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Arulnithi-starrer 'Dejavu' teaser unveiled

For Advertising Enquiries,Contact us at +917087019003. Actor-politician Udhayanidhi Stalin on Thursday released the teaser of director Arvindh Srinivasan's upcoming investigative thriller 'Dejavu', featuring actor Arulnithi in the lead. Taking to Twitter, Udhayanidhi Stalin said: "Very happy to launch Arulnithi's 'Dejavu' movie teaser." Arulnithi too tweeted about the film's teaser, thanking...
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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers Thursday, January 27: Paulina Faces off with her Ex- Craig Confesses his Affair to Chloe; Nancy Urges Brady to Get Back with Chloe; Nicole and Ava Play Cat and Mouse

‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) Spoilers here and we’re set to head into Salem with some fun spoilery goodies in hand to dish out. This episode is going to be a fun one with some confrontation, confessions, and a fun game between old friends with another’s life in the balance.
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Sniper Elite 5 Introduces Invasions

Sniper Elite 5 seems to be drawing a little bit of inspiration from Deathloop. Deathloop being an absolutely fantastic game, this certainly isn’t a bad thing. Yes, Sniper Elite 5 is looking to adapt the invasion system. It is certainly an interesting idea, and I’m interested to see how it is implemented.
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Days of Our Lives: Ep. #14273 (S2022EP19 NBC Thurs 27 Jan 2022)

Paulina’s past comes back to haunt her. Craig makes a shocking confession to Chloe. Nancy urges Brady to reconcile with her daughter. Nicole and Ava play a game of cat and mouse. Airdate: Thurs 27 Jan 2022 at 13:00 on NBC. Season 2022 Episode 19. Days of our Lives...
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Your Guide to the Week of January 24th

Themes 🌈 … Brass tacks, mental clarity, emotional inventory, breakthroughs, X-ray vision, shadow-parsing, a way out. What you’ll need 🎒 … Spreadsheets, magnifying glass, healthy detachment, inner strength, radical honesty, fresh roses, 5D chess moves, grounding rituals, extra copies of Codependent No More. How to...

Film Review: See for Me

An unusual twist on a traditional thriller is the focus of Adam Yorke and Tommy Gushue’s. directed by Randall Okita and available for digital download, putting a visually-impaired house-sitter at the centre of a burglary story. Taking place primarily across a single day and night, Yorke and Gushue’s well-constructed film sustains enough momentum to maintain its 85-minute running time and overlook some of its more implausible plot devices.

Wanted – Donegal actors sought for important filming project!

One of Ireland’s leading casting agencies is seeking Donegal people for an important, upcoming film project!. Louise Kiely Casting has just put out a call for ‘actors of all genders’ who are native to the county, or who are living here. Actors must be over 18 years...

Time to embrace long winter struggle

January is always the longest month of the year for me, and I don’t mean because there are 31 days in it. You would think considering I am born and raised in Minnesota I would be used to these long, dark winters, but the older I get the rougher they are on me.

“Endgame” adds a twist to the thrillers of cats and mice | Entertainment News

In this cat and mouse thriller, he says, “The cat is a prisoner and the mouse needs to understand how she is controlled.” Endgame Executive Producer Nicholas Wooton. Gorgeous international criminal Elena Federova (Homelandof Morena Baccarin) Is held at a super-safe FBI black site, but when we met her, she unleashed her gang to control a major bank in New York. Full-time FBI agent Walterner (Ryan Michelle Base, All rise) —Being so ethical, she bribed her husband — seeing Elena’s handiwork in Africa, the robbery was part of a mysterious master plan she was determined to destroy. I understand that there is.

Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up! sneak peek: Tom takes on a bull

If you love the classic Tom and Jerry, you’ll be excited for the new original movie. Take a look at this sneak peek from Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up!. Who doesn’t love the world of Tom and Jerry? The cat and mouse are firm favorites for many children, and there’s plenty of nostalgia in newer movies and episodes for the adults in the house. Tom and Jerry Cowboy Up! is a new original movie arriving on Tuesday, Jan. 25 on DVD, and it’s not a release you’ll want to miss.

‘Cat and Mouse’ nominated for GRAMMY

When former Brooklyn College’s Conservatory of Music student, Dr. Thomas Nazziola, class of 2006, began composing his latest album, “Distant Places,” he wanted to create a musical journey that would transport listeners to different places and times, according to Brooklyn College News (BC News). It said the...

Sights and Sounds: Cat and Mouse

Have you ever had a pet in your house that doesn’t always earn its keep?. Well, photojournalist Stephanie Adkins captured a game of almost cat and mouse for today’s Sights and Sounds of Northern Michigan.

Who said a dog, cat and a rat can’t be friends? This video says otherwise. Watch

The video shows an unlikely bond of friendship between a dog, a cat and a rat who can be seen sitting on a couch. If you have grown up watching cartoons, then you will know that the enmity between cats and dogs or cats and mice are often spoken about. But don’t let the fictitious portrayals fool you because this video is right here to prove that a cat, a dog and a mouse can not only be friends but also enjoy each other’s company perfectly well.

Migrant crisis: French police play cat and mouse with would-be stowaways hoping to make it to Britain | World News

It is the early hours of the morning, but this corner of Calais is busy, just as it always is. At first, you don’t notice many of the people. Sure, you see the blue flashing lights, the police vans speeding around and the articulated lorries driving in and out. But in the shadows and the gloom, there are hundreds of people milling around, all waiting to try to hitch a lift to Britain.

THOSE WHO WALK AWAY – In Theaters & On VOD February 11th

After Max and Avery meet on a social media app for a first date, their evening takes a perilous turn when they end up at a local haunted house, the home of ‘Rotcreep’, a sinister creature that rots your body and soul with one touch. As the night turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Max and Avery begin to realize the trauma they share may either save them or erupt into an unforgettable nightmare.