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Bisquick Chicken Enchilada Bake

INGREDIENTS NEEDED: (FULL RECIPE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST) Preheat oven to 375F degrees. Spray a 9x13-inch baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. In a medium bowl, combine Bisquick mix with water. Stir well (batter will be lumpy.) Pour into baking dish and spread out evenly. Using the same...
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The Meal I Eat When I’m Feeling Cozy: White Chicken Chili

Tieghan Gerard grew up as one of eight kids, so her norm for mealtimes was just a bit of chaos. “Dinner was just really crazy. We would eat super, super late,” Gerard tells SELF. “So I got started with cooking as a way to help my parents out and get dinner on the table by an earlier hour. I helped get dinner together for most of middle school and high school.”
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Ice cream customers flock to the chicken

When husband and wife team Matt Searles and Sarah McNees opened the doors of Rollup Ice Cream & Tea on Stadium Drive in 2020, it was a daring endeavor at the beginning of the pandemic. Two years later, the Kalamazoo take on a Thai street food has led the entrepreneurs...
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The History Behind Engagement Chicken & How to Make It Perfectly

Every relationship reaches a point where the next step is inevitable. But getting there isn't always as speedy as some would like. Some people decide to follow folklore and whip up an 'engagement chicken' to prompt the most important question of all: "Will you marry me?" As you can likely gather from the name, this delicious recipe isn't just good for the soul but beneficial to the heart. As legend has it, anytime you prepare this one-of-a-kind meal for your partner, they'll be prompted to move from boyfriend or girlfriend to fiancé(e). Here's what you need to know about this seemingly magical engagement chicken recipe.

5-Ingredient Crispy Baked Chicken Recipe Is Seasoned to Perfection

Chicken legs are still a relatively inexpensive ingredient for recipes. And who doesn't love a crispy, juicy, well-seasoned piece of chicken?. This easy baked chicken recipe is seasoned to perfection then baked to a crispy, golden brown. Serve this budget-friendly recipe with your favorite vegetable or side dish. Cuisine: American.

The Most Searched Recipes of 2022, According to Google

Between restaurants, social media, TV shows, and movies, there's no shortage of recipe inspiration swirling around, leaving home chefs to take to the internet to track down their newly favorite dishes. The most searched recipes of the year, according to Google Trends, run the gamut from simple sauces to more complex main dishes to enticing desserts. Perhaps you'll find a new favorite.
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The Best 4 Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Recipe

Looking for a simple recipe that you can toss together in your slow cooker this week? This is the best 4 Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Recipe because it’s so simple and uses only real food ingredients!. I’m on a new mission lately to create some tasty meals that only need...
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Air Fryer Rotisserie Chicken

Did you know you can make a delicious rotisserie-style chicken at home with your air fryer? This air fryer rotisserie chicken is flavorful and juicy, with perfectly crispy skin. This post contains affiliate links. Easy dinners are the only thing I’m capable of making right now. Life is busy,...

28 Keto-Friendly Slow-Cooker Recipes

A keto diet can reduce bloating and inflammation, increase mental awareness, promote weight loss, and offer other health benefits. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring or complicated. If you’re new to the keto diet and you need to prepare some easy weeknight dinners, using a slow-cooker is a...

Here’s What to Cook Every Night This Week (December 12 – 18)

With the holidays just around the corner, you likely have cookie swaps, Secret Santa parties, potlucks and shopping sprees on your plate. Wouldn’t it be nice if you barely had to lift a finger to cook dinner? Enter this menu of seven meals that call for only five minutes of prep each. From lightning-fast flatbreads to low-and-slow pastas, this week is full of delicious dishes that require minimal energy to pull off.

Weekly Meal Plan 50

Here is your free Weekly Meal Plan 50 for December 12 - 16. Each meal includes side dish recommendations, along with a beverage and dessert of the week along with weekend options. Do you have any requests or special needs? If so, please let me know and I will do...

Chicken Marinade For Fried Chicken

Chicken Marinade For Fried Chicken – Butter fryers are comfort food at home at its best! This fried chicken recipe yields the perfect golden brown fried chicken with a light herb crust. If you’re looking for a good fried chicken recipe to add to your turnover, give it a try!

Chicken In A Mustard Sauce

Chicken In A Mustard Sauce – Boneless chicken breasts soak up a comforting sauce full of Dijon, herbs and wine. You can only feel a thrill when you sit down to eat this French Mustard Chicken…pure decadence! Treat yourself or your loved ones to this deluxe chicken recipe!

What’s for supper? Vol. 320: Cat, dog, hen, only each of us is all three of them

Happy Friday! Because it was somehow actually cheaper than continuing to have my old phone, I got a new phone with a fancy new camera, I haven’t had much chance to play around with it yet. That’s not true; I’ve had lots of time. I’m just stupid and easily intimidated by technology. What I’m trying to tell you is some of the food photos turned out a little weird and overly dramatic this week. You’ve been warned!

Friday Food Fight: Who does chicken ‘n waffles better — The Hangar or Datz?

It’s what’s for breakfast. Also for lunch. And yes, dinner. I speak of the divine combo of chicken and waffles, a dish whose origins have been variously assigned to a Harlem supper club in the 1930s, to Southern cooks transplanted from points north, and even back to the invention of the waffle iron in the 1700s.

Homemade Gravy (Without Drippings)

Want some homemade gravy but don’t have drippings from a roasted chicken or turkey? This recipe for gravy without drippings uses simple, everyday ingredients and comes together quickly. Plus, it tastes so yummy!. Find yourself in a gravy situation? Need gravy for those creamy mashed potatoes or hot turkey...