Respawn bans cheaters abusing Apex Legends “infinite RP” boosting exploit

Respawn is cracking down on Apex Legends cheaters abusing an “infinite RP” ranked exploit, boosting players from Bronze to the top of Predator. The developer has handed out thousands of bans ⁠— although none of them have been permanently suspended. There’s nothing more prestigious than hitting Predator rank in Apex...
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How to Report Cheaters in Warzone Pacific’s Caldera

Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map is almost here and cheaters are going to show up sooner or later. Finally, Warzone is getting a total makeover with the introduction of Caldera. This new era means one thing aside from a brand new map. It means that new cheats are on the way.
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Rockstar under fire for ‘ignoring’ rampant GTA Online cheaters

Popular Grand Theft Auto YouTuber TGG has taken aim at Rockstar Games for not acting on rampant cheaters in GTA Online, especially when it comes to the PC version. Just like many other multiplayer games, GTA Online has had its fair share of issues with cheaters in the past, with everything from money cheats to god mode hacks appearing at one point or another.

Developers say Halo Infinite cheaters were expected and will be dealt with

Editor's take: Cheating is a part of F2P gaming. Show me a multiplayer online game, and I'll show you a bunch of cheaters. As such, it becomes tricky for developers to address cheating, especially when they are in the process of handling so many other issues that come with the release of a game in beta.

343 Breaks Its Silence On Halo Infinite Cheaters

343 Industries has finally spoken out about the cheating problem plaguing "Halo Infinite," and players may not find the message to be all too reassuring. The multiplayer beta for "Halo Infinite" launched on both Xbox and PC on November 15, shortly after which some players on PC got cheats up and running. The quick spread of cheats resulted in many console players calling for the ability to turn off cross-play. Now that the developer of "Halo Infinite" has made some fixes to its grind-filled battle pass system, 343 Industries has addressed the cheats — or at least, acknowledged them.

Tom Votava SUSPECTS Matthew Felix is a CHEATER LINK BELOW

Hi guys,I want to point out a Cheater who has been banned from severel games over at Matthew Felix aka starcrytas. He was banned in 2014 from ever speedrunning ANY POKEMON game ever again because he used save states and spliced together footage. heres a cut and paste of...

The developer of Halo Infinite anticipates the emergence of cheaters and...

Halo developer Infinite recently highlighted the issue of online cheating and Social Media Director John Junyszek spoke in a series of. About the developer’s commitment in dealing with this issue. In his statements, he indicated that the development team expected the appearance of cheaters in a game of this type...

BUSTED - December 1

Cheaters have gotten away with things for too long! In BUSTED, you tell us the ways you've caught someone cheating and then we can laugh through the pain together!

343 promises to tackle Halo Infinite cheaters

The developer of Halo Infinite, 343 Industries, has said it will be taking efforts to address cheating within the shooter. Taking to Twitter, community manager John Junyszek said that sadly cheating is a part of free-to-play titles and that the studio will be releasing updates to tackle this issue. One issue is the lack of functionality to report bad actors in-game, instead having to go to a separate website to tell 343 about cheaters.

Halo Infinite: 343 Says “Ready” to Fight Cheaters

Halo Infinite debuted the multiplayer beta following the 20th anniversary event for the Xbox brand. The title developed by 343 Industries has convinced by its playable proposal, although the study admits that the progression system must improve, so it will be one of its priorities. Another issue you have to deal with is the thorny problem of cheats, which mainly affects online games. Given the complaints of the players, the CM of the company, John Junyszek, has referred to the issue on social networks, where he has assured that they are prepared for the contingencies that are to come.

Halo Infinite cheaters “anticipated” by 343 Industries

The developer is preparing to stamp out cheaters shortly. Halo Infinite cheating was “anticipated” by 343 Industries, its community manager has stated. “Let’s talk about cheating,” 343 Industries’ Community Manager, John Junyszek said on Twitter. “Unfortunately, cheating is a natural part of supporting a F2P PC game and it’s one...
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Cheaters have already ruined multiplayer games in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is being infiltrated by hackers and cheaters. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Halo Infinite users reported a huge number of cheats, with recordings plainly demonstrating players employing aimbots and wallhacks to win. Cheating has become more prevalent in the world’s most popular PC games. In the last few days,...

'Halo Infinite' fans already want cross-play turned off to avoid cheaters

Halo Infinite isn't even officially out yet, but enthusiastic fans of its multiplayer beta are already calling for a pretty major change: the option to turn off cross-play. According to multiple popular posts on online forums like the Halo subreddit, hackers have become a relatively common sight on the game's servers, which has led to a lot of frustration with the game's PC user base.

Warzone community beset by cheaters

Call of Duty: Warzone players believe there are more hackers in battle royale than ever before. Claiming that they are trying to take advantage of it before the implementation of the RICOCHET anti-cheat. Warzone players have encountered cheaters and hacks in many very different forms since the battle royale launched...

Halo Infinite players frustrated as cheaters invade the game

Many players want an option to disable crossplay — Halo Infinite has become the latest game to fall victim to an influx of hackers and cheaters, that are ruining online competitive titles. Players have been reporting a huge number of cases all over Reddit and Twitter, with clips that show cheaters using wall hacks or aim bots to give themselves an unfair advantage.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer servers are flooded with cheaters

Console players playing Halo Infinite in multiplayer have said they want cross-play support disabled after cheats become commonplace. Some players on Halo Infinite’s Reddit page, They commented on cheats that have become a big issue since the game’s beta was released on November 15th. Although the game is still in beta, some players already they started to worry about cheats and asked 343 Industries to address this issue.