Ashton Kutcher Reveals How Wife Mila Kunis Supported Him Through 'Life-Threatening' Health Scare

Ashton Kutcher detailed his battle with a rare form of vasculitis, an autoimmune disease that caused vision and hearing loss and left him largely immobile Ashton Kutcher is opening up about his 2019 health scare — and his doctor says wife Mila Kunis was key to his recovery. The actor, who first revealed his health struggle during an episode of National Geographic's Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge in August, suffered from a rare form of autoimmune disease vasculitis. The disease occurs when the body's immune system mistakenly...
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State issues first round of retail cannabis licenses; locals react

Around this time last year, the biggest piece of news regarding marijuana legislation was a looming deadline causing municipalities across the region to debate whether to allow retail marijuana dispensaries and on-site consumption sites ( Now, with that deadline long gone, a new development has taken center stage. On Nov....
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What I Learned After Eating Salads for 30 Days

Eating healthy can be difficult, so when life gets crazy our diets and wellness are often the first thing pushed aside on our list of priorities. I am certainly guilty of this, even as a massage therapist who focuses on wellness. I knew it was time for a change in my diet, so I made a challenge for myself. My challenge was to eat 30 days of salad to see the impact it had on my body and how I felt. This is what I learned.
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Press-On Nails Have a Sizing Problem

The promise of a professional-grade manicure you can do at home was given in the '50s by the invention of press-ons, artificial nails made from acrylic meant to be glued on top of your real ones. In the '80s, thanks to new holographic designs and striking neon colors, they became wildly popular. But as trends shifted into neutral (and salons that specialized in nail art became easier to find) at the beginning of the 21st century, press-ons became less commonplace.

Too Hot To Handle

The singles of Too Hot To Handle Season 4 wasted no time in breaking Lana’s rules. Two of the fastest-moving contestants on the beach were Kayla Richart and Seb Melrose, who broke the rules early on by kissing multiple people in the early days and costing their fellow resort-mates some loot. But then, in Episode 5, Seb and Kayla break the ultimate rule and have sex. But will they stay a couple throughout the rest of the season and form the kind of bond that will keep them together after the show? Only Lana — and their disgruntled cast mates — know for sure. But there are some clues on the internet that indicate whether or not Kayla and Seb are still together after Season 4.

SEC, ACC, ESPN Announce Future Women’s & Men’s Hoops Challenges

From The Southeastern Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference and ESPN announced the formation of the ACC/SEC Challenge for women’s and men’s basketball, which will begin as part of the 2023-24 season. ACC and SEC teams will square off as part of the annual Challenge – one in men’s basketball and one in women’s basketball. Each […] The post SEC, ACC, ESPN Announce Future Women’s & Men’s Hoops Challenges appeared first on Cheatham County Source.

GoodGiving Challenge raises over $2.5M for central Kentucky nonprofits

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — This year’s GoodGiving Challenge raised over $2,500,000 which will benefit 200 central Kentucky charities. The GoodGiving Challenge ran from 9 a.m. Nov 29 to just before midnight on Dec. 2. Since 2011, the challenge has raised nearly $20 million for nonprofits in the state.

Watch: Xie Chen on the Challenge and Promise of Quantum Information Systems

Xie Chen is a professor of theoretical physics at the California Institute of Technology and a 2021 Simons Investigator in Physics. At CalTech, Chen studies exotic topological phenomena that can emerge in strongly interacting quantum many-body systems. Her work uses ideas and tools in quantum information to explore topological states of matter and study the relationships between them. She discovered and systematically constructed symmetry-protected topological phases in strongly interacting systems in two and higher dimensions. She proposed methods to classify and detect anomalies in symmetry-enriched topological phases. Recently, Chen’s work on fracton phases generalized the notion of phase and universality to properly capture the unusual “beyond topology” phenomena discovered in certain quantum error-correction codes.
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Renewing America, revamping immigration

In a Hamilton Project proposal, Jennifer Hunt identifies reforms to the U.S. immigration system that would increase its economic benefits to the native born, enforce its fairness, and strengthen the application of its laws. Overview. Because immigration to the U.S. is low by international standards, increasing immigration is a policy...

How to get Words of Power – Break, Open, Purify, and Reveal in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

A large part of Marvel's Midnight Suns game is set in Abbey and its surroundings. Besides serving as your base of operations, it also hides many secrets you'll uncover during your playthrough. If you dedicate time to exploration, you'll have a chance to solve centuries-old mysteries. But to reach some areas, you'll have to unlock them. You'll need four Words of Power - Break, Open, Purify and Reveal to open the barriers leading to zones.

12th Annual GoodGiving Challenge a Success

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The 12th Annual GoodGiving was a monumental success, raising $2,520,788 over the course of four days and benefitting 200 charities. The GoodGiving Challenge, hosted by Blue Grass Community Foundation and Smiley Pete Publishing, is a week-long online giving campaign which ran this year from 9 a.m. on Giving Tuesday, November 29, to 11:59 p.m. on Friday, December 2. Since its inception in 2011, the GoodGiving Challenge has now raised nearly $20 million for nonprofits in the Bluegrass.

Abundant Promise and Challenge in Deep Tech

Brett Davis is a Partner in New North Ventures -- a Venture Capital firm focused on technological innovation. Brett retired as a Senior Executive in the Central Intelligence Agency and Special Operations Officer in the US Navy. His combined 34 years of government experience included leading complex operations and enterprise-wide programs across the Central Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, US Military and other government agencies.