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How to copy the URL of all open tabs in Chrome

Internet research often leads to dozens of open tabs. And in the case of research papers, that means opening each tab, copying the link, and adding it to a reference document that you’ll insert at the end of a document later. But there's a better way. Instead of keeping these...
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NFT: What is best Web Browsers for Android based cell phones?

Looking at the App Store, there are so many different options for a web browser. I'm looking for a good browser that offers pop-up blockers or re-directs to other websites. What to fellow BBIer recommend? Dolphin Browser or app versions of Google Chrome or Firefox?. Netscape Navigator. Ryan : 7/23/2021...
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How to Set Up a VPN Extension for Google Chrome Browser

Originally Posted On: How to Set Up a VPN for Chrome [2021] | AlwaysVPN.com. Being the world’s favorite browser, Google Chrome handles over 5.6 billion searches every day, and about half of those searches end in a purchase, login, or site visit. That’s a ton of user data floating around on the open web – a playground for hackers and surveillance agencies.
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How to Fix the ‘ERR_CACHE_MISS’ Error Message in Chrome

The ERR_CACHE_MISS error indicates that the site you’re visiting requires you to provide data to progress. You may have already done so, but the site asks for it again. However, if the issue keeps occurring, it could indicate a problem with the web browser being utilized. Cache issues or wrong setups could cause the resubmission problem.

How to activate Google Chrome hidden features and which are the best

All versions of the Google browser have functions hidden in the code that can be activated with some sort of switch. These are the so-called “flags”, functions still under development. Want to know how to activate them and which ones are the best? It’s very simple, we explain it to you.

How to Clear Search History – Delete All Browsing Data in Chrome

Your browsing history can come in very handy when you want to look up something that you have already viewed on the internet. Maybe you read an interesting article online and want to reference it again, but forgot to bookmark it. Well, you can have a look at your Chrome history and you'll find it there.

How to Enable Sleeping Tabs in Google Chrome

As noted earlier, Chrome flags are experimental features and lets you tweak your browser beyond the native settings. They are included in the Chrome build and it's quite simple to access them. Since these are experimental features, we'd recommend you save your work before proceeding. Step 1: Open Chrome and...

End of an era: Now Firefox has dropped support for FTP, too

Firefox maker Mozilla has dropped support for the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) in version 90 of the browser. FTP has long been used to exchange files between computers on a network, but it's burdened by enough security issues that browser makers are dropping support for the protocol because the exchange happens without encrypting data in transit between two points.

Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which Is the Best Chrome Alternative?

Without a doubt, Google Chrome is the best and powerful web browser. Yet the way Google works and keeps track of all the activities we do while using Chrome, concerns many. Due to this, many people have started looking for a Chrome alternative. Since you are here reading the post, you are one of them, right?
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Google Chrome 92 comes to Android and iOS: these are its main novelties

The Google browser is still the most used option for browsing the Internet. And it is that the giant based in Mountain View does not stop launching updates to improve its functionality. And now they have just released Chrome 92, with some very remarkable news. We already saw some of them at the time, but now we can enjoy all the surprises that this new Chrome update hides to version 92, and which is now available for both iOS devices and Android terminals. As you can see on the official website of the development of Chrome, they have just published the new update of Google’s browser, which comes loaded with surprises. Let’s see what the main news are. What’s new in Google Chrome 92 Now, overlay videos, or PIPs, will have new controls to control the microphone and camera while we are on a call. After its last update, Chrome will allow you to execute certain tasks by typing directly in the address bar. The continuous search is another of the great surprises of Chrome 92. A new system that groups different websites in the search bar so that you can switch tabs in a much more comfortable way. On the other hand, progressive web applications, or PWAs, receive a complete facelift in the form of transitions so that these types of websites work more smoothly and without developers having to add them manually. They have also brought the new Memories function and that will allow access to a new panel that would act as history. Say that this function is deactivated natively, but by accessing the chrome: // flags / # memories flag from the browser bar you will be able to activate it. In terms of security, Google Chrome 92 brings some improvements to take into account. For example, users will have greater privacy and protection against malicious websites. In addition to internal improvements that will help developers to create web pages more easily. But the most important thing comes with the fact that now we will have full control over the permissions we grant to web pages. As with application permissions, we can control access. The truth is that this time Google has set the bar very high with an update that significantly improves the capabilities of this browser. As we told you at the beginning, you can now update Chrome to version 92 to enjoy all the news that comes, regardless of whether you have an iOS phone or enjoy an Android smartphone or tablet.

IDMGCEXT.CRX Free Download: IDM Extension For Chrome & Opera

IDMGCEXT.CRX Free download- IDM Extension for Chrome:- IDM is indeed the most popular and effective Internet download manager out there. However, along with the features and services, at times you might also face some problems with IDM on your PC. Do not worry as in this article, we will be sharing with you the ways through which you can easily download IDM Chrome extension on your PC.

Download Converter Free redirect (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge) - Removal Guide

Download Converter Free is a browser hijacker that will modify your default browser settings without your direct consent. It does that to gather browsing-related data and redirect you to third-party websites. You can easily remove it with reliable security software. More information about Reimаge and Uninstall Instructions. Please review Reimаge...

Google warns users of new ‘zero day’ vulnerability in Chrome

Google has issued yet another urgent update warning for its two billion Chrome users. The tech giant has warned users of a new zero-day exploit in its popular web browser Chrome with a high level of severity. The vulnerability CVE-2021-30563 was reported by an anonymous person on July 12. Google...
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Tech Q&A: Creating a second Chrome profile is like starting over

Q: I created a new profile in the Google Chrome browser that’s separate from the main profile, which is my wife’s. But now when I use the browser, all of my bookmarks are gone. I tried to export the bookmarks from my wife’s profile, but it didn’t work. How can I get my old bookmarks into my new browser profile, or just delete my new profile?
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How to Set Chrome as Default Browser on Android

Tap Settings > App Management > Default Apps > Browser app to change default browsers. The process is the same on Samsung smartphones with Samsung phones offering the Samsung Internet Browser as the default choice. Many different browsers are available serving different purposes such as providing superior security or privacy.