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Best Cannabis Oil and Tincture Products

Tinctures and cannabis-infused oils are one of the most approachable ingestion methods, especially when it comes to medical patients. Tinctures have the following advantages:. Easy to ingest - you just need to leave the oil to absorb under the tongue for about 10 seconds and swallow. There's no need to...
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British football coach must wait six weeks to find out if his appeal against a 25 year jail term in Dubai for having cannabis oil in his car will be successful

A British football coach who was handed a 25-year jail term in Dubai for possessing cannabis oil has had his appeal hearing delayed by six weeks, it was revealed today. Billy Hood, 24, was arrested in January and convicted by a court of drug trafficking with intent to supply - despite being able to prove the vape liquid belonged to a visiting friend who had mistakenly left it in his car.
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Nextleaf Launches Glacial Gold Vapes and Distilled Oils Through Quebec-based Medical Cannabis Platform

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - October 19, 2021) - Nextleaf Solutions Ltd. (CSE: OILS) (OTCQB: OILFF) (FSE: L0MA) ("Nextleaf", "OILS", or the "Company"), a federally regulated producer of cannabis oil that owns one of the largest portfolios of U.S. patents for the extraction and distillation of cannabinoids, is pleased to announce the Company has entered into a supply agreement with Quebec-based licensed producer Medicibis ("Mendo") to supply its medical platform with Glacial Gold™ branded products.

Billy Hood: Man sentenced to 25 years in Dubai over cannabis oil 'hoping and praying' for release

A young man sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in Dubai for possessing CBD oil says he is "praying" and "hoping" authorities will "see the light" and release him. Billy Hood, 24, from Kensington, London, was working as a football coach in the UAE country when police discovered four small bottles of the oil derived from cannabis, and a vape pen, in his car and arrested him on 31 January.

Brit Gets 25 Years In Dubai Jail After Police Find Cannabis Oil In His Car

A football coach from the United Kingdom has received a 25-year prison sentence in Dubai after police found cannabis oil in his car. Londoner Billy Hood, 24, was taken by police on January 31, shortly after moving to Dubai. Hood says he was forced to sign a confession written in...

Custom Cones USA Debuts Fully Automated Infused Pre-Roll Machine

KENT, Wash., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Custom Cones USA launched the latest breakthrough in the pre-roll sector of the cannabis industry with the development of the first and only machine that automatically produces infused pre-rolls . Capable of accurately infusing a pre-roll every 4.5 seconds, this automated pre-roll machine can infuse up to 800 pre-rolls per hour. What was once a laborious and inaccurate process is now fully automated and 100% compliant in all medical and recreational cannabis markets. If you need to see it to believe it, Custom Cones USA will be displaying this breakthrough technology through 10/20 - 10/22 at the MJBizCon show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Medical Cannabis Oil Market 2020 Trending Technologies, Development Plans, Future Growth and Geographical Regions to 2025

The Medical Cannabis Oil Market research report is in-depth research documentation highlighting crucial information related to value derivatives and supply chain. Cognitive and comprehensive information on various elements of the market such as cheap growth beds, unused opportunities as well as revised guidelines and framework conditions have also been deliberately included in the presentation of the report. Items such as profit margins, revenue generation trends, capacity building, price and cost milestones against multiple timelines, encompassing both real-time and historical developments, were widely discussed to identify weaknesses and encourage items to increase the growth of the Medical Cannabis Oil market.

Yet Another Cannabis Oil Lab Explosion

At some point enforcement of these labs will have to get tougher as sooner or later people other than those working the labs are going to get killed. Edmonton Jnl reports A man in Merced, Calif. was found with serious injuries not far from a blazing and heavily damaged structure that police and fire officials suspect was being used as a marijuana conversion lab. Discovered in his neighbour’s yard with burns across his body, the man had to be transported by medical personnel to a local hospital for treatment, notes a statement from the Merced Police Department (MPD). “Once the fire was contained, police personnel were able to see visible signs of what appeared to be a marijuana oil conversion lab,” the statement notes, pointing to the presence of several propane fuel tanks, colanders and cannabis scattered throughout the debris field. The police report that the blast could be felt for blocks and sparked damage to an unidentified number of surrounding houses and property. After the fire was out, the scene was turned over to the Department of Justice because of the toxic chemicals and contamination involved, notes the MPD post. Earlier this month, there were two cannabis-related explosions in Oregon and California, both resulting in injuries. In the Oregon incident, a 51-year-old woman suffered burns when, as she told police, she was using “an open-loop system to obtain the marijuana oil,” and an explosion occurred inside an enclosed trailer. She has been charged with unlawful manufacturing of marijuana extracts. In the California blast, a fire and explosion occurred, again inside a trailer, where a man was suspected of making butane honey oil. He and two young children sustained serious injuries. Read more.