David Gordon Green On The Dual ‘Hellraiser’ Projects In The Works

When Hellraiser premiered in 1987, horror fans were introduced to a group of sadomasochistic cenobites summoned by a puzzle box that brought an unknown boundary between pain and pleasure with them. Of course, that leads them to find themselves in the hands of those who want to feel “more” like their first encounter of the film, a man named Frank.
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Hellraiser TV series director says having dueling Pinhead movie project will be 'a fun cultural experiment'

The Hellraiser horror franchise withered on the vine under the stewardship of Bob Weinstein's Dimension Films, which released a string of underfinanced and hardly noticed sequels, including 2011's Hellraiser: Revelations and 2018's Hellraiser: Judgment. But fans of the pain-obsessed Pinhead and his fellow Cenobites may be entering a golden age with not one, but two new Hellraiser projects on the horizon.
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Ranking the Hellraiser Movies From Worst to Best

There are ten movies in the Hellraiser franchise. Let’s give ourselves a moment to let that sink in. Not surprisingly, there is a point in this series when the quality of scripts, budgets, and plots takes a noticeable downturn. Some say this happens after the third movie. Others argue the decline really starts around entry #4.
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‘Hellraiser’ HBO Series Still On The Drawing Board

The classic Hellraiser property is being resurrected under two different umbrellas, and while the film version recently wrapped, the TV series…not so much. The David Bruckner-led Hellraiser feature–slated for a Hulu release–has completed shooting, but the HBO Max TV adaptation is still under development, according to a report on Entertainment Weekly, and is inching ahead more slowly.

Cos-tober: Open the Box and Taste the Pleasures of These Pinhead Cosplays

We have such sights to show you with this celebration of Hellraiser horror!. It’s Cos-tober! That’s right, I made that up. But it’s finally October: time for candy, pumpkin-flavored everything, and a blatant excuse to feature the best this horrifying holiday season has to offer. We are here for the first-ever Cos-tober. Featuring the spookiest, scariest, and the best (and worst) horrific cosplays. Lock the doors and look over your shoulder– let’s get spoopy!

‘X-Force’ #24 is a good horror story about weaponizing people

If you’re just joining X-Force, you might need to brush up on your biology. Beast has something inside him and the only way to get it out is to send Black Tom into his body to kill the mini-agents inside him. The last issue leaned into some horror elements right in time for Halloween, and this second issue takes things further. If that sounds weird, you don’t know half of it as Ben Percy goes full-body horror with Martin Coccolo on art in an issue filled with shocking moments.

Jamie Clayton's Hellraiser Casting Draws Praise from Horror Fans

Gender-swapping long-time male characters is nothing new, and in most cases unwelcome among fans of popular and iconic franchises, so there are probably some expecting uproar at the news that Jamie Clayton, star of The L Word: Generation Q, will be taking over the role of Cenobite priest Pinhead in the Hellraiser reboot based on Clive Barker's Hellraiser. However, many fans have really taken to the announcement, which came on the back of filming on the movie wrapping up as it aims to arrive on Hulu sometime next year.

Hellraiser and Pinhead are getting a gender-swapped reboot for 2022

The iconic demon will be gender-swapped and played by Sense8's Jamie Clayton. Deserved. Calling all inter-dimensional sadomasochists, this one’s for you. Iconic sleazy horror Hellraiser is getting a new reboot for 2022, along with its central villain. Launching next year, streaming service Hulu’s new take on the vintage horror franchise...

‘Hellraiser’ reboot casts gender-swapped Pinhead

A reboot of the classic horror film Hellraiser will see a woman take on the role of the notorious villain Pinhead. Jamie Clayton, who is known for her roles in Netflix show Sense8 as well as The L World: Generation Q will be playing the lead in the Hulu film, which has already completed filming.

Was 'Hellraiser' Villain Pinhead Intended to Be a Woman?

Renowned horror novelist, playwright, and director Clive Barker released his celebrated film Hellraiser in 1987. After accidentally opening a portal to hell, "sexual deviant" Frank gets ripped apart by a group of hellions, called Cenobites, only to be left in a zombie-like state. Things take a bizarre turn when his brother, Larry, and his sister-in-law, Julia, bring Frank back to life.

Hellraiser reboot casts Jamie Clayton as Pinhead, Clive Barker joins as producer

The upcoming remake of Clive Barker’s horror movie Hellraiser has just announced who will be playing one of the flick’s leading Cenobites. Deadline reports that Spyglass and the streaming service Hulu have confirmed that Jamie Clayton will be the latest actor to take on the role of the bald sadomasochistic horror icon – Pinhead.

Jamie Clayton to play Pinhead in new Hellraiser film

Jamie Clayton will star as Pinhead in the 'Hellraiser' reboot. The 43-year-old actress has been cast in the Spyglass reimagining of the 1980s horror classic which has been described as a "loyal, yet evolved" take on the 1987 movie based on Clive Barker's novel 'The Hellbound Heart'. Barker expanded the...

Hellraiser reboot sets cast, including Jamie Clayton as Pinhead

The reboot of cult horror classic Hellraiser has announced its cast, and it's also been revealed that the movie will be released on Hulu. Jamie Clayton, who previously starred in Sense8 and The L Word: Generation Q, will play Pinhead, the leader of the Cenobites, a group of extra-dimensional, sadomasochistic beings. Odessa A’zion, who's appeared in shows like Nashville and Netflix's Grand Army, will play the movie's lead.