Excavation of a Hispano-Visigothic grave at Ojo Guareña

This summer, a tomb embedded in the rock by the main entrance to the San Tirso and San Bernabé Hermitage situated in the karst complex of Ojo Guareña (Merindad de Sotoscueva, Burgos) was excavated; its structure of slabs holds the skeleton of an adult individual in the supine position, with its head to the west, set between two small limestone blocks.
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The Eyes of Tammy Faye captures the moment the GOP got in bed with the Christian right

The Eyes of Tammy Faye, starring Jessica Chastain in the title role, is the latest in a burgeoning cultural project: the ongoing attempt to reexamine and reclaim the legacies of women who were wronged in recent history. Monica Lewinsky. Britney Spears. Marcia Clark. Podcasts (like Slow Burn and You’re Wrong About), documentaries (Framing Britney Spears), and based-on-a-true-story TV dramas reframe the stories that sensation-seeking media and late-night comedians pitched to the American public as a clown show, a train wreck, a lady who’s in trouble and worthy only of our gawking.
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Dinner on the Ground: The history of Sunday feasts at Black churches in Dallas and beyond

Depending on your spiritual beliefs, social customs of communal dining and feeding the masses within religious communities has been around since, well, the beginning of time. From Jesus’ miraculous feat of feeding thousands with just two fishes and five loaves, to the Islamic parable of Muhammed providing sustenance to upward of 40,000 believers for 40 days, stories of charismatic leaders aiding the masses with promises of manna from the heavens are not new. And Judaism can be thanked for lending this table fellowship style of dining to Christianity.

New ICC Report Records a Year of Christian Persecution in China

Over 100 Incidents of Persecution Documented in One Year Span. 09/17/2021 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has just published a new report on persecution in China. In it, ICC lists and analyzes over 100 incidents of Christian persecution between July 2020 and June 2021, a period marked by a significant campaign by the Chinese government to forcefully convert independent religious organizations into mechanisms of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Black Girl’s Guide To Travel In Eastern Europe

While not the first region on your travel bucket list, this Black woman author who resides in Eastern Europe shares what three of her favorite countries have to offer globetrotters. I know. Believe me, I know. You are probably thinking, Eastern Europe as a tourist destination? Is she for real?...

Andrew Garfield Explores Spirituality Gone Wrong in 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye'

Andrew Garfield has played many men of faith. He's been a conscientious objector in Hacksaw Ridge, a priest in Silence, a prophet in Angels in America, and a conspiracy theorist in Under the Silver Lake. "I'm drawn to the big questions of life and death and how to live it and how to live well and how to comprehend existence, and I think I find mystical study, spiritual study the way towards that for me," he says.

Fideuá: Noodles to the Rescue

When perusing the menu at any traditional restaurant in Barcelona, one is sure to find a range of paellas and seafood plates. A closer look will also reveal the fideuá, its main ingredient left a mystery. Sometimes done up as fideos arrosejats in Catalonia, fideuá is actually a variation of the iconic seafood paella, but in this case made with fideo (short, thin wheat noodles) instead of rice and served with an intense allioli sauce on the side.

Quigley column hostile to religion; Housing Authority staff looks out for seniors; Thanks for 9/11 flag donation; Scooters out of control | Letters

It was extremely disappointing to read former Assemblywoman Joan Quigley’s latest op-ed, “Religion plays too big a role in determining how people vote,” published last Tuesday, which is unmistakably hostile toward religion and those who follow them. Ms. Quigley begins with implicit praise for the pluralism and tolerance which were...

Jutland Peninsula

Formerly known as the Cimbrian Peninsula, Jutland is the name of a peninsula in northern Europe that forms the continental portion of Denmark and parts of northern Germany. This peninsula is bounded by the North Sea in the west, Skagerrak Strait in the north, Kattegat and the Baltic Sea in the east and Germany in the south. Like the rest of Denmark, Jutland’s terrain is flat, with slightly elevated ridges down the central parts and relatively hilly terrains in the east. The Eastern terrains are the fertile portion of Jutland, having lakes and lush forests. On the other hand, the western part includes open lands, heaths, plains and peat bogs, deeming it the infertile portion of Jutland. The southwest area of Jutland is characterized by the Wadden Sea, which is an intertidal zone in the southeast part of the North Sea and a large international coastal region that extends through Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.
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St. Andrew welcomes new pastor

In her first six months at St Andrew Presbyterian Church, Nicole Trotter seems to have fit the bill for what the popular Arnold Drive church was looking for in its new pastor. Trotter was one of over 80 candidates for the new position, formerly occupied by the beloved Rich Gantenbein. Gantenbein left behind a strong foundation for the church and the community for Trotter to build on.

Two HBCU alumni interviewed by two HBCU students at NABJ Leadership Series

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) hosted a leadership series last week featuring President of ABC News Kim Godwin and MSNBC President Rashida Jones. The Leadership Series gives people a chance to grasp an idea of what it is like to run an entire newsroom. Jones and Godwin took time to describe their career journeys and discuss some of the methods used to remold the modern outlook on news business at their respective companies.
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Ukrainian activist and Siberian Gulag survivor speaks on communism, religious freedom

The Carey Auditorium of Hesburgh Library was filled with students, professors and clergy from the tri-campus community on Thursday evening. They all gathered to hear Myroslav Marynovych, a Ukrainian activist and Gulag survivor, speak on faith, religious freedom and communism. Marynovych spent a decade, from 1977 to 1987, in a...

What Advice Do You Have for Young Christians Attending College? (Video)

What challenges face young Christians in universities across America? How can we help young Christians survive and thrive in the university setting? J. Warner Wallace answers these questions in a Q and A with Craig Etheredge at First Colleyville Church in Colleyville, Texas. For more information about strategies to help...

Afghanistan’s Christians ‘completely ignored’ in European Parliament resolution

A member of the European Parliament said on Thursday that the EU’s law-making body “completely ignored” the plight of Afghanistan’s Christian minority in a recent resolution. Carlo Fidanza, the co-chair of the parliament’s Intergroup on Freedom of Religion and Belief, said that the resolution adopted on Sept. 16 showed Europe’s...