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Business leaders take aim at the CIO role

In his 30-plus-year career, Richard Wiedenbeck has run the bases on business roles. He’s been a program manager, headed up business development, served as the president of a project consulting company, and even earned a near six-figure salary as a professional magician. It’s only been in the past decade or so that he’s capped off his resume with a turn as a prominent CIO.
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Amazon Business Value Days - 10% Cashback on Min.Rs.1500

What is the Amazon Business value days’ offer (“Offer”)?. (a) Shop on during Amazon Business value days from your verified business account & avail the following cashback offer:. Get 10% Cashback on a minimum spend of INR 1500. Apply code BVDJAN10 at check out. Maximum cashback...

Miller Value Partners Deep Value Strategy Q4 2021 Letter

The past year saw many twists and turns, and, in many ways, 2021 ended up being the opposite of 2020. The past year saw many twists and turns. In many ways, 2021 ended up being the opposite of 2020. Last year started with growing optimism about Covid-19 as the vaccine rollouts and fewer COVID-19 infections provided incremental hope to the marketplace. Possibly a return to normalcy! However, as 2021 progressed, a resurgence of infections took place in the latter part of the year, first caused by the Delta variant and later by Omicron. Each incremental wave of Covid-19 brought along incremental market fears that a surge in infections could derail the ongoing economic recovery. As Covid-19 infections peaked and trended lower, the underlying economic recovery returned to center stage and quickly became a tailwind for low valuations and cyclical portions of the marketplace.
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As applications drive business, iPaaS comes of age

If the adage “data is the new oil” stands true, then Integration Platform as as Service (iPaaS) is the machinery you need to drill and tap it. The allure of iPaaS is that it offers the integration needed to knit and integrate the data and processes of multiple business applications and the actual applications themselves. When you consider the number of cloud services, microservices, business applications, and third-party applications within a business can amount to close to 800 – iPaaS makes even more sense.
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What Are The Most Important Issues That Businesses Must Address In 2022?

The past two years have been immensely stressful for small business owners across all industries. However, it is now time to change the mindset from surviving mode to thriving mode. Sadly, companies that fail to do this will run the risk of being left behind. Jan 19, 2022. Table of...

Is Business Banking at Risk of Losing Its Identity?

Is business banking at risk of getting swallowed up and neutralized as a stand-alone business unit? And would that be a bad thing? A disservice to clients?. The question is in the air, given the wave of consolidation in U.S. banking — and the fraught terrain arising from fintech competition and economic uncertainty as we move into year three of the pandemic. Existential angst about the future of the franchise, though, seems ironic, given the role played by business banking in the CEBA and PPP rescue efforts that helped keep businesses afloat; the heroics of 18-hour days spent processing applications are still fresh in many minds.

22 business leadership tips for 2022

Looking ahead at the uncharted landscape of 2022, what would you like to accomplish?. My resolution is to maintain a healthy, productive work/life balance. But maybe your goals are to see sales skyrocket, better engage with your team, commit more time to training or stay up to date with the latest innovations in your industry.

Low-code and business agility

COVID-19 accelerated what many CEOs and CTOs have struggled to do for the past decade: It forced organizations to be agile and adjust quickly to change. For all the talk about digital transformation over the past decade, when push came to shove, many organizations realized they had made far less progress than they thought.

Six easy-to-remember concepts offered about value creation

In his latest blogpost, Cummings cites a rubric for value creation in a business discussed by David Friedberg. “This articulation of the business value creation journey is the best I’ve ever seen,” Cummings writes. What got him so excited? It’s the six easy-to-remember points:. Can you...
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Creating Business Value with AI-driven SD-WAN as a Managed Service

The challenge for MSPs is to differentiate services and provide excellent customer service while growing revenues and managing costs. Juniper provides this differentiation with a tunnel-free architecture that reduces overhead and improves application performance, reducing customer churn. With the Flexible Service Edge, service providers have a launching point to deliver...

Indian IT services biz HCL sees boom in business – and staff attrition

HCL's latest quarter was packed with revenue growth and new deals – but also saw a near-doubling of attrition when compared to last year, affecting net profit and forcing the firm to get creative in preventing staff from jumping ship. The Indian IT service provider reported [PDF] year-on-year revenue...

Helping Pandemic-Battered Businesses Stay Afloat

David Pennino is president, CEO and founding partner of LogicSource, the indirect procurement company helping pandemic-battered businesses find profit opportunities and streamline supply chains. David and his team are on a mission to help clients navigate today’s challenging business climate and, in the meantime, elevate the brand of procurement. A Norwalk, Connecticut native, David takes great pride in creating jobs in his hometown, hiring a talented and diverse workforce and creating a workplace where employees thrive.

Role of a Digital Business Analyst

In today’s world, companies want to reinvent themselves. They want to increase their resilience, mitigate risk and grow with sustainable value. They want to take the organization forward through digital transformation to deliver customer satisfaction and fulfil business goals. Are you ready to be a part of the digital...