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Longtime Texarkana Pizza Place on Richmond Rd Bites The Dust

Richmond Road has one less pizza restaurant to dine in today, and that's sad. Not sure where to place the blame, pandemic, pizza competition on Richmond Rd, slower business because it's a buffet (which would also be due to the pandemic), can't find employees (another pandemic thing), or what, but I hate to see it happen.
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PhilharMagic to Close For About A Month to Add ‘Coco’ Scene!

Mickey’s PhilharMagic at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will be closing October 11, 2021 to add a new scene from the film Coco along with some other newly added features. Reopening on November 12, 2021, Mickey’s PhilharMagic will boast a new scene of the song “Un Poco Loco” from Coco...
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Fear and eerie joy at Disneyland Resort

Anaheim, CA-Halloween time at Disneyland Resort is back with even more eerie fun!. David Miller, director of entertainment services, said: “I’m very excited to be able to bring this back to Disneyland Resort, Pumpkin Festival, Halloween Screams on the Castle, Plaza de la Familia, Diadero Muertos, and all the characters dressed in their costumes. The best Halloween costume. “

Halloween Time at Disneyland

Halloween time pops up at Disneyland in early September. I never need an excuse to get into the Halloween spirit, but there is something so inspiring about Disneyland at Halloween that I come back ready to decorate and celebrate. First things firs; the most common question I get asked when I post on my Instagram stories is- which is better Disneyland during Halloween or Christmas? No matter how many times I go back and forth on this, I can’t decide! They both have such unique charm to them. Lucky for us we have September and December birthdays we celebrate- usually at Disneyland so we can take in both (the kids get to choose between a birthday party or Disney trip). Here are some things you will want to check out during the Halloween season (through October 31st).

RingScoops: Imagine a WWE-Land in a Disney Theme-Park!

One of the biggest rumors for the better part of a year has been if WWE is setting themselves up to sell. Many names have been mentioned as potential buyers during these rumors. Companies such as Disney, NBC Universal, and AMC just to name a few. There is a specific company that has garnered my interest: Disney.

Disneyland for Halloween: Oogie Boogie Bash, Trick-or-Treating, and More Magic in the Kingdom

It's a tough call which kids love more, Disneyland or Halloween—so giving them Halloween and Disneyland together is the ultimate parenting slam dunk. With anything Disney, of course, getting the most out of the experience takes some planning ahead. What's right for your family? Halloween Time in Disneyland, the super-popular Oogie Boogie Bash at California Adventure, or a combination of the two? Since the Oogie Boogie nighttime extravaganza sells out months in advance, if you're reading this in September your decision is partially made up—though it's never too early to start a plan for next year!

Ranking the Table-Service Restaurants We’ve Eaten At – Disneyland Resort

These rankings include any restaurant weve eaten at in Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney and the hotels. If youre familiar with the parks at all then you likely know that there are far more table service restaurants at Disney World than Disneyland so we dont have nearly as many restaurants ranked here as the Disney World version of this post . Before we jump into the rankings,...

Starbucks Disney 50th Anniversary Cup What is Starbucks All About?

This article will get you aware of the most incredible Starbucks Cinderella 50th Anniversary Cup. Are you a huge follower of Starbucks? Do you enjoy the coffee they serve? Here are the latest details about new products at Starbucks to commemorate Disney World’s 50th Anniversary. Starbucks is among the top...