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Let’s be Franc: This is good wine

Say the word “Cabernet,” and most wine lovers will assume you’re talking about Cabernet Sauvignon, the majestic red grape of Bordeaux, Northern California and quite a few other world wine regions that reach for greatness. Explore Wine-Searcher. Wine-Searcher.com makes it easy to find the wines you love, compare prices, find...
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Maccan Friuli Cabernet Franc

Tenuta Maccan 2018 Friuli Cabernet Franc ($17.99) Maccan Friuli Cabernet Franc shows a pretty, dark-purple color in the glass, shading to an intense garnet at the edge. Distinct cherry fruit shows in the aroma, a blend of fresh tart cherries, dried cherries and Kirsch cherry liqueur. Delicious, fruity but dry cherry flavors carry over on the palate, sharply focused with mouth-watering alcohol and fuzzy astringent tannins, with delicious tart-cherry fruit and a back note of stony minerality in a long finish. It’s made from organic and certified sustainably farmed grapes. The label lists 13% alcohol. U.S. importer: WineCraft, Cincinnati. (July 27, 2021)
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Left Bend’s New Home At Redwood Grove Vineyard

July 23, 2021 – The pandemic caused a lot of people to reassess their entire lives, often in wholesale fashion. Among them were the two men who founded Left Bend Winery back in 2010. The venture began as a hobby vineyard when Gary Robinson planted vines in his backyard in Los Gatos in 2008. One turn led to another and in 2010 Left Bend Winery was founded. It’s named for the slight left bend in the San Andreas fault that formed the Santa Cruz Mountains.
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The Gray Report

This is a sponsored post: Michael Amon paid me to write about his book. He also offered (and I accepted) to pay my higher pre-publication-preview sponsored-post rate without seeing the post ahead of time, but this is a guy who cites some wine brands that he likes despite ... well, let me just quote him writing something I would never dare to write, about a wine he actually recommends.
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Visiting Covington Hill Country

We arrived at Covington Hill Country this morning a few minutes after 11:00, because you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning! But I goofed and they don’t open until noon, except on Sundays, which is 11:00. Well, but, the wine server, Cheylan, who was opening up the tasting room, was very gracious and asked us to come on in and have wine. Good start to the day!