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Aristocrat Gaming to host job fair Monday and Tuesday

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Like to play casino games? Well, you can be a part of the company that makes many of the popular games on the market. Aristocrat Gaming is holding a job fair on Sept. 27 and 28 for up to 50 positions at its manufacturing facility on 3300 Birtcher Drive near Dean Martin and Post Road.
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What Are The Variety Of Bonuses That Are Offered By The Online Casino To Their Customers?

Casino bonuses are always the favorite part of the online casino, this can also help the player make money, and they can use the amount to place the bet on the games. Every gambler wants to get the bonus at the online casino because of the free money they can make from the bonuses as they can check on the eat-and-run verification (먹튀검증) for getting various bonuses on time. You can get the bonus on time at the online casino, and these bonuses are not available at the land-based casino because of the limited space of the gaming machines and the hours to run the casino at night.
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Cash Bonuses on Live Games, Competitions, Gifts w/Royal Panda Loyalty

Have you heard about Royal Panda’s Loyalty Program? If you haven’t, you’re missing out on top of the line rewards, benefits and everything else that comes along with royal treatment. When you take a peek at what Royal Panda has to offer the entire casino platform runs nothing short of...

Jazz Casino slot seizes up and drains all my money. Jazz Casino refuses to refund money. Hear me out.

Ok so I had been playing a slot called Lava Gold. I personally like this slot because it seems to pay out pretty well when it doesn't have this problem I ran into twice. So I don't know what it is but this slot will be ok until all the sudden it will refuse to progress. I know it sounds weird but listen to this. This slot has a free spin bonus meter on the side of it. You have to connect the squares that match the notches you are on to complete the cycle. This makes it a commitment to make it all the way to the top. You spend money on the way there and if you chose to leave before you get there you are most likely losing money because you don't really make much until you complete the cycle. After you compete all the notches you receive 10 free spins and it pays pretty well. This slot has its ups and downs. This issue first happened at Super Slots and I complained and they said they would let Betsoft know about it . The assured me that the problem would be fixed which I have documented. But I will explain the issue I had with Jazz Casino first which was the second incident I had with this slot. Naturally you can win or lose and I had run out of money a few times early in the day which was normal. I made 4 different deposits of 250 dollars so I had been winning and losing all day. I decided to try to go through the cycle at 18.75 and I won big. I was up to 3200 dollars. I decided to go for it again and I started having issues with the slot immediately. It started out kind of delayed. I was noticing it was taking way more spins to get up the meter than usual. As I make it further and further up the slot I noticed it wasn't budging at all. The slot refused to let me go any further. Every spin was either nothing or a measley 3 dollars. It was the same patterns over and over I was seeing in the square arrangement. Like someone saw I was winning and decided to hit a switch to stop it is what it seemed like. This contradicts the whole idea of the slot being based on a random number generator. Random number generators are not supposed to react to a large win, or anything for that matter. They are supposed to operate on their own terms without any manipulation or triggers. I immediately went to casino support and complained about the slot and told them I knew for sure it was not RNg. It just changed because I had won a decent amount it couldn't be. Random would be more spread out like our wins are. Not held back waiting for me to win then spring a trap for me afterward. That is conscious or triggered, not rng. This thing obviously either was triggered by the big win or someone hit a switch. I've been playing since 2004 I know the difference between a bad streak and a scam. An employee by the name of Phil sounded pretty helpful until he heard I knew the slot wasn't RNG and how pissed people would be if they had just seen what I saw. He told me he would call me back. The call back his whole tone changed and he immediately began downplaying what happened. He said the slot was checked and there was nothing wrong with it and I had just lost and I was mad. Then he started talking to me like he was the one who was playing it and not me. He didnt see what I saw. I saw this thing being real funny. I got mad and told him about how the slot was repeating the same 2 patterns over and over again. The face value squares with the pictures and not the j a k would be bunched up in the middle or they would allow things to connect and open up if it was surrounded by 5 others on all sides so you had no chance of connecting twice because all the surrounding squares would mix in evenlywhich would only give you a small win or nothing at all. Also i saw squares jumping differently. The ones I needed would be bunched up next to an opening, and I would need one more to get enough to move up the meter and I would have other squares that were behind the ones I need jump over them to occupy the vacant spot!! It was organized, not random at all. Earlier in the day there was more variety of placement and all the sudden it was doing the same 2 placement styles over and over and over. Phil shows me my history and I was shocked. No casino has ever ever offered to show me my history before unless the casino is super transparent and provides an option to maybe show recent history in your profile. That's where Phil made a huge mistake. There is a reason why most casinos will not let you have your history and that is because you can prove it when something goes wrong. Sure enough as I get to the most recent cycle I saw a major change in the slots behavior. It was clear as day for me but Phil was again telling me I was over reacting and again that I was mad just because I lost. Wel I didn't completely lose. I had money left over and I had made 4 deposits that day. Give me a break. I didn't complain before when I had to put 250 back into the slot to keep going. There was a huge difference and it wouldn't move!! So after arguing with him he refuses to refund my money. I was trying to work it out with him and explain why I deserved a refund and he wasn't having it. I even did all the math and showed him that during all the previous cycles it only took about 200 spins at the most to compete each cycle. I had done about 7 cycles that day already. The cycle I stopped on I was up to spin 304 and it wasn't giving me any breaks! There were hardly any decent wins on the way up the meter like there was before my big win. Finally I had enough and I still had over 700 dollars left. Pissed about the money I had lost already I decided to prove to them this slot was not going any further and I told the casino employee that was working at the time to watch this. I went to the slot and started spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning. Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing small win nothing nothing nothing nothing then one decent win but still no progress up the meter and it are all the rest of the money. I have it on video to prove that exactly what I said was going to happen happened. Besides I needed more proof the slot wasn't going to budge to try to have a better case against Jazz Casino if it came to that. Having all the evidence I needed and over 400 spins and still didn't complete the cycle. This is double the number it took to COMPLETE all the other cycles of that day and many other days I played this slot. So the slot still had 2 of the hardest notches left and was already over 400 spins in the cycle. It probably would have been over 500 spins to complete the cycle!!!! That would have been close to 3 cycles worth before when the slot was behaving normally!!! I have the history from other games in days before too thanks to Phil. Anyways the employee tells me not to worry about it and they will take care of it in the morning. So the next day I get on the live chat and I'm told they were not going to refund me! I call the number and a guy named David answers and I can tell they are using a tactic that might work on newer players. He tries to downplay what happens and tells me I'm just mad because I lost. Again I didnt totally lose until I wanted to prove that the slot was locked up and wouldn't budge. It was rigged. Then he transfers me to Phil and I'm exploding. I know this slot was tampered with or it was programmed to trap people after winning a large pot. Phil refuses to give me my money back. I told him it's illegal to scam customers in the United States and Curacao. He then closes my account and takes the last of the money I had left over. I called him and told him that was nothing compared to the money he let that slot scam me for. Then i hung up and filed report after report after report. i recieved a response from one and its being investigated. i guess alot of people are having the same problems. Its really sad when a casino that probably makes a ton of money goes as low as to take from customers that catch their slots doing shady things out of the blue. You cant't provide a tainted service, get caught, and not return the money. Curacao is corrupt from what im learning but eventually... it gets dealt with. :)

