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Never Store This Popular Kind of Oil in Your Pantry, Experts Warn

Having a well-stocked pantry makes cooking that much easier—after all, it's a place where all your recipe basics are within arm's reach. But experts say that far too often, we store our staples there when they would actually benefit from being refrigerated or frozen. In particular, there's one type of cooking oil that's prone to rapid rancidity, which can not only change the flavor of your food, but put you at risk for foodborne illness. Read on to find out which type of oil you should never store in your pantry and how to spot a bottle that's gone bad.
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Glazed Doughnuts

Homemade doughnuts are a bit of a project, but they’re less work than you might think, and the result is a truly great, hot, crisp doughnut. Once you’ve mastered this basic recipe for a fluffy, yeasted doughnut, you can do pretty much anything you like in terms of glazes, toppings and fillings.
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You might already be following the Mediterranean diet with these easy food swaps

(CNN) — The Mediterranean diet has been an expert-recommended way of eating since it was first introduced in the 1990s, but it still holds its own with newer, trendier eating plans. And if you're moving into plant-based eating and flexitarian eating, you might be following the Mediterranean diet already without realizing it.
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Apple Fritters

This post may contain affiliate sales links. Please read my disclosure policy. Fall means all the comforting apple and pumpkin treats including homemade Apple Fritters! A simple yeasted dough that is folded together with sweet cinnamon apples, then deep fried and glazed. They are sweet perfection. The neighborhood donut shop ain’t got nothing on these. Try my seasonal Pumpkin Cake Donuts, too!
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Pumpkin Donut Holes

The most irresistible mini pumpkin muffins smothered in cinnamon sugar goodness! Perfect for breakfast, lunch + dinner!. Can you have these for breakfast? Yes. For lunch? Yes. For dinner? Yes, yes, yes. You can have these bad boys for all the meals. They are incredibly moist and fluffy with just...

A Dreary October Need Not Spoil the 2021 Soybean Story

There is nothing quite like a dreary October. It is at this time of year that you don't want to find yourself with idle time. Unfortunately, I've had quite a bit of it lately as wet weather has staggered my soybean harvest which started on Sept. 20 and continues when Mother Nature smiles. Unfortunately, that has meant that I've only combined six hours since Oct. 4 as rain and gloomy weather has dominated much of October. Call it frustrating but call it normal. This is farming and that sometimes is the way it goes.

The vegetarian schnitzel that will make you not miss the real thing

Schnitzel is one of the ultimate comfort foods. It’s hard not to like a food that is fried and golden brown. Schnitzel is commonly made from chicken or veal, but you’ll also find vegetarian versions made from celery root or, in this case, cabbage. Any recipe for schnitzel always catches...

Add some variety to your dinner menu

Sometimes you just need to try something new. If you tired of the same old, same old and want something different to serve guests or for just a family night at home, this dinner menu offers some variety and a few unique ingredients, too. For this dinner menu, prepare the entrée of your choice, and for side dishes, add your favorite vegetables or a fresh salad. Use tapioca flour, which is naturally gluten-free, to make light and airy muffins. For a seasonal dessert, s’mores cake is a fun rendition of everyone’s favorite campfire treat.

Easy Shakarpara Recipe

Shakarpara, also known as Shankarpali, is a crispy, mildly sweetened snack made with 4 simple ingredients you will have at home. These bite-sized fried Indian cookies come together quickly, and are popularly made during festivals such as Diwali and Holi. Growing up, I was a huge fan of them. And...

Discovering Long-Term Rust Prevention for Automotive and Heavy Equipment Parts

In the world of automotive and heavy-equipment parts suppliers, both short-term and long-term rust prevention is critical to prevent serious loss from rust claims. Equally critical is finding a rust preventative that will be effective and easy enough to use. Cortec’s VpCI®-369 is one excellent option with widespread popularity. It has been found to be a convenient, superior alternative to many common long-term rust preventatives on the market.

4 methods you may be consuming Mediterranean already

“And it isn’t an all-or-nothing algorithm,” Dudash mentioned. “It would not need to be all day; it would not need to be each week.”. It is not even a weight loss plan within the weight reduction sense of the phrase. It is a lifestyle for folks within the international locations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

Tempura Broccolini With Curry Leaf Mayonnaise

“Topped with tomato mint chutney and creamy curry mayonnaise, this mellow green immediately catapulted to the top of weekly requests in our house,” says celebrity chef Lynn Crawford of her tempura broccolini (below). Find more delicious family style recipes in Lynn Crawford and her partner Lora Kirk’s new cookbook Hearth & Home.

Intestinal, liver and lipid disorders in genetically obese rats are more efficiently reduced by dietary milk thistle seeds than their oil

We hypothesized that milk thistle seed or seed oil dietary supplementation reduces intestinal, liver and lipid disorders specific to genetic obesity, and the seeds can be more efficient in doing so. Lean and obese male Zucker rats were allocated to 4 groups: the lean (LC) and obese control (OC) groups fed a standard diet and the other 2 obese groups fed a diet supplemented with milk thistle seed oil (O"‰+"‰MTO) or milk thistle seeds (O"‰+"‰MTS). After 5Â weeks of feeding, the cecal SCFA pool was slightly and significantly lower in OC and O"‰+"‰MTO compared with LC and O"‰+"‰MTS. The liver fat content was greater in OC, O"‰+"‰MTO and O"‰+"‰MTS compared with LC; however, it was significantly lower in O"‰+"‰MTS than in OC and O"‰+"‰MTO. The plasma cholesterol was greater in OC compared with LC, O"‰+"‰MTO and O"‰+"‰MTS; however, it was significantly greater in O"‰+"‰MTO and O"‰+"‰MTS compared with LC. The plasma bilirubin was detected in OC and O"‰+"‰MTO, whereas it was not present in LC and O"‰+"‰MTS. Milk thistle seeds can improve fermentation events in the distal intestine and reduce other disorders specific to genetically obese rats, and the seed PUFAs are responsible for that to a lesser extent.

Gai Lan With Chili Jam

“This vibrant, intensely flavored side dish is buoyed by hoisin sauce and our Chili Jam. You can swap in any Asian green or combination,” says celebrity chef Lynn Crawford of her gai lan dish (below). Find more delicious family style recipes in Lynn Crawford and her partner Lora Kirk’s new cookbook Hearth & Home.

Homemade is Better—Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one my weaknesses, and it can be difficult to find good fried chicken. There are many restaurants that serve it, but I almost always feel let down a little. Between KFC, Popeye’s, Mary Brown’s, and Jolly-Bee, I think Popeye’s is the best. Having said that though, I much prefer making it at home. I can make it taste the way I like, and as crispy as I really want it. I also stumbled across a few different recipes that I’ve combined to make something that is pretty close to the taste of Popeye’s seasoning. It’s not exact, but its close.