
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Why Are Cicadas So Loud?

Amy Affelt has lived in Oak Park for 30 years. And this year, she’s been keenly aware of the cicadas that come out near the end of summer and create a shrill, shrieking chorus that seems to never end. “It’s just this constant sound that’s just this backdrop, and it...

Charity Works: Neous Embraces Uniqueness With a Contribution to Blueprint for All + More News

A monthly roundup of footwear brands and retailers that are participating in charitable causes. Share your news with us at Big Initiatives in September 2021 Sept. 15, 2021: Neous is honoring the beauty of uniqueness with a new campaign featuring a charitable component. The beloved brand and its founder and creative director, Vanissa Antonious, launched a special project for September titled the “We Are Human” campaign. The endeavor taps a wide range of models to show off the diversity of the communities that surround us, celebrating the connectivity we can find within our differences. The campaign also introduces a limited-edition take...

The Buzz About Cicadas

I suppose many folks heard the buzz on the news, this last spring, about the emergence of billions of cicadas back east. These are the famous Seventeen-year Periodical Cicadas, so called because it takes their nymphs seventeen years of feeding underground on tree roots to. reach the flying adult stage....

Look through the Lens of VADA Eyes

In 2013, VADA was born. Creative director, Katie Caplener birthed a line of fine jewelry and antique heirlooms that would only make a name for itself around the world. Now today, the artist grew her contributions to the jewelry world through eyewear. VADA EYES is the next chapter in the brand’s story.

Cicadas in review

What has all the racket been about this summer? That high-pitched whine heard most frequently on the hottest days, sounding like a dentist’s drill or the call for the college semester to begin. Recently, that would be the male dogday cicada, singing for a willing mate. Somewhat unusual in nature, the females are always silent. The dogday, aka harvest fly, is not to be confused with the periodical cicada (both the 17-year and 13-year) that bombarded our neighborhoods earlier in the season.

Here's when you can expect this year's cicada season to end

WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTHI) -- This year has been a big year for cicadas species. As we near the end of summer, many are wondering when they'll be gone. We've not only seen them fly around, but we've heard them too. Many residents feel the cicada noise is no longer enjoyable.