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Fast Food Chocolate Chip Cookies Ranked From Best To Worst

When we hear the words "fast food," images of hamburgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and other savory delicacies immediately come to mind. However, many of the dessert selections available at fast food joints are not to be overlooked — specifically, any and all cookies packed with chocolate chips. We've dug deep and channeled our sweet tooth to rank fast food restaurant chocolate chip cookies from best to worst.
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Easy Chocolate Fondue

My Easy Chocolate Fondue transforms even the most basic snack into chocolate-dipped bliss. Five simple ingredients are all it takes to make sweet treats sweeter or elevate your salty snacks to a whole new level. Yum!. Let’s Dip Things in Chocolate!. One thing I’ve learned over the years is...
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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies with Tahini

Chocolate chip cookies with a nice nutty flavor, coming from tahini, that’s what you will get today! I am excited to present the third vegan recipe in January. If you would like to know why I am doing a vegan January, please check out my previous post. In my opinion, chocolate chip cookies are the best thing in the world, they are souldfood, a simple dessert, easy to prepare, they make children happy as well as adults. Regardless if filled with caramel, plain, with brown butter, I have quite a few recipes on my blog, even including a chocolate chip cookie cake, that’s how much I love this flavor. I have been wanting to try chocolate chip cookies with tahini for a while now and finally managed to give it a try. I love the vegan version, even my husband gobbled up the cookies happily and gave his stamp of approval. These vegan cookies contain tahini, the sesame paste as a replacement for the egg. You can also check out my vegan chocolate chip cookie with pumpkin.

How to Make Your Own Awe-Inspiring S’mores Board

Looking for a new way to serve up dessert? S’mores charcuterie boards, or s’mores boards, are an innovative (and Instagram-friendly) way to allow guests to DIY their own sweet treats. With artfully arranged ingredients and some creative tricks of the trade, you can impress any crowd at home with your own imaginative (but quick-to-assemble) dessert presentation.

News Briefs: St. Paul Lutheran to sell Valentine cookies

OAK HARBOR — St. Paul Lutheran Church, 9789 W. Oak Harbor Road SE, will sell frosted heart-shaped Valentine sugar cookies as well as chocolate chip cookies. The heart-shaped cookies will be made using the same recipe as the apple shaped cookies sold at the Oak Harbor Apple Festival. Cookies need to be pre-ordered, and orders will be accepted through Feb. 4.

Food Friday: Waffles

It doesn’t look as if we are venturing far from home this weekend. Winter weather has finally set in, and it just seems wise to lay low. I hope you have a special stash of deelish food treats and a good long queue of movies to stream. Be careful shoveling the front walk, and check on your neighbors; the time might be ripe for a good deed or two. We will be baking, making popcorn, reading, and napping this weekend. I hope you are just as productive!

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The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure. Cook’s Illustrated provides readers with recipes, cooking techniques, and product and food recommendations exhaustively developed in our extensive Test Kitchen facility – the same kitchen featured on our cooking show, America’s Test Kitchen. Included are best ways to prepare favorite American dishes — from pot roast and chocolate chip cookies to grilled salmon and fruit cobbler. Best (and worst) cooking equipment — from chef’s knives to cookie sheets. Best brands — from canned tomatoes to baking chocolate. Best cooking techniques – from brining shrimp to baking ham. And all of this is provided without a single page of advertising – just 100% cooking information.

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Mug

This chocolate chip cookie in a mug is the perfect way to have the delicious flavors of a chocolate chip cookie in just a few minutes. This chocolate chip cookie in a mug is made in just a few minutes, and is so delicious served warm with a big scoop of ice cream on top.

How to Make Chocolate Chip Bacon Grease Cookies

The best kitchen tip from generations of grandmas is to save your bacon grease. Those drippings can be used for so many things: to pan-fry potatoes, make salad dressing, add flavor to cornbread and, surprisingly, to make a batch of bacon grease cookies. What are bacon grease cookies?. Cookie dough...

Floating amid the uncertainties, or why it’s perfectly ok to let go, feel tired, and ask for help

Two years ago, the universe decided to throw us a curveball in the form of a global pandemic and life was never the same. We were forced to slow down and make sudden changes to our routines. We were given no choice but to stay put. Some of us were able to adapt faster than others while there were some who barely kept themselves afloat. It was sink or swim. For me, it was a cycle of swimming and sinking.

Ibotta’s Big Game Bundle Includes 100% Cash Back on Pizza and Big Rewards

Ibotta, a leading digital rewards platform, unveiled its first Big Game bundle while also giving Savers a chance to play a role in helping people facing hunger. The bundle includes up to 100% cash back on everything football fans need to throw the perfect game day party: including a frozen pizza and popular non-alcoholic beverages, cheese, dips, chips, and chocolate chip cookies. In addition, consumers can receive cash back offers on dozens of other items from brands such as Kraft Shredded Cheese, Knudsen/Breakstone’s, NIVEA MEN® and SNICKERS®.

How dimensions and measures fit together to create flexible metrics

As a data professional you have probably come across the terms measures and dimensions before. Maybe you learned about them as part of your information management studies or saw them used in an application like Tableau. All of that knowledge is going to be helpful throughout this post, but don’t worry if these terms are new.

The Cookie Monster's Cookies Aren't What You Think

Who could ever forget our whimsical neighbors down at 123 Sesame Street? The chipper Elmo, the numbers-obsessed Count, the odd couple friends Bert and Ernie, the lovable Grover (and the heroic, completely unrelated Super Grover), the gentle Big Bird, and of course, the cookie-crazed creature known simply as Cookie Monster. For over 50 years, the Sesame Workshop has spread the magic of learning, community, and other valuable life lessons to generations young and old. With 11 Daytime Emmys under their belt in 2020 alone (via Sesame Workshop), it's safe to say that our pals on Sesame Street are still loved by kids and adults all over. Designed by Muppet creator Jim Henson, the furry friends on Sesame Street have more than a few tricks up their sleeves that have made them endearing and beloved for decades.

Baking cookies

When our family lived on Beech Street in Sterling, Ben worked in the machine shop right across the street. On numerous occasions, I baked cookies after lunch. The kids and I had fun taking a few of them over to him. Ben loved the surprise and would start eating them right away.

Disney Num Num Cookies

Disney Num Num Cookies are thick, chewy cookies that are loaded with chocolate chips and chunks, made with simple pantry ingredients! Skip the flight and make this copycat recipe right at home in just 40 minutes!. One of the best parts about going to Disney is their incredible food, in...

Purity of Heart

Recently on The Inner Life, Josh began the hour by discussing his favorite types of dessert. He said of all the options, some of his top choices included pecan pie, cheesecake, and chocolate chip cookies. And, as is common with many bakers, his wife will often experiment with the recipes for these desserts, mixing mint into the cookies or swirling strawberry into the cheesecake batter. But, after all these years, and after trying all of these different recipes, Josh still maintains that nothing beats the purity of the original desserts.