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ACHTEL 9×7 65 Megapixel Motion Picture Camera

Pawel Achtel ACS has been working on a 9×7 Megapixel Motion Picture Camera for the last couple of years and today he officially announced it. Above you can see a long interview I did with Pawel Achtel ACS about the 9×7. Giant Screen and IMAX Cinema has been Pawel’s focus...
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Your Phone Wasn’t Built for the Apocalypse

It looked like Mars, or the Southern Californian wasteland in Blade Runner 2049, or the deserts of Dune. Almost 100 wildfires have ravaged the western United States in the past month, scattering particles of ash and smoke into the air and forcing 500,000 people to evacuate their homes in Oregon alone. On Wednesday, residents across the West, already suffering from a pandemic, economic collapse, wildfires, and dangerously bad air quality, woke up to a dark, bronzed sky that nearly shut out all daylight. As the day wore on, the smoke thickened and receded, making the city seem red at some hours, amber at others. Masks to ward off the coronavirus now served double duty.
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How one company designed the ultimate camera bag for every photographer

Designing a camera bag can often be an extremely challenging task given the demanding and everchanging needs of photographers. Some travel with large lenses, others require dedicated storage for a drone, tripod, external flash, or extra clothes on a lengthy shoot. The issue with (and the challenge behind) designing the perfect camera bag revolves around this uncertainty, the fact that cameras and accessories come in different sizes and shapes, and that every photographer has their own setup.

Canon Unveils the PowerShot Zoom, A Strange Monocular Camera

With the compact camera market decimated by smartphones, Canon is getting creative with its latest product. Called the PowerShot Zoom, it’s an unusual-looking pocket-sized camera that resembles a monocular. The PowerShot Zoom is designed to be operated with just one hand and weighs 5.1 ounces (145g). Inside is a 12.1-megapixel...

canon introduces the portable powershot zoom telescope camera

canon’s newest camera is a compact, monocular-style camera equipped with a telephoto lens. dubbed the canon powershot zoom, this is the company’s newest bet to try to attract consumers who have switched from conventional point-and-shoot cameras to the convenience of their cell phones. first unveiled in 2019, the camera was launched last week in japan on a crowdfunding platform, reaching its goal just 13 hours later.

Japan will send an 8K camera to Mars and its moons

You'll see the Red Planet in exceptional detail. It’s difficult to justify 8K video here on Earth, but that isn’t stopping Japan from capturing ultra-high resolution imagery elsewhere in the Solar System. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and broadcaster NHK are developing 4K and 8K cameras (via Parabolic Arc) that will capture images of Mars and its moons (Phobos and Deimos) for the upcoming Martian Moons Exploration (MMX) mission. The mission will regularly take pictures and partially transmit them to Earth to “create a smooth image,” while the originals will be stored in a return capsule headed back to Earth.

Leaked Photos of Sony a7C Show Full-Frame Camera with Corner EVF

With only a weekend standing between us and the scheduled reveal of the “new concept” Sony a7C on Monday evening, product shots have officially leaked. The photos confirm everything we’ve heard so far about a compact full-frame camera with a corner-mounted EVF and new kit lens. The first leaked photo...
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Officials release body camera footage of Lancaster shooting

Editor’s note: Some footage in the video below is graphic and may be disturbing to some readers. Lancaster Bureau of Police has released the body-worn camera footage from the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz. The Lancaster District Attorney’s Office is investigating the shooting but has said that Munoz was...
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The World's Largest Digital Camera Will Capture 20 Billion Galaxies. But First, Broccoli.

A new world-record observatory camera has taken its first 3,200-megapixel images. Observation from telescopes helps scientists study astrophysics, cosmology, and more. This camera will capture 20 billion galaxies in luxurious detail. As smartphone cameras near 20 megapixels, it’s time for research observatories to step up their game—like the camera core...

World’s Largest Digital Camera Snaps First 3,200-Megapixel Images – Will Explore Cosmic Mysteries

The camera will explore cosmic mysteries as part of the Rubin Observatory’s Legacy Survey of Space and Time. Crews at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have taken the first 3,200-megapixel digital photos – the largest ever taken in a single shot – with an extraordinary array of imaging sensors that will become the heart and soul of the future camera of Vera C. Rubin Observatory.

Clayton County deputy caught on camera striking man fired, sheriff says

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - The Clayton County Sheriff has fired a deputy seen hitting a man in a video spread on social media. The incident happened Friday outside the Georgia Department of Public Health in Clayton County. The video shows Roderick Walker being pinned to the ground by two Clayton...

California Scientists Build A Camera To Take Pictures Of Huge Swath Of Sky

Scientists and engineers in California are building a unique camera for a unique telescope. The Rubin Observatory telescope going up on Cerro Pachón in north-central Chile can capture an unusually large swath of sky in a single image. The camera capable of capturing those images has to be enormous. The...

The world's largest digital camera has taken the first 3,200 megapixel photo

Researchers at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Menlo Park have successfully tested its digital camera that's capable of taking gigantic 3,200-megapixel photos. The images are made possible by 189 individual sensors spread over a two-foot wide focal plane that dwarfs a standard camera's 1.4-inch-wide imaging sensor....
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Motorola’s second-gen foldable Razr adds 5G, better cameras, and a chance at redemption

Earlier this year, Motorola relaunched the Razr, modernizing the iconic flip phone brand with a flashy foldable display, Android, and a $1,500 price tag. But it fell short in a number of ways, with a creaky hinge, poor cameras, and lackluster battery life. Now, Motorola is trying to redeem its first foldable with a second-generation Razr, which adds 5G support, better cameras, and more useful software.
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Motorola’s latest budget phone leaks with 64-megapixel camera and 5,000mAh battery

It looks like Motorola is about to announce a second entry in its budget G9 phone lineup, just weeks after it revealed the Moto G9 Play. The Moto G9 Plus has appeared in a listing on Orange Slovakia’s website that was spotted by WinFuture’s Roland Quandt. According to the listing, the €255 (about $300) phone will have four rear cameras, including a 64-megapixel main camera, and a massive 5,000 mAh battery.