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Yoghurt cake with bilberries

There are fruits that are perfect for freezing. Blueberries and bilberries are just some of those fruits. Of course, fruit tastes best when they’re fresh, however, often, especially during winter or off-season, you might not be able to buy certain fruits. Fresh blueberries are available in shops for several months of the year only. It’s worse with bilberries, which can only be bought in the summer.
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These Boozy New Donuts Are Turning Heads

Alcohol and dessert go really, really well together. If you don't believe it, you probably haven't tried a booze-infused confection. The easiest one to find is a pack of chocolate truffles made with Baileys Irish Cream. Baileys makes a ton of desserts, from classics like chocolate bars and cupcakes to more seasonal treats like chocolate Easter eggs and valentine hearts — all with a generous splash of their sweet and milky highland cream. Guinness is also involved in the world of boozy desserts; they've been selling chocolate cakes and cupcake mixes flavored with their stout for quite some time now.

I Tried 35 Of The Most Popular Dishes At Dave & Busters—These 5 Are A Must

If you thought Dave & Buster's was only for games, beer, and wings—let me be the first to tell you that is *not* the case anymore. In the spring of 2021, Dave & Buster's essentially scrapped their entire menu (they kept a few of your favorites, do not worry) and developed a new lineup that will make even the pickiest eater happy. Here is your essential must-order list.

Online Cake Delivery in Kanpur From MyFlowerTree

Cakes are the most loved of all desserts and are adored by people of all ages. Their vibrant colours and fascinating flavours make them extraordinary. Moreover, they are considered as a symbol of love, sharing and generosity. Every event’s success lies in the cake served as many people are seduced by its promising colour and spongy texture. From household parties to corporate events, they make themselves the distinguished dessert. There are ample variants of cake online. Different flavours suit different themes and hence there are diverse options of this baked heaven available.

The Best Chocolate Cake

I present to you The Best Chocolate Cake! A delicious chocolate cake that I’ve been making for years, completely from scratch with just a few simple ingredients that make up the most decadent and indulging treat you could possibly wish for. The Best Chocolate Cake. This recipe for chocolate cake...
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Quell the Heat at These 19 North Texas Scoop Shops

It’s time to take stock of the state of ice cream in the city. The new ones (in the last two to three years or so) and the old. From gelato to ice cream, vegan to cream cheese-enhanced, the best places to get scoops—and soft serve. DOWNTOWN GARLAND. Zoya and...

Chocolate Drip Cake – Back to Basics

A four-layer chocolate drip cake with chocolate sponges, chocolate buttercream frosting and more – a part of my back to basics blog series!. So it was a while before I realised that I had never actually posted a basic chocolate drip cake on my blog… I feel like this is a bit of an error because it’s something people always ask for, I just never actually posted one!

10 Sheet Cakes to Feed a Crowd

It’s no secret that we love desserts here on 12 Tomatoes, especially cake! From classic white cake to ice cream cake, we’ve done it all. While I love a good layered cake or icebox cake, sometimes I long for simpler recipes. Simple, but no less tasty. That’s where my love of sheet cake comes in.
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Making whoopie pies is a growing business in South Portland

SOUTH PORTLAND — Whoopie pies that Marcia Wiggins started making in her kitchen in Cape Elizabeth eight years ago soon will be on Wegmans Food Market shelves throughout Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. It’s been a relatively fast ramp up that eventually could place Cape Whoopies, Maine’s Gourmet Whoopie Pie, in all...
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NEW Mini All American Chocolate Cake at Costco!

The All American Chocolate Cake is back at Costco! Well, sort of. It is back but it’s not the giant layered chocolate cake that so many of us loved. It’s smaller, mini cakes. Maybe you prefer to think of it as a giant cupcake since each one weighs in at about half a pound!
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July Cake Decorator Spotlight

Hi everyone! I am excited to be featuring Sherrie from Mesa, AZ, for July! I am always in admiration of Sherrie’s cakes and creations. Everything she makes is just beautiful, as you will see when you read on! She definitely has a knack for natural talent when it comes to cake decorating. Check out the rest of her wonderful creations on her Instagram.

Online Cake delivery is now more comfortable than you think

With just a few clicks, we can order anything, including cakes and pies. We know that many times you would like to enjoy the most delicious sweets, but after you buy cakes from the nearest confectionery, you only get disappointments. Fortunately, you can order cakes and pies online from Chocolate and you can enjoy the best desserts you have ever eaten. Thanks to the cake delivery service in Bucharest, you can order what you want from the comfort of your home. Next, we will present you some reasons to order cakes online!

Reservations Are Open for Yachtsman Steakhouse in Disney World

We can’t wait to visit the Yachtsman Steakhouse and indulge in amazing eats when the restaurant reopens soon at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort!. And, if you’re already daydreaming about the smell of steak and chocolate cake, then you’ll be happy to know the latest dining news!. Reservations for Yachtsman Steakhouse...