California has the highest personal income tax rate in the nation

With record-high inflation increasing the cost of daily necessities like gas and food, Americans are trying to save money wherever possible. However, there is one expense no one can avoid: taxes. According to Intuit TurboTax, California, with a 13.3% top rate, is considered to have the highest personal income tax...

Calif.'s most recent volcanic eruption rained ash for 300 miles

Californians are accustomed to being battered by many of nature’s whims. Earthquakes, wildfires, droughts and floods are all regular visitors. Less familiar are volcanic eruptions like the one currently taking place at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa. But while that event feels worlds away, California’s own volcanoes are capable of violent fury — and have shown it off in recent memory. For 3 million years, Mount Lassen has bubbled and boiled beneath Earth’s surface. Rarely does it erupt, but in late May 1914 — 27,000 years after its last explosion — the beast awoke. Read more.  

California DWR announces 5% water allocation, braces for possible 4th dry year

SACRAMENTO – As California faces a likely fourth consecutive year of drought, state water managers Thursday announced a meager 5 percent water allocation for 2023. While allocations could change based on precipitation levels during the next few months, officials at the state Department of Water Resources are bracing for more bad news. "This early in California's traditional wet season, water allocations are typically low due to uncertainty in hydrologic forecasting," DWR Director Karla Nemeth said in a news release. "But the degree to which hotter and drier conditions are reducing runoff into rivers, streams and reservoirs means we have to...

Cali Reparations Task Force Preparing $223,000 Per Person Recommendation

Are we about to see what large-scale, monetary reparations looks like in real time?. According to several new reports, California’s Reparations Task Force is nearing the end of its work, and one possible suggestion in their final report would be groundbreaking. The committee is floating the idea that the nation’s largest state provide $223,000 in reparations directly to the descendants of slaves living in the state to address housing discrimination, the Daily Mail reports.

$569 Billion is Estimated by the California Panel- Reparations Owed to Black Residents

According to a report by a California task committee looking into the long-term impacts of slavery and systemic racism on the state’s black residents, it’s estimated that $569 billion in reparations are owed to the descendants of enslaved individuals. According to the New York Times, the nine-member panel found that black Californians with 19th-century American […] The post $569 Billion is Estimated by the California Panel- Reparations Owed to Black Residents appeared first on East County Gazette.