Brewers: 3 Bold Predictions for Brewers vs. Braves NLDS

It’s that time of year again. For the last four years, October in Milwaukee means playoff baseball. Brewers pride is palpable in the state of Wisconsin. The fast-approaching NLDS matchup between the Milwaukee Brewers and Atlanta Braves features power against power. The Brewers boast a pitching staff with two legitimate aces who throw 95+ mph heat regularly, and arguably the most dominant relief pitcher in all of baseball. On the other side, the Braves finished second in the National League in total home runs with 239. Additionally, six Atlanta Braves hit at least 25 home runs in 2021, and only one Brewer, Avisail Garcia, reached that number.
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Brewers: Craig Counsell Has Named Starting Pitchers For The NLDS

The questions have been asked about who the Milwaukee Brewers would have start Game 1 of the NLDS. Now Craig Counsell has answered them. It’s a good problem to have. The Brewers have a number of quality options to start their first game of the MLB Playoffs, in their best of five series against the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS.
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Brewers Will Face Off Against Atlanta Braves In NLDS

On the last regular season home game of the season, the Milwaukee Brewers clinched the 2021 National League Central Division Title. In doing so, they additionally locked up the No. 2 seed in the playoffs and knew that they will face the winner of the National League East Division. It...
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Brewers: 5 Players You Completely Forgot Were On The Brewers

Over the course of the 2021 regular season, the Milwaukee Brewers have used 60 different players on their 26 man roster at some point. Some are more memorable than others. There’s been a lot of turnover with this roster through the year as David Stearns and the front office have tinkered with this roster to get it as best as it can be. However, there have been some players that did not stick around very long or did not perform well enough to be remembered.

Brewers: The 5 Dumbest Injuries in Brewers Franchise History

For the second postseason in a row, the Milwaukee Brewers will be without one of their best relief pitchers. After Devin Williams lost his fight with a wall, there is a good chance he will not be able to return this season. The original reports were that he could return to the World Series. But by then, the Brewers will have already battled their way through the NLDS and NLCS. If they want to make it to the final series, they will need to figure out who their new 8th inning guy is. It might be hard to plug Williams back in and in the same position.
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NLDS Game 2 Thread: Braves at Brewers, Dodgers at Giants

The MLB postseason had a full day on Friday, with four games across both leagues, but on Saturday the American League gets a rest. The National League continues with a pair of Game 2 matchups in their divisional series round. First the Atlanta Braves play the Milwaukee Brewers and Miller Park, and then the Los Angeles Dodgers square off against the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park.

Understanding the Brewers’ position and strategy these past few weeks

As we watch the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants blow past 100 wins, some may wonder if they are that much better than the Milwaukee Brewers. Realistically, Milwaukee is much closer than their 95 wins suggest, and it is because they have not put a priority on winning at all costs since at least September 13.

Rowdy Tellez has become a fan favorite for the Milwaukee Brewers since being traded from Toronto in July

Fans have loved Rowdy Tellez ever since he was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers in July. They loved him even more after he made a critical defensive play in the first inning Friday in Game 1 of the National League Division Series and then hit a two-run home run in the seventh to put the Brewers on the board. Get to know Tellez here.

Milwaukee Brewers to send eight prospects to Arizona Fall League

Earlier today, rosters were released for this year’s iteration of the Arizona Fall League. Back after a pandemic hiatus in 2020, the AFL will feature a bevy of experimental rules this season. Pitchers and catchers will communicate with “PitchCom” technology while on the field. The pitch clock will be in play and enforced. Bigger bases to promote more steal attempts, automated balls and strikes, and anti-shift rules will all be part of the games in Arizona this fall, as well.

Brewers Celebrate NL Central Title In The Most Hilarious Way

You see a lot of wild things at college house parties. You see a lot of wild things in baseball clubhouses in a division clinching celebration. The Brewers merged both in their celebration on Sunday. While there is obviously some crossover in the two parties, the baseball celebrations generally involve...

Brewers: 3 Players Who Should Not Make The Postseason Rosters

The postseason is just a few weeks away and the Brewers are heading there, although they haven’t clinched the division quite yet. When they get to October, the roster will shrink back down to 26 players. The Brewers have the ability to reset the roster for each series. The roster...

Brewers: Is There A Chance David Stearns Leaves Milwaukee For New York?

The Milwaukee Brewers have one of the best baseball operations executives in the game with David Stearns. They know it, and the rest of the league knows it, too. Lately, we’ve been hearing some rumblings from national writers about other teams trying to poach Stearns away from the Brewers this winter. Specifically, the rumblings are about the New York Mets.

Brewers: 3 Hot Takes From Earlier This Season That Look Stupid Now

The months of April and May seem like so long ago, that they aren’t even part of the same regular season. The Brewers were sticking right around .500, not really doing much offensively, and it was a frustrating struggle to win games. But from late May onward (specifically May 22nd,...
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Wyoming Craft Brewers Summit to take place in Sheridan

SHERIDAN — The Wyoming Craft Brewers Summit will take place at the Best Western Sheridan Center Oct. 14-15. The inaugural technical summit for the brewing industry in Sheridan will feature two days of seminars, a trade show and networking events with regional breweries and suppliers. Seminar topics include taproom event...

Brewers: The road to the rotation for Aaron Ashby

During the Doug Melvin era the Brewers weren’t exactly known as a franchise with a strong track record of developing pitching in the minor leagues. From 2008-2011 the Brewers took five pitchers in the first rounds: Jake Odorizzi, Eric Arnett, Kyle Heckathorn, Taylor Jungmann, and Jed Bradley. Striking out over and over again – leaving the franchise with a revolving door in the rotation.