UHD Review – Scanner Cop 1 and 2 (Vinegar Syndrome)

Rating – 3.5/5. Tagline – “Imagine a cop who can read your mind… then blow it away”. Scanners is an iconic body-horror film that blends the gory side of horror with sci-fi making it not only an enjoyable film but one that shows just how effective a movie can be if you combine certain genres. Scanners is probably my favorite Cronenberg film and I know that I’m not alone by saying that. When Vinegar Syndrome announced the UHD release of Scanner Cop and it’s sequel I was beside myself.
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Top 10 Best humidifier monitor Reviews

VICKS HUMIDITY MONITOR: Using a humidifier to maintain an indoor humidity level between 40-60% can help reduce the survival of flu viruses. This humidity monitor lets you know when to turn on your humidifier to help keep your family healthy in flu season. VICKS HUMIDIFIERS FOR KIDS, ADULTS: Track how...
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Kriselle Cellars Offers Oregon’s Best Wines and Wood-Fired Pizza

Kriselle Cellars Winery is purposefully misnamed after the founder’s wife, Krisell. Scott Steingraber, owner, and wine-maker, thought it would be easier for everyone to pronounce. Either way, Kriselle, is on the tip of Joseph V. Micallef’s tongue. He is the Forbes Magazine contributor who praised them by calling their Sauvignon...

Happy hour wine selections delivered straight to your doorstep

"Do you want to come over for a glass of wine?" That tends to be the conversation many of us have toward the end of our workday as we convince ourselves to close our computers and catch up with friends or loved ones. The country may be opening up, but it's still such a magnificent feeling cozying up with a glass of wine — from the comfort of your couch.
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Farmer x Baker puts down roots in O’Hara, serving brunch in the Strip District

Jen Urich is planting the seeds for a business expansion this fall. Farmer x Baker, her 160-square-foot shipping container-turned-window-service-café in Aspinwall’s Allegheny RiverTrail Park, is adding a brick-and-mortar spot in O’Hara Township. The growing company will also cater weekend brunches at Cellar on Penn in the Strip District starting Aug. 7.
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Cellar 503 opens mobile wine tasting in Ashland

ASHLAND, Ore. -- Cellar 503 brought its mobile wine tasting experience to Ashland Monday. The owner, Carrie Wynkoop says it was important for her to highlight smaller wine makers that can't be found in the grocery store. Initially, the launch of the mobile wine tasting was supposed to start during...
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Essex events calendar

1. Tyler Stuckey w/ Skye Robert Berns in Coram, MT at The Stonefly; 2. Yellowstone Tour with Latinxhikers; 3. Sunday Funday w Eric Alan; 4. Michelle Rivers Duo in the Cellar; 5. CE: Flathead Lake, MT—Joseph Narratives: A Tale of Two Brothers in Genesis 37–50;