Hudson calendar: Events coming up

1. This and That Food Truck; 2. Mei's Dumpling Pop Up at Cooper's Daughter Spirit!; 3. Outdoors! Fall Foliage at Olana Plein Air with Shawn Dell Joyce; 4. Trio Virado; 5. 4th Anniversary Party & Equine Rescue Fundraiser!;
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Two Men Convicted for 2019 Mossyrock Burglary

Two men have been convicted on charges related to a February 2019 burglary of a Mossyrock residence. James McMillion, 43, of Mossyrock, and Marcus Church 24, had been accused of stealing $43,000 in cash and several firearms from a Mossyrock residence belonging to McMillion’s parents, staging the scene to look like a burglary and dumping the firearms in a nearby lake.
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Cornerstone Christian Fellowship opens Café

LEWISBURG — Cornerstone Christian Fellowship opened its Cornerstone Café on Sunday morning with free coffee and baked goods to welcome guests before worship. Patty Boney, one of the church leaders who runs the café and kitchen, said the new meeting spot didn’t happen overnight. It was an ongoing process over the past few months.
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PREVIEW: Conference Doc ‘Sacred Images’

SALT LAKE CITY — The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints asked facilities managers in May of 2020 to place artwork of Jesus Christ in the main entrances of Church buildings throughout the world. They want Latter-day Saints and visitors to see His sacred image.
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Church holds last service at ‘circles’ neighborhood site

SANTA CRUZ – Worshippers gathered on the lawn of the Gospel Community Church at the center of the Santa Cruz “circles” for the last time during a cool and overcast Sunday morning. The church has been occupied by the Gospel Community Church for the last three years, but the site...

Faith Time: Mobile church marks anniversary

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Churches that have been around a long time have a long history in the community. The congregation of Saint John’s Deliverance Temple marked nearly 50 years last month. We talk about the history of their church with Elder Benjamin Ingram and Overseer Stephenie Barker. Guest: God...

March for the Martyrs highlights 'global crisis of Christian persecution'

The second annual March for the Martyrs took place Saturday in Washington, D.C., featuring testimony from advocates for persecuted Christians and from survivors of persecution. For Gia Chacon, president of the group For the Martyrs, which organized the Sept. 25 march, the day was centered on bringing awareness to “the...

Pope Francis: The Catholic Church must be welcoming

Pope Francis on Sunday said the Catholic Church must be open and welcoming toward others, warning that division and exclusion come from Satan. “We need to be vigilant about closure in the Church too,” he said before leading the Angelus prayer at the Vatican Sept. 26. “Because the devil, who...

Pope Reflects on a Temptation and an Exhortation

Pope Francis today reflected on a temptation and an exhortation in his commentary before praying the noonday Angelus with the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square. The Holy Father’s words were based on the Gospel of the day from the 9th chapter of Mark:. At that time, John said to...

Will souls in Hell receive resurrected bodies?

While the Church often highlights the glorious resurrection of the body for those in Heaven, we sometimes forget what will happen to any who choose to go to Hell. They too will receive a resurrected body, but not in the same way as those in Heaven. The Catechism of the...

Conscience and COVID vaccines

When it comes to vaccine mandates in the Church — some dioceses in favor and others not — we see a house divided. While Church teaching on conscience is not unclear and has been restated by the Vatican, the USCCB, and other bishops, it is strange to see some dioceses and Catholic institutions adopt the language of the world and speak of mandated vaccines without reference to conscience protections and religious liberty.
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Hating the Church is now in vogue, but the gates of hell will not prevail

Over the past several months, while our nation burns and our emperor fiddles, there is one story that has escaped the media’s attention: America’s churches are literally being set on fire. At least 93, to be exact. Consider this from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: Between May of 2020...

12 Quotes from the Church Fathers on the Eucharist

When reading the writings of the Church Fathers on the Eucharist, it is clear that they believed in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ. To help illustrate that point, here is a small selection of quotes from the early Church Fathers that detail their beliefs about the Holy Eucharist. After reading these, it becomes clear how the Church has passed on this teaching over the years virtually unchanged.