President Of Turkey Announces War Against Cryptocurrencies

As of 2020, Turkey had high crypto adoption rates. Statistics showed that the country had one of the highest exposures to cryptocurrencies worldwide. The polls indicated that about 16% of Turkish citizens had used or owned cryptocurrencies. The reason for this high volume can be attributed to an unregulated environment that had been thriving for years. Subsequently, Turkey made itself a name as a crypto-friendly country.
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Turkey President Erdogan says they are at war against cryptocurrencies

Turkey president says they are fighting a separate war against cryptocurrencies. Crypto adoption spikes among Turkey residents. War against crypto appears to be in favour of Digital Turkish Lira. Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the country is at war with cryptocurrencies. Erdogan said this on Saturday during...
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ECB President Issued A ‘Suspicious’ Warning Over Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, XRP, Solana, And Dogecoin After Huge Price Explosion

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have exploded in value over the past year, making the combined crypto market worth a staggering $2.1 trillion. The bitcoin price, peaking at almost $65,000 per bitcoin in April after a blistering six-month rally, has settled at around $50,000—for now. Meanwhile, the ethereum price has soared even further, boosting the price of many of its newer rivals.
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Turkey central bank turns to local tech sector for CBDC research

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) has drafted several local technology firms to help develop a platform for its digital Turkish lira, according to press reports. The central bank has already signed agreements with firms to help develop the technology, in what has been seen as a...

Bank of Russia to ‘Slow Down’ Payments to Crypto Exchanges, Curb Russians’ Impulsive Investments – Regulation Bitcoin News

Central Bank of Russia is now working with commercial banks in order to delay payments made to digital asset exchanges. The move aims to limit “emotional” cryptocurrency purchases made by “unqualified” Russian investors, a CBR official revealed. The move is likely to affect peer-to-peer and over-the-counter trading platforms. Central Bank...

‘No guarantees’ on digital euro, ECB advisor says

A key official at the European Central Bank (ECB) has said the forthcoming central bank digital currency (CBDC) tests at the ECB do not guarantee the eventual launch of a digital euro, in a statement which will dampen rampant speculation around the bank’s proposals. Advisor to the Market Infrastructure and...

China’s ‘eCNY’ project in ‘sprint’ stage, trials underway in many provinces

Four Chinese cities – Guangzhou, Tianjin, Yiwu, and Fuzhou, are set to become part of China’s digital currency trial. As per reports, China’s eCNY, or digital yuan project was in the pilot stage, and had advanced to include more cities in the trial. The country has been eyeing a full-fledged rollout by the time the Beijing Winter Olympics commence.

ECB official says upcoming CBDC test does not guarantee the eventual launch of digital euro.

A European Central Bank (ECB) official has said the forthcoming central bank digital currency (CBDC) tests at the ECB do not guarantee the eventual launch of a digital euro, in a statement that will dampen rampant speculation around the bank’s proposals. Central banks across countries are actively working on digital currencies to ward off competition for private and decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Billionaires who made their fortune through cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency industry has grown at an astronomical rate over the past year. Data from TradingView reveals that the cryptocurrency market capitalization has grown over 525% Year-on-Year (YoY) from $315 billion to over $2 trillion. This increase in market capitalization has seen many individuals become billionaires through investing in one shape or form in this industry.

BOT to Embrace Digital Technology in Regulatory Approach

The BOT will promote open data and infrastructures to facilitate access to credit for SMEs. The sandbox rules are also updated. Sign up for a. at free 2-week trial and get instant, unrestricted, and unlimited access to Regulation Asia. FREE TRIAL. Have you already used your free trial? Contact our...

South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia Are All Set To Begin Testing CBDC

Central Bank Digital Currency is digital money issued by the central bank of a country. Many central banks and governments have started exploring the CBDC option. Though for most countries, the development is still in a hypothetical stage, over 80% of countries are willing to explore the option. The RBA...

E-Naira: Things to know as CBN launches Nigeria’s digital currency

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will launch a digital currency, e-Naira in October to coincide with the nation’s independence anniversary. Governor Godwin Emefiele has assured that the advantages of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) are enormous. The apex bank chief urged Nigerians to embrace the e-Naira and explained...

Tezos (XTZ) Price Prediction 2021-2025: Will XTZ Hit $30 by the End of 2025?

Tezos is a blockchain network based upon smart contracts in a style that's not too different from Ethereum. Nevertheless, there's a big difference: XTZ aims to offer more advanced infrastructure — meaning it can grow and develop over time without ever signifying the vulnerability of a hard fork. It is...

Screwing Up, Offlining, OpenSeaing and 20 Crypto Jokes

His week in crypto, LTC pumped then dumped after a fake piece of news that Walmart had entered into “a major partnership” with Litecoin, with Charlie Lee admitting the tweet screw-up soon afterwards. Solana mainnet was forced to go offline and was restarted, affecting the coin’s price, Ethereum L2 scaling solution Arbitrum’s TVL skyrocketed by nearly 9,400% in two weeks, and there were accusations of insider trading on OpenSea, prompting talks about a decentralized NFT trading platform. Meanwhile, as AMC announced they’d be adding ETH, LTC and BCH payment options alongside BTC, analysts urged caution as a golden cross appeared in the bitcoin chart.

How Advisors Can Integrate Cryptocurrencies into Client Portfolios

A new day, a new article about cryptocurrency. Stories on volatility, service providers and regulatory challenges dominate the headlines. This is leading to increased interest from investors in all generations of wealth who are attracted to the potential of high returns. According to the Journal of Financial Planning, nearly half...

Cryptocurrency Interest Rises – Fidelity Survey

In the recent survey by Fidelity Digital Assets, a Fidelity company arm that focuses on crypto, nearly 90% of financiers find cryptocurrency appealing. That is because digital assets have proven profitable. 80% of surveyed individuals think that it might be sensible to include crypto on their savings portfolios. Examining 1,100...