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Ryan Day Would Welcome Ohio State “Having A Little Wiggle Room” with College Football Playoff Expansion

Ryan Day will probably have trouble sleeping at night as Ohio State closes in on the start of the 2021 season. That’s because the Buckeyes begin the upcoming season with a pair of legitimate challenges — a Thursday night road game at Minnesota and a marquee non-conference game against Oregon — and Day knows a loss in even one of those games could derail Ohio State’s national championship hopes. With the current four-team College Football Playoff format, the only way Ohio State can be certain it will make the field is if it wins every game it plays.
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Auburn football: RTR bullish on potential Clemson jump from ACC to SEC

Auburn football fans may need to prepare for even more interconference rivals after the arrival of Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC. The jump from the Big 12’s two most valuable programs could just be the beginning, with a mass exodus of the top schools from the ACC and Big Ten potentially following suit.
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The AAC will be aggressive in pursuit of Big 12 leftovers

Back in summer 2016, schools from the so-called Group of Five lined up to make elaborate pitches to join the Big 12. For three months, the University of Houston was among the reported favorites, along with Cincinnati, to join the Big 12. It would have been a monumental moment for Houston, which has long desired a seat at college football’s table of power brokers — and the exposure and lucrative payout that come with it.
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Re: Ryan Day is an idiot

Ohio State coach Ryan Day said Friday that there should be consideration to sharing NIL money among players who won't get the same opportunities as high-profile players. “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?”. “Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through...

Investors are worried about inflation. How bonds can help

Inflation can cause trouble for bonds. At the same time, they still help portfolios bounce back after downturns. And some bonds are specifically designed to protect investors against rising prices. Bonds are typically thought of as the safer part of an investors' portfolio — a form of protection when the...
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Can Ohio State get two encores in Indy?

If everything goes well, Ryan Day and three of Ohio State’s football players traveling to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for the Big Ten’s football media days last week will be the first of three trips OSU makes to that stadium this season. The Big Ten championship game, which Ohio...

Where LSU is predicted to finish in the 2021 SEC West standings

As part of the SEC media day process, the media released their poll for the conference. Last year the LSU Tigers were projected to finish as the No. 2 team in the West division. Unfortunately for Ed Orgeron, that team was nowhere near the second-best the SEC West had to offer.
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Is This Fitness IPO Worth a Look?

In-home fitness equipment has been selling tremendously well over the past year and a half or so, and iFit, maker of NordicTrack machines as well as fitness software, is set to launch its initial public offering in the near future. In this Fool Live video clip, recorded on July 14, Fool.com contributors Brian Withers, Toby Bordelon, and Matt Frankel, CFP, discuss whether the company could be worth a closer look for long-term investors.
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The CFP-12 is a good deal for most conferences. Including the remaining B12

6 conference champions? Oklahoma State or Baylor or Iowa State might be a regular in the CFP now without OU. Under the old system, the SEC could get all four bids. Plus, other conference champions will get a crack at an SEC team in the CFP on a regular basis. Wanna slow down SEC excess? Beat them on the field while you still can in the CFP. I love the historic SEC. But I will be rooting against them unless this plan goes much further to do something sane for the sport nationally.
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Big-picture takeaways from B1G Media Days

That’s a wrap on Big Ten Media Days. It was great to have this back after that 1-year hiatus. But gosh, it was a little rude of the SEC to steal the headlines this week, right? They already have 4 days to themselves. In all seriousness, the talk of conference...