Inside Country Singer Toby Keith’s Battle For His Life Against Stomach Cancer

Toby Keith, who has always been at the forefront of cancer advocacy, was diagnosed with stomach cancer in the fall of 2021. The musician established Ally’s House in 2004, a nonprofit that aids children with cancer and their families in his native Oklahoma. Two years later, Keith founded the Toby Keith Foundation to give more support, including free housing for kids who had cancer.
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Scientists uncover novel DNA repair mechanism for key cancer target

Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute, in collaboration with Artios, have identified how an enzyme involved in DNA repair (POLQ), becomes vital to the survival of certain cancers, if the cancer cells lose the ability to use a more common method of DNA repair. The work uncovers an unappreciated role...
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Soccer Legend Pelé Has Reportedly Been Hospitalized

Brazilian soccer legend Pelé has reportedly been checked into a San Paulo hospital as he continues his fight against a colon tumor. The news comes via his daughter, Kely Nascimento, who in an Instagram post said its "no emergency" concerning her 82-year-old father, following “lots of alarm in the media today concerning my dad’s health.”
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New genetic culprit suspected in the onset of pancreatic cancer

New research out of VCU Massey Cancer Center points to the inactivation of a previously unidentified gene as a likely culprit in the development of pancreatic cancer. Recently published in Cell Reports, the findings could alter the scientific understanding of this deadly disease and inform the establishment of novel treatments.

Japanese biotech firm uses tiny worms in test for pancreatic cancer

TOKYO, Nov 30 (Reuters) - A Japanese biotech firm says it has developed the world's first early screening test for pancreatic cancer, using the powerful noses of tiny worms. Hirotsu Bio Science this month launched its N-NOSE plus Pancreas test, marketing directly to consumers in Japan and with aims to bring the test to the United States by 2023.
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Three-time World Cup champion Pele, 82, hospitalized and undergoing tests in Brazil, per report

Legendary former soccer player Pele has been hospitalized in his native Brazil and is undergoing tests after his body did not respond to chemotherapy. The 82-year-old has been battling cancer and a variety of health problems of late and his arrival at Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo on Tuesday was unplanned, according to ESPN Brasil.

Healing smiles: Notre Dame student-athlete starts nonprofit to help kids battling cancer

Three years ago, 10-year-old Ian McMillan of Granger, Indiana, was battling leukemia at Beacon Children’s Hospital. Today at age 13, he is officially cancer-free. While his diagnosis and years of treatment brought pain and fear into the lives of Ian and his family members, it also revealed some of the best qualities of the human spirit, created enduring and otherwise unlikely friendships, and led to the creation of a nonprofit business designed to help kids like him.

Plant-based diet could cut colorectal cancer risk in men: study

Previous research has found an association between foods rich in dietary fiber and a decreased risk of colorectal cancer. The latest findings include data from over 170,000 American adults, recruited to the Multiethnic Cohort Study. Risk of colorectal cancer varied among men based on race and ethnicity. Eating a healthy,...

Existing drug may help decrease side effects of widely used cancer treatment

A Michigan State University researcher is part of an international team that found an existing drug may help decrease side effects of cisplatin, a widely used cancer treatment that was discovered at MSU in 1965. Since its discovery, cisplatin has become the gold standard against which all cancer treatments are...
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Marcus Rashford dedicates goals to late friend

Marcus Rashford dedicated his England World Cup goals to a friend who recently died of cancer. The Manchester United striker scored twice in the second half to help his team to a 3-0 win over Wales on Wednesday (29.11.22) and he revealed after the game in Qatar he had been dealing with a personal tragedy in the days leading up to the game.

Aspira announces commercial launch of blood-based ovarian cancer risk assay

Aspira Women’s Health on Tuesday announced the commercial launch of OvaWatch, its noninvasive blood-based test for assessing ovarian cancer risk in people with adnexal masses. Doctors in the U.S. will be able to order OvaWatch for their patients beginning December 1, except in New York. Aspira expects OvaWatch to...

Brazil legend Pele admitted to hospital amid ongoing cancer battle

Brazil legend Pele has been re-admitted to hospital after developing swelling all over his body, heart issues and mental confusion, according to reports. The 82-year-old, who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer, was taken into the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo on Tuesday, where medical staff confirmed "general swelling", say ESPN Brasil.

Daratumumab Combination Demonstrates Efficacy in Relapsed/Refractory Myeloma With EMD

Among patients with extramedullary multiple myeloma, a regimen consisting of daratumumab plus dexamethasone, cyclophosphamide, etoposide, and cisplatin yielded a complete remission rate of 35.5% and an overall response rate of 67.7%. According to findings from a phase 2 study (NCT04065308) exploring daratumumab (Darzalex) in combination with dexamethasone, cyclophosphamide, etoposide (VP-16),...