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Don't Act Like You Know Everything

Jessica Oliva, owner of Pickles and Buns food truck and co-owner of Tinga Tacos, says not to assume you know everything. She says her time in the industry has taught her that she always has more to learn.

Jagged Alliance 3 announced, please let it not suck

The original Jagged Alliance was a vintage 1990s turn-based tactics game about putting together a dream team of mercenaries from a catalogue like you were browsing Amazon for killers. Each of the 60 chatty mercs had a history, and while they'd all help you take back the island of Metavira sector by sector, they didn't all get along. Rivalries flared up, some demanded raises, quit if you fired their friends, or ignored orders if you didn't let them finish off an enemy. Managing their fickle personalities was as important as budgeting your action points.

We're obsessed with the ‘90s half-up bun currently going viral – here’s how to try the nostalgic hair trend

We are always on the look out for new hair styles to try, and TikTok is fast becoming the best destination to discover new funky hair-dos to experiment with. With fashion inspo, beauty hacks and hair tutorials, TikTok really is a one-stop-shop these days. Finding new hairstyles that achievable at home has been made so much easier with the help of social media, and we've just come across the perfect up-do for achieving '90s realness.

Fairview High 1976 and 1981 plan class reunions

The Fairview High School Class of 1976 is having their 45th class reunion on Saturday, September 25 starting at 5 p.m. It will be held at Colton’s Restaurant located at 2431 TN-46 in Dickson. Organizers are hoping all of classmates will be able to attend and enjoy a visit, good meal and catch up with old friends while reminiscing about old times. Call or text Delana Cunningham Cart at 615-478-9479 with any questions and pass this information along to any FHS 1976 graduates you may know or see.