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Woman arrested on multiple charges after traffic stop

SAUGERTIES – Saugerties Police Chief Joseph Sinagra announced the arrest of a Ravena woman early Friday morning on multiple charges, including misdemeanor DWI. 38-year-old Ravena resident Tamara Christians was arrested Friday at 02:38 a.m.on the misdemeanor charges of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Resisting Arrest, and Obstructing Government Administration.
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Pastoral Perspective: God's promises will be fulfilled

Walk with me down my memory lane. You are 7 years old and you are standing in the toy section of the small town, five-and-dime variety store. Can you picture it?. The town I grew up in had a five-and-dime store called, “Ben Franklin”. It was the coolest little store. Our bicycle gang would ride up to the Ben Franklin variety store once a week to get candy. We could also buy Nerf footballs there. That’s when kids could ride their bikes all over town all day and our parents let us.
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8 Stained Glass Windows Of St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church In Lake Balboa Found Shattered By Masked Vandal

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church in Lake Balboa is cleaning up Friday after a vandal broke eight of its sanctuary’s stained glass windows. “A young man in his 20’s came well-organized and you can tell it’s premeditated,” said Father Shnork Demirjian of St. Peter Armenian Apostolic Church in Van Nuys. The church’s security video shows a man walking up with a bag, a bat and a purpose. He takes a moment to put on his mask and his hat again. Then he begins to smash the stained-glass windows along one side of the church. “Initially, you feel surprised and...
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Iranian Christians: Released, Imprisoned, and Missing

09/25/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Two Iranian Christians, Morteza Mashhoudkari and Ahmad Sarparast, were released from prison on bail on September 21, the same day that another Iranian Christian, Milad Gourdazi, was to submit himself for prison summons. A fourth Iranian Christian, Ayoub Poor-Rezazade, who was arrested alongside the former two, remains missing.
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Crow: A closer perspective from different biblical scholars

This week a friend shared his concerns about spiritual waywardness. Our religious landscape has changed, and it is obvious to anyone who wakes up to morning news or has daily interactions with the public. The media has placed the world under a microscope, and every enlarged act occupies our minds....
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No fear with God as our light, salvation and stronghold

The world where we live can be a crazy, dangerous, scary place. We hear about shootings, robberies, and horrible things happening to good people. Just the resurgence in COVID cases is enough to make most people feel uneasy. What if I told you that there is light, salvation and a...
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Granite supply shortages cause grave delays for grieving families

It’s a monumental problem for grieving families. A shortage of materials and backlogs at granite quarries are leading to long delays in getting gravestones. The issue is the latest glitch for relatives seeking to bury loved ones since the coronavirus pandemic began and overwhelmed funeral homes. “We’re telling families what...
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From Moss Bluff to Diitabiki and back again

The faith journey of Carmen Miller began at home. It took her to a small country in South America for five years. Now she’s home again, helping care for parents who held nightly family Bible studies and prayer time for three children in the middle of their full-sized bed. The teen-aged Miller who thought she would grow up, get married and have at least eight children is the single 51-year-old chaplain at First Baptist Christian Academy in Moss Bluff where she “talks to children about their heart,” she said.

James and the power of righteous prayer

Prayer. It is a critically defining attribute of religious experience. The Apostle James understands this for Christianity and in the 5th chapter of his letter to the church, James highlights not only the priority of prayer for the believer, but also the communal nature of prayer. For many people prayer...

Visiting the 95th Feast of San Gennaro | Little Italy, NYC

Ross and I visited the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy for the first time last weekend! In this video, I give you a brief history of San Gennaro, a review of the food we ate, and some fun footage of the festival itself. Feast of San Gennaro Website: <a href=""></a>/ Music used in this video: Bushwick Tarantella by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. <a href=""></a>/ Source: <a href=""></a> Artist: <a href=""></a>/

The Missing Yazidis Women And Children Must Be Located And Rescued

On September 14, 2021, and as the 76th session of the U.N. General Assembly was opening, close to a hundred organizations and experts, in a joint letter, called upon several world leaders to ensure the missing Yazidi women and children are located and reunited with their families. It has been more than seven years and their fate remains unknown.
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Commentary: Wealth and the power of the gospel (part II)

In the first of three letters Paul writes on pastoral ministry, he addresses the lowest and the highest of the Roman social strata — slaves (1 Tim 6:1-2) as well as “those who are rich” (1 Tim 6:17-19). That’s right, some of the Christians to whom the apostle writes were...

Denzel Washington Calls on America to Pray for 'Leadership' and 'Listen to God'

Hollywood actor gives powerful speech at Christian event. Hollywood star Denzel Washington has given a powerful speech where he called on Americans to turn to the Christian faith to seek “strength, leadership, power, authority, guidance, patience.”. Washington, one of the rare outspoken Christians in the entertainment industry, urged people everywhere...
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Ex-Islamic Radical Says Extremists Are Present in Every Swedish Mosque

A former radical Islamic Salafist preacher says that radicalism is present in every Swedish mosque and that Salafism is becoming more and more popular with younger people. Anas Khalifa, who had been a radical Salafist preacher for around 20 years, was once one of the most prominent radical Muslims in the country but is said to have turned his back on fundamentalist ideology.

Sister Clara’s Dream for Future of Children in Iraq

Sister Clara’s dream for the future of the children in Iraq is coming true. On August 6, 2014, the city of Qaraqosh fell into the hands of IS. The city is located on the Nineveh plains about 25 km outside of Mosul and was once considered the largest Christian city in the country. The Christians living in this region of Iraq were forced to flee from their homes. IS cost many people their lives, destroyed property, and displaced thousands of people.

US Returns Ancient Gilgamesh Tablet to Iraq

I24 News – A 3,500-year-old tablet recounting the Epic of Gilgamesh was returned to Iraq Thursday after being stolen three decades ago and illegally imported to the United States. Iraqi Cultural Minister Hassan Nazim accepted the tablet during a ceremony in Washington. “To me, it means restituting self-esteem and the...

The Essential Tool

“This contributes to the problem that many Christians have, which is assuming that tools are extraneous to our humanity, and not essential. Somebody thought them up, and perhaps they shouldn’t have. But when we see that tools are a subset of media, and that media were obviously a gifts from God, given to us through the mere fact of creation, we should become much more comfortable with the idea of tools as essential to our humanity.”

What Really Happens To Your Body During A Crucifixion

Human beings have come up with some pretty horrendous, if not creative, methods of torture and execution. The preferred mode of delivering capital punishment to the convicted varies by region and by era. Since recorded history, the powers that be have exacted death sentences to be carried out in ways ranging from stoning to burning to beheading. While critics of modern-day capital punishment will argue that current forms of execution are still barbaric and agonizing, you have to admit that we've come a long way in reducing the brutality and suffering of those being executed.