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Cade McNamara surprised Ohio State game wasn't closer

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — When you win your games and the Big Ten Championship, you’ve earned a right to talk. Such is the case for Michigan football quarterback Cade McNamara, who had drawn the ire of the Ohio State fan base the week before The Game when he made an innocuous comment about ‘not being concerned’ about the Buckeye defense inasmuch as he was looking for ways to exploit it. It turns out, he had something of a point, even if he was more just expressing confidence in the Wolverines’ offensive attack.
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Shrugging off skeptics and winning on the field, Cade McNamara leads Michigan's march into the postseason

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — As the Michigan football team takes the field Saturday night for the Big Ten championship, it does so armed with a whole team full of overachievers. In the trenches, in the backfield, in the secondary and within coaches on the sidelines, the Wolverines chewed up criticism and cynicism ahead of and during the 2021 season, then promptly spit it out to the tune of an 11-1 record.

Michigan quarterback Cade McNamara: 'We're looking to take advantage of Ohio State.'

It seems every year a Michigan player adds some sort of quote to rile up an Ohio State program that’s had the Wolverines’ number for almost two decades now. Since it’s “The Game” week, we’ve been waiting for something to hit the news cycle, and sure enough, just like the schedule of the tides, it was inevitable. This time, it comes from Michigan quarterback Cade McNamara when he was discussing what he saw from the Ohio State defense on film.

The November Math Is Starting To Add Up For Michigan

Not only did the Boilermakers defeat the No. 4 Spartans, they did so comfortably - controlling the game for the better part of the afternoon and winning by a score of 40-29. Saturday's win over Michigan State gave Purdue it's 17th win as an unranked team over an AP top five opponent - most in FBS.