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No carping about the action when battling these fish

CLEAR SPRING, Md. — Carp fishing on the Susquehanna River in the shadow of the bridge connecting Danville and Riverside was an adventure like no other for young anglers in the late 1950s. Even those who had accompanied their families to exotic locations on the Chesapeake Bay or 1,000 Islands...
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Monster eel falls at campsite pond

AFTER deciding to take a break from his usual carp fishing, Bill Phillips (72) drove his motorhome to a campsite in the South West where he’d heard rumours of some decent eels being caught. On the second evening of a four-night trip, Bill set up three rods, one baited with...

Where do we draw the line with technology in fishing?

The use of technology in angling has long been a topic of discussion. Bait boats and depth finders, in particular, always provide a healthy debate. But what does technology mean to you, and does it have a place in angling?. In match angling, someone who comes up with a new...
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Classic carp

Carp, noun: 1) a deep-bodied freshwater fish, typically with barbels around the mouth; 2) a peevish complaint. Is it possible to carp about not catching enough carp during a carp fishing tournament?. The answer will be found August 7 at Purcell Lake. Anglers will surround the lake that day with...

WOODS ‘N’ WATER: Carp fishermen cleaning up in local waters

I usually take a cruise or two through Hubbard Park almost on a daily basis and I did notice a couple of serious carp fishermen on some of my trips. You know they are serious when you see all of the gear they use to catch carp, weigh them and then release them back into Mirror Lake unharmed.
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Podcast: How To Find Great Carp Fishing

In our campaign to take pressure off our over-stressed trout rivers during this hot, dry summer, I figured a great topic would be how to find carp-fishing spots. Not every place that holds carp is conducive to fly fishing, but when you find the right spot, you’ll discover endlessly fascinating opportunities to catch these often difficult gamefish that will test your drag like no other freshwater fish (besides steelhead and salmon). So I enlisted Dan Frasier to talk about how to find the best carp spots, when and where to target them, how to present the fly, and how to determine when a carp has eaten your fly. Carp are tough and resilient, and you don’t need to worry about warm water temperatures hurting them. Next to trout, they’re the most interesting fish to chase in fresh water and the closest you’ll get to saltwater flats fishing without leaving home.