Small Toronto Dog Injured After Saving 10-Year-Old From Coyote Attack

Macy, a six-year-old Yorkie mix, saved her 10-year-old owner’s life as they were chased by a coyote while out for a walk in Scarborough, Ontario last week. The small but mighty pup is being called a hero for jumping in front of the coyote and defending Lily Kwan from a possibly fatal attack. The dog had to be taken to an emergency animal hospital, but survived with 40 stitches and other serious injuries to her body and leg.
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Biden's keeping the Canada-US border closed makes no sense

The announcement that Canada will reopen to fully vaccinated Americans on Aug. 9 was welcomed news for our border communities. For more than 16 months, families and businesses along the northern border have been forced to make significant sacrifices because of the closure. Soon, Americans separated from their friends, families, and loved ones in Canada will be able to drive over the border and reunite.
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More than 1 in 4 adults with a previous suicide attempt are psychologically flourishing

A new nationally representative Canadian study published in the Archives of Suicide Research found that 28.4% of respondents with a history of suicide attempts had reached a state of complete mental health. To be considered in complete mental health, participants had to report freedom from mental illness, such as substance dependence psychiatric disorders, and suicidality in the previous year; almost daily happiness or life satisfaction in the past month; and high levels of social and psychological well-being in the past month.
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Canada's women's Olympic soccer team prioritizes rest in group finale: Was it the right decision?

Canada women’s national team coach Bev Priestman is being second-guessed by some. The thinking goes that had she not opted to rotate a group of starters — including captain Christine Sinclair — for the third and final group match against Great Britain, the Canadians might’ve won the group. So, now instead of facing Australia, they'll match up against Brazil in the quarterfinals.
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Biden is wrong to keep U.S. borders closed to European and Canadian tourists

Many vaccinated Americans are delighted that they can visit Europe again, and they will soon be able to drive into Canada as well. President Biden, however, has thus far refused to return the favor, largely keeping in place restrictions to tourists from those regions. That’s a big mistake, both for our economy and our foreign policy.

How donors from Canada and Europe helped fund Indian Residential Schools

Indigenous communities have detected hundreds of graves near former Indian Residential Schools. Children attended the government-sanctioned schools during the stolen children era. The news was shocking to many non-Indigenous Canadians, while many Indigenous Peoples either witnessed the graveyards being created, or grew up hearing about the graveyards from survivors. The...

Olympic Games Guide: Penny Oleksiak can make history

This is an excerpt from The Buzzer, a daily email newsletter from CBC Sports. Learn about the latest developments in the Tokyo Olympics by subscribing here. Canada doubled its medal count on the 4th day.Swimmer Kylie Masse (Kylie Masse) 100m backstroke silver medal Before the women’s softball team last night Won the bronze medal match, Catherine Beaucemin-Pinard Won Canada’s second judo bronze medal In the same number of days, the weightlifter Maude Charron (Maude Charron) used robbing to exclamation points for the day. Canada won the second gold medal in this Games. To date, all eight Canadian medals have been won by women.

Vertical Hydroponic Growing Systems

Super Fresh is positioning itself to be a key supplier of produce in Ontario. The vertical hydroponic growing system allows for affordable organic produce all year. This would revolutionize how Canadians consume produce, making it accessible to eat fresh fruit and vegetables during off-season times. During the winter months, it...

Internet Divided Over Kraft Mac & Cheese Flavored Ice Cream

When a new Kraft Macaroni and Cheese flavored ice cream was released to mark National Mac and Cheese Day on July 14, no one knew how consumers would take to this new application of the beloved food ingredient. Developed through a collaboration between Kraft Heinz and VanLeeuwen Ice Cream, the orange-hued frozen treat quickly sparked intense debate.
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Canada border officers vote to strike, warn of supply chain disruption

Thousands of Canada Border Services Agency personnel have overwhelmingly voted to authorize a strike – something that could throw a wrench into port, cross-border trucking, airfreight and international parcel operations. The strike could happen as early as Aug. 6, the Public Service Alliance of Canada and its Customs and Immigration...

Canadian border workers could be on strike as early as next week

Canadians could be facing mail disruptions and slowdowns at the border with the United States next month after members of a union representing about 9,000 Canadian Border Service Agency employees voted in favour of striking, jeopardizing the federal government’s reopening plans. The Public Service Alliance of Canada and its Customs...

Canada needs pickup trucks, but they do indeed kill more people

This week in Canada yielded a bit of a culture war over pickup trucks. After the Globe and Mail ran a column deeming them a plague on the nation’s roads, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney shot back with a series of Tweets praising the sight of Canadian roadways filled with light-duty vehicles. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe similarly joined in to say that Saskatchewanians use “pickup trucks to build and grow our province” .
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Beijing plays hardball at talks despite U.S. concessions

China this week demanded the Biden administration reverse its hard-line policies toward Beijing despite the recent American concessions of dropping federal prosecutions of several Chinese researchers accused of hiding their links to the country’s military. During meetings in Tianjin Monday, China, Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman was upbraided by...