10 Gambling Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Chances of Winning

Gambling is truly an activity for all. From sports betting to casino gaming, gambling exists in different forms that will satisfy your desire. However, casino gambling is currently proving to be arguably the best form of gambling. This has been facilitated by the application of technology in the development of gaming devices, casinos, and most importantly games that suit the demands of customers. However, online casinos like King Billy have even gone ahead of others to secure crypto-gaming technology that allows gamblers to process their financial transactions most digitally. This casino also provides Virtual and Augmented Reality Technologies that offer exciting and entertaining gaming experiences. Furthermore, King Billy casino uses the latest data analysis techniques to achieve excellent service delivery by appraising customer performances and choices. Hence, to enjoy the best online casino experience, gambling in this kind of 21st-century technology driven-casino is highly advisable for you when picking an online casino.

FUN Token Adds 200,000 New Users to Its iGaming Ecosystem in 7 Months

February 2021 marked the start of a new journey for FUN Token., the seventh-largest online casino in the world, acquired the token, assembled a world-class team behind it, and set it on a path to bring decentralized gaming to the masses. Since then, FUN Token has racked up over...

888Sport Sign Up Offer: Get £30 Free Bet

18+ | Commercial Content | T&Cs apply | Learn more about 888Sport’s welcome offer for new customers only from out article. Registering to a bookmaker platform is often connected to receiving their new customer sign-up bonuses. In this paragraph, we will explain the steps you have to follow to claim the bonus and create an account.
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Welcome to Day 2 of the 2021 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS North Cyprus $5,300 Main Event

The 2021 partypoker LIVE MILLIONS North Cyprus festival is heading towards the business end in the days to come. Among the tournaments to gather the spotlight at the five-star Merit Crystal Cove Hotel Casino & Spa in Girne, North Cyprus is certainly the $5,300 Main Event, which will see 333 players out of 699 entries return to their seats.

14 Best Bitcoin Casinos in 2021: Top Crypto Gambling Sites for BTC, Ethereum, and More

More online punters are appreciating the benefits offered by cryptocurrencies when gambling. They are significantly cheaper as there are virtually no fees and processing is close to real-time. As such, more casinos have progressed from transacting using fiat money to digital currencies. In this review, we have compiled a list...

Top 5 mobile compatible casino games

With our growing technology, casinos have made it possible for punters to play their favorite games and sportsbooks regardless of their location. Before the emergence of online crypto casinos, a regular punter must visit a traditional casino to play. However, the internet made it possible for the betting industry to offer games online.

Why are Sexy Casino Games Di Indonesia Highly Preferable these Days?

Are you fond of casino games but do not have time to visit brick-and-mortar casinos? Do not worry since online gambling games are there for your rescue, for which you need not move out of your house. Sexy casino games di Indonesia is very happening and will give you the real feel of playing poker. You should read this blog to learn more about the benefits of online casino games.