Travel expert Simon Calder answers 21 pressing questions on your trips abroad

The travel correspondent of The Independent is occasionally called upon by his Hollywood contacts to scout locations for forthcoming movies.This weekend found Simon Calder exploring the Hisma Desert that extends for many hundreds of miles across the Arabian peninsula – though he flew back from Riyadh in time to take top travel questions for an hour.American adventuresQ: We have cancelled our planned summer trip to California in both 2020 and 2021. We have now re-arranged for 2022. However, we are worried that the US may be one of the countries that will view vaccines given long ago as expired.My husband...

Michael Bisping analyzes UFC 269’s Leon Edwards vs. Jorge Masvidal

Former UFC middleweight champion and current color commentator Michael Bisping analyzed UFC 269’s Leon Edwards vs. Jorge Masvidal fight. Edwards returns later this year at UFC 269 when he takes on Masvidal in a three-round welterweight bout. According to Edwards, the UFC has told him that if he wins the fight, he will be given the next title shot at 170lbs. Speaking on his YouTube channel, one of Edwards’ fellow Brits in Bisping broke down the fight with Masvidal. As far as Bisping goes, this is a very difficult fight to predict, but he does think Edwards holds several advantages.

How to declutter your cables

If you have a drawer or box in your home that’s brimming with cables for gadgets you no longer use, you’re certainly not the only one. Just under a third of Brits admit to having a stash of no-longer-needed flexes and connectors that they don’t know what to do with. And as technology advances and gadgets get replaced, once-common ports and plugs fall out of use so this is a problem that’s not likely to go away any time soon.

Boris Johnson declared the pandemic all but over. Now UK cases are soaring

Last December, as the first of several worrying Covid-19 variants ripped through the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made the unwelcome decision to cancel Christmas plans for millions of Brits. "We are sacrificing our chance to see loved ones this Christmas, so we have a better chance of protecting...

An expert predicts what your grandchildren will be named

We know what your grandchildren will be named. No, really. We’ve been analyzing baby name statistics and predicting name trends for several decades now, and one guiding principle is that the next generation will choose baby names their parents didn’t. The parents of today are using names like Luna and...

Brits could earn £24,000 for staying in bed

Crafted Beds are looking for mattress tester who could earn £24,000 to test high-quality beds on a weekly basis. Brits could be paid to stay in bed all day. The luxury bed firm Crafted Beds is advertising a role for a mattress tester who will earn £24,000 to laze around in one of their creations.

How to get a Michelin-starred meal for HALF price: Top eateries across the UK are offering 50% as part of online food festival until November - including a four course lunch for £65 at The Clove Club

People across the UK will be able to enjoy 50 per cent off at hundreds of restaurants nationwide from today until the end of November by booking their dinners online. Michelin star restaurants including like The Clove Club, Galvin La Chapelle and Benares all in London are offering heavily discounted dining as part of the TheFork festival.

UK Artist of the Week: Darling Darling

We’re getting woozy this week with Darling Darling and his infectious new single “Cut To The Chaser,” out now. Based in South England, Darling Darling—aka Matt Bisgrove—is serving up his own take on noughties nostalgia with his latest vibrant single “Cut To the Chaser.” At first listen you can’t help but feel an immediate comparison to fellow Brits The Stone Roses, but upon further investigation, this song is so much more than its influences.

Queen of England Politely Turns Down ‘Oldie of the Year’—Because Age Is Just a Number

As the Brits would say, she’s a bit of a smart-arse. Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II has declined an “Oldie of the Year” award with a polite but firm letter. The assistant private secretary to the 95-year-old monarch wrote that the queen did not believe she met The Oldie magazine’s “relevant criteria to be able to accept” the prize, as she “believes you are as old as you feel.” Despite her response, The Oldie’s awards ceremony got a royal seal of approval, with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, appearing to hand out a number of awards, including “Truly Scrumptious Oldie of the Year” (which went to Dame Delia Smith). Past “Oldie of the Year” winners include David Hockney, Peter Blake, and Glenda Jackson. In 2012, Prince Philip, the queen’s husband who died in April, was named Consort of the Year. He accepted the title, saying, “it is nice to be remembered at all.”

Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Off-Duty Jacket Is Fall’s Must-Have Piece

Despite days getting shorter and the air becoming brisker, it's not quite yet the time of year when we turn to our chunkiest puffer jackets and heaviest layered looks. Perhaps we can no longer comfortably pull off floral dresses with bare legs, but that's actually the best thing about fall: one day we're graced by some mid-afternoon sunshine and over-68°F heat, the next we're sporting a beanie with a cashmere sweater. For this reason, the transitional time of year's outerwear of choice is the cozy, lightweight quilted jacket.

Domino's Pizza to launch new menu items for upcoming holiday season

Christmas has come early this year! Domino's has just released its special holiday themed menu and fans of the pizza restaurant chain are going wild. A limited edition festive pizza and After Eight cookie treats will be added to the menu to get in the holiday spirit. The pizza is called The Festive One and will consist of classic roast dinner staples with pigs-in-a-blanket style crust trimmings as well as turkey breast marinated in aromatic sage and onion, traditional Cumberland sausage and crispy bacon. Oh, and some good ol' mozzarella cheese too!