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Woman Absolutely Destroys Camaro While Fleeing Police

According to a Facebook post made by Texarkana Texas Police Department, a woman who ran from cops absolutely destroyed the Chevy Camaro she was driving. Like we’re talking the muscle car is probably a salvage at this point and she didn’t even crash it… much. Stories like this makes us wonder if these criminals just really hate their car or are sadistic or just plain evil or something – we’re traumatized. To understand why, read on, but you might want some tissues handy.
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Florida Man Arrested For Using Chevy Camaro To Impersonate Police

A car dealership employee was arrested by police in Jacksonville Florida after using a Chevy Camaro to impersonate a police officer. This bizarre story began when a real officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office saw a yellow Chevy Camaro pull another vehicle over in I-95, as reported by Action News Jax. Under the impression the Chevy Camaro driver was an undercover officer, the JSO officer pulled over nearby in case he needed help with the traffic stop. He then observed the Chevy Camaro driver standing next to the car’s driver’s side window before he handed something back to the driver and drove away.
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Camaro Runs Into Flower Shop

He must’ve really been in trouble with his girl…. Everyone knows Ford Mustangs are magnetically attracted to large groups of pedestrians and electric poles, while Dodge Challengers love crashing into homes and Chevy Corvettes think banks look like good places to park. But now we know that Camaros are the cars prone to driving into flower shops, thanks to an incident in Whittier, California back on January 10.

This Was the Ugliest Camaro Ever Made

The fourth-generation Chevy Camaro was not the sports car's finest hour, with its odd grill shape earning it the name “catfish Camaro.” However, despite the quirky design, the Camaro’s specs are worthy of a double take.

Dealership Employee Caught Pulling Someone Over With Cop-Spec Camaro That Was in for Service

It's a felony in the state of Florida. A car dealership employee in Jacksonville, Florida, has been fired and arrested after impersonating a police officer in a Chevy Camaro. The muscle car was reportedly getting a set of police lights installed at Duval Ford when it was taken for a spin by the worker who used the vehicle to pull somebody over. This is, of course, very illegal, and the driver is now in serious trouble.

Chevy Camaro Plows Into Parking Lot Lamp Post: Video

A Chevy Camaro driver was arrested by police in Antioch, California after he was caught on surveillance video crashing the sports car into a lamp post. According to San Francisco CBS affiliate KPIX, Antioch Police received a call on Tuesday about a white Chevy Camaro that had crashed into a lamp post after doing donuts in the parking lot of a local marina. When officers arrived on the scene, they found a white fifth-generation Chevy Camaro V6 with significant front-end damage that had been nosed into a lamp post. As officers approached the vehicle, the sole 30-year old occupant attempted to flee the scene, but they were quickly apprehended and slapped with a litany of charges.

Florida Man Allegedly Uses Camaro To Impersonate Police

It sounds bizarre, but that’s what police say happened…. A Florida man who works for a car dealership has been accused of using a yellow Chevrolet Camaro of all vehicles to impersonate a police officer. That’s according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, which released an arrest report from December 30, 2021 after one of its officers observed an allegedly illegal traffic stop on I-95.

Why does 2022 Chevy Camaro Get High Praises?

Apart from being an iconic vehicle in the automobile industry, the 2022 Chevy Camaro gets high praises due to its design, power, performance, and more. It is one of the most popular cars among Chevrolet and people love it irrespective of its generation. If you are looking to buy a...

How to run 9-second quarter-miles in a stock-appearing ’69 Camaro ZL1

For years I walked through hundreds of car events and heard stories swapped between muscle-car veterans about so-and-so’s Camaro that “used to pull the front wheels on the street” or a car that was “so fast you couldn’t grab a dollar off the dash when I was accelerating.” Having been fortunate enough to drive and experience a fair number of well-restored cars of the era, I always assumed these memories were heavily tinted by rose-colored nostalgia.
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2022 Buick Regal GS Reimagines Camaro ZL1 and Verano With Twin-Turbo Caddy V6

Buick’s Regal nameplate got completely overhauled for its sixth-generation appearance back in 2017. It piggybacked on Opel and Vauxhall’s Insignia platform, just like the previous generation. But that sort of partnership is not possible anymore. A lot has happened in the meantime. The related Holden Commodore bit the...

Chevy Camaro Driver Tries Doing Donuts in Empty Lot, Crashes Into Pole, Gets Arrested

The driver is now facing the music of an out-of-commission car and reckless driving charges. I like doughnuts, both the sugary kind and the kind one does in a car. However, the first one is only acceptable as an occasional treat if you're watching your cholesterol count and the other, if conducted recklessly, is not going to sit well with the police. Case in point this week in Antioch, California: a sideshow caught the attention of the local police force with reports of a white Camaro doing doughnuts, losing control, and crashing into a light pole.
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Two people injured in possible alcohol-related crash

A driver and his passenger were both injured in a two-vehicle collision Sunday morning in a possible alcohol-related crash, according to the Yuma Police Department. Sgt. Lori Franklin said the crash happened at about 2:37 a.m. at Avenue C and 28th Street with officers responding to the location for a report of an injury collision.

Ultra-Rare 1967 Chevy Yenko Super Camaro To Be Auctioned

For the 1967 model year, the Chevy Camaro had a wide range of six- and eight-cylinder engine options, but none so brawny as RPO L78, the 396 cubic-inch Big Block that yielded 375 thundering horsepower. If that wasn’t enough to satisfy your street-dominating desires, you needed to get yourself a Yenko Super Camaro from Don Yenko Chevrolet in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.