Boston Celtics finalizing coaching deal with Brooklyn Nets' Ime Udoka, sources say

The Boston Celtics are finalizing an agreement with Brooklyn Nets assistant Ime Udoka to make him the franchise's new coach, sources told ESPN. A formal announcement is expected as soon as Wednesday. Udoka will replace Celtics president of basketball operations Brad Stevens, who stepped down as coach earlier this month...
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Jay Williams congratulates Ime Udoka as Celtics' 'first head coach of color' in perplexing misfire

Jay Williams came under fire Wednesday after an odd tweet about Ime Udoka becoming the next head coach of the Boston Celtics. Williams, who serves as a basketball analyst for ESPN after his NBA career was cut short, congratulated Udoka for becoming the first "coach of color" for the Celtics. Udoka is set to replace Brad Stevens as Boston’s head coach after Stevens moved to the front office to replace Danny Ainge.
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Forsberg: How can this version of Al Horford help Celtics?

Al Horford will be 35 years old with a history of knee woes when his second tour of duty with the Boston Celtics begins in October. But Boston will bank that his veteran experience, his familiarity with the organization (especially the core players), and a refreshed outlook in the twilight of his NBA career will deliver a productive player still capable of aiding a title pursuit.
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Blake Griffin was reportedly warned not to sign with Celtics, and the Nets wound up uncovering a hidden gem

When Blake Griffin was bought out by the Detroit Pistons in early March, he was, by most accounts, thought to be done as an impact player on a winning team, or perhaps as an impact player at all. His inability to finish even one dunk during his 2020-21 Detroit tenure was regarded as evidence of his entirely deteriorated athleticism, and his long injury list and potential defensive limitations were seen as major red flags.

Reports: Celtics to hire Ime Udoka as next coach

The Boston Celtics have reportedly decided on their next coach and will soon tab Brooklyn Nets assistant coach Ime Udoka to fill the job. The news was reported by multiple outlets, including The Athletic and ESPN. Udoka will take over the position vacated by coach Brad Stevens, who was named...

Report: Celtics to hire Ime Udoka as head coach

Per a report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Boston Celtics will hire Ime Udoka as their new head coach:. Udoka was most recently an assistant coach with the Brooklyn Nets, under Steve Nash. Per Wojnarowski, and several other reports, Udoka made a favorable impression on several Celtics when he was...
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Trae Young Astounds in Game 1 Victory Over the Bucks. Plus: Ime Udoka Is the New Celtics Head Coach.

Justin, Rob, and Big Wos convene after the Hawks bested the Bucks in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals to talk about Trae Young’s unbelievable performance and what adjustments the Bucks need to make to not just be another team on Trae’s hit list (0:30). Then they talk about Brad Stevens’s first move as president of basketball operations of the Celtics to hire Ime Udoka as head coach (21:09), what could happen to Ben Simmons after his poor performance in the playoffs (30:30), and other offseason rumors (42:07). Finally, they give their predictions for Game 3 of the Western Conference finals (52:15).

Boston Celtics: 1 star, 1 role player, and 1 depth piece to pursue at SG

While the Boston Celtics started off the offseason with a bang by trading Kemba Walker, this year’s first-round pick, and a future second rounder for Al Horford, Moses Brown, and a future second rounder, Brad Stevens is far from being done making moves. After highlighting point guards the Cs should...

Projected high lottery pick Scottie Barnes has reportedly interviewed with Celtics

Per Michael Scotto of our sister site HoopsHype, the Boston Celtics have interviewed 2021 NBA draft prospect Scottie Barnes, who is projected to be a high lottery pick. This is especially noteworthy given the Celtics do not currently possess any draft pick in this year’s first round never mind a lottery pick. Don’t get too excited, as it could simply be the Celtics doing due diligence on a player they’ve had their eye on for some time with some future deal in mind. But, it could also signal an interest in the team’s front office to get into the range Barnes is expected to be taken in.

Horford Returns to Boston, as Celtics Deal Walker to OKC

Brad Stevens wasted no time in making his first move as Celtics President of Basketball Operations, as he made a blockbuster trade Friday morning, acquiring Al Horford, Moses Brown, and a 2023 second-round draft pick from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Kemba Walker, Boston’s 2021 first-round pick and its 2025 second-round pick.
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The Celtics did a thing, let’s talk about it

The Boston Celtics rocked in the NBA world this morning with a sudden flurry of seismic changes. Danny Ainge, the longtime president of basketball operations, is out. Retiring after a long career as a player and executive. Brad Stevens, head coach wunderkind is also out. From the sidelines, at least. He is vacating his role as head coach to take the mantle in the front office as president with the Celtics.

Boston Celtics: 3 ways NBA draft lottery impacts Cs

The long-anticipated 2021-22 NBA draft lottery took place Tuesday night, and the results could have some major ramifications for the Boston Celtics. Both the Orlando Magic and the Oklahoma City Thunder were supplanted in the top-4 by the Toronto Raptors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. While the top-2 picks were not much of a surprise, some of the lottery shakeups could change the way the Cs operate this season.

Boston Celtics: Fred VanVleet and other post-lottery trade ideas

Well, the NBA draft lottery has come and gone. Some teams got lucky, some teams took a dive, and the Boston Celtics were nowhere to be seen. Though the Cs had no stakes in this year’s lottery, the results do make things interesting for them moving forward. With certain teams moving up and others staying put, trades could be just around the corner.