Nurses with burnout: ‘Many … have gotten sick, some have died, and all of us are exhausted’

Quality Journalism for Critical Times Nurses and other front-line health care workers across the state and nation are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out as the COVID-19 pandemic continues — raising concerns that workers will continue to leave the field, causing nurse shortages in Florida. Overall, unprecedented levels of stress have stricken all health care workers, from licensed practical nurses and […] The post Nurses with burnout: ‘Many … have gotten sick, some have died, and all of us are exhausted’ appeared first on Florida Phoenix.
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Nurses think about suicide more than other workers

Mayo Clinic researchers report that nurses in the U.S. experience suicidal ideation in greater numbers than other general workers and those who do are less likely to tell anyone about it. The findings appear in the American Journal of Nursing. More than 7,000 nurses responded to a national survey on...

There's a link between mental health offerings and keeping workers from quitting

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll earlier this year found that nearly half of Americans report that the pandemic is harming their mental health. Companies are offering employees a plethora of behavioral health options, including access to therapists, coaching, wellness and meditation apps, mental health breaks, paid time off and flexible schedules.
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New report highlights Maine child welfare issues that aren’t new at all

Good morning from Augusta. There are 11 days until the Nov. 2 referendum election. QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I could become an independent — like [Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders],” Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, told the Hill amid rumors he was considering leaving his party, “and then they could explain some of this to the public saying it’s complicated to corral these two independents, Bernie and me.” We guess he forgot about Sen. Angus King. Here’s your soundtrack.

Survey data show loyalty to employers is down

Employee engagement is dropping amid a tight labor market. It’s been a problem since the start of 2021, and it’s an indication employees just aren’t that into their employers right now — at least not the way they were a year ago. “What we’re hearing from employees through this data...

Streamline credentialing to boost provider satisfaction and patient access

Many hurdles can impede the timely hiring of physicians, including inefficient provider credentialing processes, credentialing mistakes that increase costs, and lengthy onboarding procedures. According to the Medscape National Physician Burnout report, a majority of physicians believe that excessive bureaucratic tasks such as paperwork contribute to the observed increase in physician...

Glassdoor Survey Finds Worker Sense of Burnout Surging in Last 18 Months

A Glassdoor report found mentions of "burnout" in online job reviews have increased by 100 percent over the course of the pandemic. Daniel Zhao, the senior economist for the company, talked to Cheddar about the underlying reasons workers have been expressing themselves about the state of their mental health. "That's really a reflection of the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has been going on for almost 2 years now, and it's really dragged on," he said. "So workers are increasingly feeling like the lines between their work life and their home life are blurred, and they don't feel like they can get that same balance that they might have been able to get before the pandemic."

Survey: 25 percent of KY nurses may leave current jobs

A quarter of all nurses in Kentucky are likely to leave their current position in the next three months. That's according to a survey by the Kentucky Nurses Association, which represents 88,000 nurses in the state. KNA Board President Donna Meador said, "Twenty-five percent of a population of 88,000 is...

Less Pay, Sexual Harassment Haunt Female Doctors

Gender equality is one thing that we talk about but practice otherwise. This is quite evident in all spheres, be it professional or any other work. A new study has claimed that female doctors experience frustration and sexual harassment at work. The report published by Oxford University Press shows that...

Your Digital Workplace Can Be a Cause – and Antidote – to Burnout

If someone had asked you five years ago where you’d be today, odds are you wouldn’t have said in the midst of a global pandemic. Our collective reality is characterized by the abundant changes in every aspect of our lives. And with these societal changes and workplace shifts come major considerations regarding when, why and how much we work.