Vegas' 'When We Were Young Fest' Sold Out; Second Date Added

LAS VEGAS' WHEN WE WERE YOUNG FESTIVAL immediately sold out and a second date has been added (NET NEWS 1/19). The second day of the Fest, set to be held at the LAS VEGAS FESTIVAL GROUNDS, is scheduled for SUNDAY, OCTOBER 23rd. Tickets for the new date are on sale now.
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What is a chemical engineering degree?

To properly answer the question "What is a chemical engineering degree?" we have to examine each component of the broad field. Chemical engineering combines the sciences, math, and various engineering disciplines. Chemical engineering programs prepare students to use their knowledge of chemicals and chemical processes to improve products and develop...

Novel Method Doubles the Efficiency of Widely Used Industrial Catalysts

The science of catalysis — the expedition of a chemical reaction — is probably not the best-known branch of study, but it is fitted into the fabric of modern society. The development and production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fuels and other goods are based on catalysis. Catalysis plays a crucial role in energy generation and the reduction of humanity’s effect on the surrounding.

Orange publishes rock study books for learners with tracks from Nirvana, Rush and more

Orange has published a series of guitar study books to provide learners with proper rock guitar educatin’ with licensed tracks from some of the biggest names of the genre. Orange Learn’s Graded Rock Guitar Books are tiered from Debut to Grade 8 and are supported by the brand’s online guitar course – which can be either self-studied or guided by an instructor.

Uses of Different Types of Sensors for the Internet of Things

If we can describe the Sensors for the Internet of Things in a nutshell, then it is correct to say that it is the idea of connecting two separated devices to the Internet and different connected gadgets. The IoT is a massive community of connected devices and people. These connected devices gather data through sensors and statistics.

Victrex calls on UK Government to support the growing hydrogen network

With hydrogen continuing to be a key clean technology to explore, Victrex has called on the UK Government to provide more support for the hydrogen network. The UK Government has provided support for the hydrogen economy with the release of its Hydrogen Strategy last year, yet many perceive this as setting targets much lower than should be expected if Britain wishes to become a leader in hydrogen.

Coal and trucking help CSX report earnings increase for 2021

A boost in coal traffic and acquisition of a trucking company helped CSX Corp. increase its earnings by 37% last year. CSX on Thursday reported net income of $934 million in the fourth quarter of 2021 and $3.78 billion for the year. Those were increases of 23% and 37%, respectively.

Growth Opportunities In Global Alloy Steel Powder Market Future Scenario During Forecast Period 2022-2028

The recently published Alloy Steel Powder market research report offers qualitative and quantitative information regarding the key growth drivers, challenges, and opportunities shaping the industry dynamics amid COVID-19 pandemic. The Alloy Steel Powder market is projected to expand with a year-over-year growth rate of XX% over the forecast period. The...

When We Were Young Fest – An Excited & Nervous Emo Kid’s Cluttered Thoughts

On Tuesday, January 18, The Maine posted a picture on their Instagram of the When We Were Young Festival lineup – and they were on it. I clicked the profile and followed the festival’s page. I was one of the first 1,000 followers (around 860), and kept refreshing the page. Within the span of about four minutes, the follower count jumped to 16,000. It currently has over 300k followers (and rising), yet at the time of writing this, it hasn’t even been a day-and-a-half.
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Chemical leak in Canton sends 5 plan workers to hospital

CANTON, Ga. (CBS46) – An ammonia leak at a Cherokee County plant sent several workers to the hospital Wednesday evening. Five plant workers were transported to a local hospital for treatment. Two employees were reported to be in in critical condition. Authorities shut down Interstate 575 in Canton for...

Toxic Chemical Pollution Crosses “Planetary Boundary,” Exceeding Safe Limit for Humanity

According to specialists, the cocktail of toxic pollutants that covers the earth today challenges the security of biosphere on which mankind relies. Polymers, as well as 350,000 artificial ingredients like as pesticides, natural chemicals, and medicines, are of primary interest, according to the researchers. Investigation on Chemical Pollution that Threatens...
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Festival Pass: Tailgate Fest, Smoker’s Club announce lineups

Festival Pass is a newsletter that lands in your inbox weekly. But during prime festival season you get bonus editions, too! Subscribe now. The texts started late Tuesday morning. Then came the Instagram messages. Within hours, my Twitter feed was dominated by commentary on the When We Were Young emo mega-fest happening in October. (And I wasn’t the only one, there are plenty of memes about it.)