Dr. Ethan Kross on harnessing the ‘Chatter’ in our heads

In his new book ‘Chatter’, University of Michigan psychology professor Ethan Kross explores how we can harness – and control – our inner monologues. When we log onto Facebook, we get a loaded question: “What’s on your mind?”. This question is different, and cloudier, than Twitter’s “What’s happening?” It hints...
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How To Find The UFO In Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment offers a lot of side activities and cases to take part in and Hunt for the Truth is one of them. This side quest tasks players with finding the UFO. This Lost Judgment guide will help players with how to find the UFO in the Hunt for the Truth quest.
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The Infirmary- Week 2 Injury Report

The first week of the 2021 NFL season did not disappoint in many ways. From the opening game to the wild events of the Monday Nighter in Vegas, fans were treated to the usual week one madness and then some. Unfortunately, another aspect carried on like clockwork; injuries. The running back position continues to take hits and the beard is headed to IR. Yes, some things never change. Luckily, The Infirmary is here to keep fantasy managers up to speed. Week 2, bring it on.

Lost Judgment

The original Judgment had a huge impact on me. I had tried to get into the Yakuza series in the past but lost interest. When Judgment came out, offering an original cast and plot in that same world with a focus on detective work, I thought it was the perfect way for me to ease myself into the long-running franchise. I was right. I adored Judgment, and with that positive experience lifting me up, I dove back into the mainline series and chewed through several Yakuza games. I’m an enthusiastic fan of the series now, but Judgment and its core crew are special to me. So when Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio announced they were developing a sequel, titled Lost Judgment, I was about as close to being “over the moon” as a person can physically get without shooting themselves into space. But past the hype and excitement lies the real test for any sequel: does it match or surpass its predecessor?
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Shh, the show is about to start

First, a very big bravo to the resourceful leaders, resilient staff members, and generous donors of Santa Fe’s musical organizations. They’ve made it to this semi-optimistic moment in surprisingly good shape. Big questions remain regarding not just the trajectory and impact of coronavirus variant strains, but also around the effects of the shift to online programming. Will it become a necessary but supplemental activity, or will it significantly reduce in-person attendance in the future? This could become a very tricky balancing act, since producing virtual content adds a thick layer of cost, and the income from it is much less than the per-person revenue from live performance.

Vermillion Library’s “Book Chatter” is back together

Book Chatter is a Vermillion book club where members of the community come together to discuss their thoughts on books they’ve read each month. Kendra Brewer, the new adult programmer for the Vermillion Public Library, said they meet on the second Friday of every month at 2 p.m. The group...

8 Mindset Shifts To Stop Repetitive Destructive Thoughts

When you receive a message that your phone’s operating system will be automatically updated, you don’t put much thoughts into it. You get the notification, and the following day, all the bugs and software have been upgraded for a smoother user experience. I mention this because your operating system runs...

Laboring with One’s Hands

Over the last few months I’ve relished my labor. That statement might sound sort of strange, but doing work by the sweat of my brow and knowing it all directly benefits my family gives me a really good feeling. This past week The Deer Hunter had a few late nights...

Hard to see how Duncan can lose

When Trudeau the Younger (aka The Trust Fund Kid) fired the starter’s pistol to get the election race – the one nobody else wanted – under way, Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry incumbent Eric Duncan was off and running … by himself. For the next several days he was the only one in...

Country Music Influence on The Pressley Girls

When I think about the influences on the girls’ musical endeavors my mind always goes to Pap and Paul. And while it’s true Pap and Paul were a huge influence on the music of The Pressley Girls, they certainly weren’t the only one. Over the years the girls have been...

5 Ways to Automate Systems Design and Quoting Processes

Behind every successful AV installation is a thoughtful system design devised to achieve a reliable, intuitive, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective solution to the individual needs of the venue. AV integrators and systems designers oversee the needs, analysis, design, installation and management of a project’s audiovisual components. They consider the venue itself, collaborate with a team that includes the client, architect and installer, all while taking into account industry standards, the latest technology and a solution that works for today with the flexibility to anticipate the needs of tomorrow.


There's a clutch of interviews and a live review to have a look at. First up though, how about this fab snap of Crimson in action at The Egg in Albany by David Singleton? Talk about capturing the music as it flies by!. Here's a review of the band at...