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Skin Cancer Risk Factors Identified in Asian Americans

Despite being the fastest growing racial group in the United States, Asian Americans have remained underrepresented in health disparities research. A recent cross-sectional study concluded that disaggregated comparisons among Asian Americans demonstrated differences in skin cancer risk factors that could be used to identify high-risk subgroups and inform culturally aware counseling.
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U.S. Asian community hurt disproportionately by COVID-19: Financial Times

A wide spectrum of Americans have suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic, but Asians in particular have been hurt disproportionately, a Financial Times opinion piece has said. Patti Waldmeir, a North America correspondent for the Financial Times, called Asian Americans and other Asians in the United States a “hidden minority” hit hard by the pandemic in an article published on Monday.
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Bay Area ceramics artist Cathy Lu contrasts American dream with racism and exclusion

Using the traditional Chinese garden as a focus point, Bay Area ceramics artist Cathy Lu contrasts the promises of the American dream with the realities of racism and exclusion in an insightful and affecting new exhibition at San Francisco’s Chinese Culture Center. The show, “Interior Garden,” continues the year...

United Chinese Americans F-M rings in year of the tiger with New Year celebration

FARGO — In China, the Lunar New Year celebration is usually spent with family, wrapping savory dumplings, greeting children with “hong bao” or red envelopes filled with cash, and watching CCTV’s New Year’s Gala, all while cracking sunflower seeds and enjoying fresh fruit. For the...

‘A Shot Through the Wall’ Review: Tipping Justice’s Scales

Written and directed by Aimee Long, “A Shot Through the Wall” considers the trendy dilemma about race and policing within the United States from the angle of a Chinese American police officer in New York. When a rookie, Mike Tan (Kenny Leu), chases a youngster by an condo constructing in Brooklyn, Mike by accident fires his gun, killing a Black man.

Dropping MIT Pro’s Case Shows US ‘China Initiative’ Is Self-Destructing

The US Justice Department’s dismissal of all charges against a Chinese-born MIT professor is a “good sign”, showing that more US departments have realized that the “China Initiative” is nothing but academic racism and a self-defeating plan to persecute political scientists, Chinese observers said, noting that US anti-Asian sentiment in academia and society seriously deteriorated a year after Joe Biden took office, and worsening xenophobia shows the US slides into an all-encompassing decay.

Developing an agent-based model of oral healthcare utilization by Chinese Americans in New York City

Health Place. 2022 Jan 18;73:102740. doi: 10.1016/j.healthplace.2022.102740. Online ahead of print. Many Chinese Americans experience certain barriers (e.g., low income, English as a second language, lack of insurance, cultural differences, discrimination) when they seek oral healthcare services. These barriers may contribute to health disparities by discouraging use (leading to reduced utilization) of preventive and treatment services. This research adopts a modeling approach to develop theory that accounts for dynamic relationships operating at multiple levels, from individuals to families to communities. A multi-method and multi-level modeling approach allows for the interaction of factors at different levels of aggregation. This research applies spatially explicit agent-based modeling to examine how demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic factors shape access to oral healthcare for low-income Chinese Americans in New York City. The simulation model developed in this research was used to test different intervention scenarios involving community health workers who facilitate care coordination and other health promotion activities. In addition to demographic characteristics and socioeconomic factors, this study also considers geographic factors and spatial behavior, such as distance and activity space. The overarching contribution of this study is to provide a complex systems science framework to better understand access to oral healthcare for urban Chinese Americans, toward adapting it for other racial/ethnic minority groups, by integrating health-seeking behaviors at the individual level, barriers to care at multiple levels, and opportunities for health promotion at the community level.

Guest column: Resurgent anti-Semitism shows history forgotten is doomed to be repeated

In his book, “It Could Happen Here,” Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, outlines Trumpism as “creeping” authoritarianism that divides neighbors and families, often leading to violence. The evocation of age-old anti-Semitic tropes are being used to target and separate Americans. The far-right extremists, much the same as in pre-World War II Germany, are employing prejudice and hatred as a means to “Take America Back.”

San Francisco, the 1950s, and Me: An Exclusive Guest Post From Malindo Lo, Author of Last Night at the Telegraph Club — Our January Young Adult Pick

Last Night at the Telegraph Club (National Book Award Winner) Set in 1954 San Francisco, Last Night at the Telegraph Club is a must-read coming-of-age story about a Chinese American teenager learning to understand herself, her sexuality, and her culture during a time and place where she is seen as less than. Here, Malindo Lo — author of our January Young Adult Pick — discusses the extensive research that went into writing this story, adding to a history for LGBTQ Chinese Americans that has been erased, and what winning the National Book Award means to her.

Statement from Committee of 100 on the State of New Jersey Requiring Asian American and Pacific Islander History to be Taught in Public Schools

New York, NY (January 19, 2022) — Committee of 100 President Zheng Yu Huang issued the following statement today regarding New Jersey’s new legislation requiring Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) history to be taught in public schools starting in the 2022-2023 school year. New Jersey also passed legislation that will establish the Commission for Asian American Heritage within New Jersey’s Department of Education.

Protesters tell of toll of China Initiative

The leader of a protest against the US government's so-called China Initiative has called for the return of a "normal atmosphere" for Chinese scientists working in the country. Haipei Shue, president of United Chinese Americans (UCA) and organizer of the protest, along with scores of others marched Wednesday outside the...

Last Night at the Telegraph Club (Paperback)

Stanley Market Place - Open Every Day from 9am-7pm “It’s 1950s San Francisco and Lily Hu dreams of going to the moon, or at least working on the math that will someday send a human into space. Calculations and equations are simpler than the puzzle of her own identity — especially as she becomes increasingly sure that she’s queer. With a new friend who might be like her, Lily finds herself venturing into the San Francisco LGBTQ+ community, falling in love, and hiding it all from her family and friends. But keeping secrets is dangerous, especially as McCarthyism’s rise puts Chinese Americans on the defensive. Thoughtful, romantic, and full of descriptions of delicious food, Lily’s story is one of intersecting identities and first love.”

Lawmakers of both parties slam Texas GOP candidate who called for ban on Chinese students

Texas lawmakers of both parties are condemning a Republican House candidate, who suggested the state should refuse Chinese students admission to its public universities. State legislators accused Shelley Luther, a Dallas salon owner who’s running to represent state House District 62, for perpetuating anti-Asian sentiment after she tweeted last week that Chinese students should be banned from “attending all Texas universities” and called for “No more Communists!”

Impact of Visual Field Loss on Vision-Specific QOL Varies By Race

Race may impact a patient's vision-specific quality of life. Preserving vision-specific quality of life (VSQOL) is a priority when caring for patients with eye disease, conducting public health prevention programs and designing clinical trials for ophthalmic interventions, and preventing visual field loss (VFL) may protect patients’ ability to complete visual tasks and their socioemotional well-being. To assess the impact of VFL on VSQOL by race, ethnicity and age, researchers recently studied cross-sectional data from three population-based, prospective cohort studies.