Meet Ekene Aleke Obayi, the first Igbo herdswoman

In a country that has defined open cattle rearing as a means of oppression, Ekene Aleke Obayi of Nguru community, Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State has decided to change the narrative. She is a woman whose life is defined by determination, zeal and energy. She believes in the...
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A fantasy map set somewhere in the north of Germany. You can choose between a large and a small yard in the map selection. A new savegame is unfortunately required. -Fixed problems when placing through the water tarp. -Chicken coop replaced by cow coop. Credits:. The Lort, Paddy. Download mod.
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Rally Continues

This is Matt Rice with the Ag Information Network and today’s Market Line Report for Thursday. The Cattle market continues to build demand, even with solid feed prices and a rocky start the year. Let’s go to Virginia McGathey with the CME Group to hear more. Chicago Soft...

Drew Pearson’s Previous Relationships

Named as one of the most fantastic wide recipients during his time, Drew Pearson would later concrete his heritage as an extraordinary easily recognized name in the realm of expert football in 2021. He is a resigned football player that played for the Dallas Ranchers between the years 1973 to 1983 in the Public Football Association.

APHIS Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule to Require the Use of Electronic Identification in Cattle and Bison

On January 19, 2023, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal, Plant and Health Inspection Service (APHIS) published a proposed rule requiring the use of visually and electronically readable identification ear tags for use in the interstate movement of cattle and bison. The rule would also clarify and amend certain requirements pertaining to record retention and record access requirements.

USDA gives cattle market update

DES MOINES — Cattle and calves on feed for the slaughter market in Iowa feedlots with a capacity of 1,000 or more head totaled 620,000 head on Jan. 1, 2023, according to the latest USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service — Cattle on Feed report. This was down 2 percent from December but up 3 percent from Jan. 1, 2022.

2023 beef production raised

Based on the most recent U.S. Drought Monitor data, the impact of drought continues to be a theme into the new year even as rains bring relief to beef cattle producers in parts of the West. However, pasture and forage availability in the central and southern Plains likely remain tight as drought continues there. The impact can be seen in the hay stocks estimate released in the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) report. Hay stocks on Dec. 1, 2022, were 72 million tons, 9% below a year ago and the lowest for this period since 1954. This likely supports higher-than-expected cow slaughter in December, suggesting producers are still hampered by limited forage and higher associated costs. For the week ending Jan. 10, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported that over 69% of the U.S. is experiencing some level of drought, about 4% less than a year ago. According to the USDA World Agricultural Outlook Board, approximately 58% of the U.S. cattle herd is located in drought-stricken areas. This is an increase of 8 percentage points from a year ago.

George Keitel drives 49ers to win over Cowboys

SANTA CLARA – The 49ers offense on Sunday was not what it usually is. The Cowboys’ defense was playing fast and rookie quarterback Brock Purdy got off to a slow start getting the ball away. Put it all together, and the longtime rivals were tied 9–9 midway through...

Cornish Pirates' progress impresses coach Gavin Cattle

Cornish Pirates joint-head coach Gavin Cattle says he can see the progress his side are making. The Penzance-based club - who are seventh in the Championship - have won back-to-back league games since the turn of the year. It is the first time they have won two successive Championship matches...

Jan. 1 Cattle on Feed Down 3%

OMAHA (DTN) -- Cattle and calves on feed for the slaughter market in the United States for feedlots with capacity of 1,000 or more head totaled 11.7 million head on Jan. 1, 2023. The inventory was 3% below Jan. 1, 2022, USDA NASS reported on Friday. The inventory included 7.03...

Federal Register Update — January 17-18, 2023

Marketing Order: Oranges, Grapefruit, Tangerines, and Pummelos Grown in Florida. FR Document: 2023-00856 PDF 21 Pages (125 KB) Permalink. Environmental Impact Statements; Availability, etc.: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Control in the United States. Filed on: 01/17/2023 at 8:45 am. Scheduled Pub. Date: 01/18/2023. FR Document: 2023-00884 PDF 8 Pages (111...

Profit Tracker: Breakevens Reach Highest Level Since 2015

Cattle feeders are finding profits early in the New Year, but costs of production continue rising. Cattle placed on feed last week project to have the highest breakeven price since July of 2015 at $154.72 per cwt. Market-ready steers sold the week ending Jan. 7 produced average profits of $138...

Forest Service halts a plan to allow more cattle grazing on Tonto public lands

The U.S Forest Service has withdrawn its final environmental assessment and draft decision notice that would have allowed for additional livestock grazing and infrastructure in Tonto National Forest. The decision came after the agency received objections from environmental groups. The plan would have authorized up to 1,900 new cattle and supporting infrastructure on the Hicks Pike Peak Allotment located in the ecologically diverse Salt River Canyon Wilderness Area. The Western Watersheds Project objected to the proposed action...

Interpretive Summary: Effects of injectable vitamin E before or after transit on receiving phase growth performance, health, and blood parameters of beef steers

Interpretive Summary: Effects of injectable vitamin E before or after transit on receiving phase growth performance, health, and blood parameters of beef steers. Cattle are transported multiple times throughout their lifespan due to the geographic distribution of the United States beef industry. However, transportation can elicit a variety of stressors that jeopardize cattle growth performance and health. Lightweight feeder calves are at the greatest risk for stress-related morbidity and mortality during the feedlot receiving phase. This study evaluated the effects of injectable vitamin E (VE) before or after transit on feedlot receiving phase growth performance, health, and blood parameters of lightweight beef steers. Steers receiving an injection of VE before or after transit had increased serum α-tocopherol concentrations. However, treatment with VE did not improve growth performance and feed intake. Steers injected with VE before or after transit experienced a decrease in hair cortisol concentrations 14 d after transit while steers injected with VE after transit had improved antioxidant status 14 d after transit compared with control steers and those receiving VE before transit. These results indicate that an injection of VE around the time of transit had no effect on growth performance and intake but can improve antioxidant status during the receiving phase.

Once more dallas Cowboys Week 18 Player Props: Zeke to Track down Jackpot?

Following Thursday’s 27-13 triumph over the Tennessee Titans, the Dallas Cattle rustlers enter the last seven-day stretch of the ordinary season still with a potential chance to catch the NFC East title as well as the NFC’s No. 1 seed and a first-round bye. Accepting Dallas moves beyond the Washington Commandants, the Young men need the Philadelphia Birds to tumble to the New York Goliaths to guarantee the division crown. Concerning the Ranchers’ way to the gathering’s favorite, Dallas again needs a triumph, a Hawks misfortune, and the 49ers to lose to the Arizona Cardinals, the last situation appearing to be especially improbable..

Improving Profitability: Sheep, Goats, and Cattle

As I write this, it’s the last week of 2022. I am thinking about upcoming tax information to file and looking at the barn to see if our hay is going to last longer than winter. I’m looking at our pregnant ewes and wondering: “Was this a good year? Will 2023 be better?”