Preserving Rare Livestock by Breeding Up

Heritage livestock breeds are often a good choice for small farms and homesteads, due to their adaptability and hardiness. However, the fact that they have fallen out of favor means that their numbers are often small. In an effort to build up a breed, without too much in-breeding, some associations will allow a process called “breeding up.” Purebred males are bred to crossbred females to gradually create a population of new purebred off-spring over multiple generations.
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Defense breeds scoring opportunities for Bombers in season opener

RENSSELAER — “Defensive intensity drove everything we did tonight.”. So says Rensselaer Central boys’ basketball coach Chad Pulver, who witnessed his Bombers dismantle visiting Tri-County’s offense for most of the game in picking up a 67-27 victory at Joe Burvan Gymnasium on Friday, Nov. 26. RCHS’s season opener could not...
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These Are the Hardest Dog Breeds to Train

Having a dog brings many rewards, one of the most important being companionship. A dog can serve as a guardian and an exercise companion, and perform tasks as varied as locating lost things and people and retrieving game. However, dogs have to be trained and the amount of training required varies by breed. Some are independent and stubborn, so they have to learn to be responsive. Others are very energetic and that energy has to be channeled. Still others are so big and powerful that they can cause damage without meaning to. 24/7 Tempo compiled a list of the hardest dog breeds to train. We certainly don’t want to deter anybody from getting one of these breeds as a pet. They have many wonderful and varied attributes, including loyalty, intelligence, and playfulness. (These are the best dogs for people with allergies.) But to enjoy their better qualities requires addressing their more challenging ones, and that calls for careful training -- and from an early age. To assemble this list of the hardest dog breeds to train, 24/7 Tempo compared listings of relative difficulty published by a number of specialist websites, including TopDogTips, PetCareRX, CertaPet, and PuppyToob.
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Small Medium Large Breeds Fleece Dog Winter Jacket

The magic contact adhesive closure makes it simple to placed on and take off. Elastic chest half ensures consolation and higher match. XS-3XL can be found for many small medium and enormous breeds of dogs like Teddy, Schnauzer, Chiwawa, Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, Mini Poodle, Pekingese, Mini Pinscher, Pomeranian; Cocker Spaniel, Bulldogs, Jack Russel, Pug; Golden Retriever, Labrador, Husky, Samoyed, Boston Terriers.

top 10 friendliest cat breeds you’ll Fall in love with!

In this post I’m going to share what I consider the top 10 friendliest cat breeds. Although most cats are friendly, these are especially known for their friendliness. Whether you’re looking for a companion pet, or a cat suited to children, I hope this article will inspire you. Owning a cat provides so many benefits both for health and wellbeing.

Teach, Train, Play: The Ultimate 7 Step Survival Guide For First Time Dog Owners by Nicholas Wise

About Teach, Train, Play: The Ultimate 7 Step Survival Guide For First Time Dog Owners by Nicholas Wise. Are you a first-time dog owner? Want to raise a healthy, well-behaved pup? Being a first-time puppy parent is not an easy job but it can be a smooth experience once you learn the essential tips and tricks for successfully raising your new dog. Even if you have never owned a dog before, I can help you can become a capable, content new pup parent and raise a happy well-adjusted dog!

7 Most Popular Tall Dog Breeds – You Must Know

Tall dogs are often more athletic than smaller breeds. They have a lot of energy and need space to run around. If you’re looking for a dog who’s energetic, intelligent, and has the potential to be trained in many different ways, then this is the breed for you!. Here are...

Independent or Dependent – Which Breed Would Be Right for You?

If you are the type of person who loves attention, needs lots of people around you and hates to be alone, an independent breed of puppy or dog probably wouldn’t be your best choice. On the other hand, if you were a person who prefers private time, and doesn’t appreciate demands for your attention, a clingy, velcro dog would be extremely annoying and stressful.

Dog & Cat Grooming Kit for Small & Large Breeds

Present snag-free chopping, our high-carbon blades stay sharp for easy grooming that creates a pleasing expertise in your pet;. Professional high quality at house means much less journeys to the skilled dog groomer. Wahl Lithium Ion Professional Sequence Cordless Animal Clippers – Rechargeable, Quiet, Low Noise, Heavy-Responsibility, Electrical Canine &...

The Lleyn breed, their future in the Irish Sheep sector

Aoife Quinn discusses her experience farming Lleyn sheep, and what makes them so unique and a top choice for breeders nationwide. The Lleyn sheep breed is one that has always featured in our flock at home along the Atlantic Coast in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo. In either pedigree or cross form the Lleyn is a breed I have somehow always had a soft spot for. Be it the beautiful and elegant strut that this breed has when moving about or my increased admiration for its mothering abilities no matter what previous experience, the Llyens will always remain with me no matter where I am.

12 Best Apartment Pets: Breeds, Sizes, and Maintenance

Which animal companion would be best for your apartment? Here are 12 pets best for apartment living. Living in an apartment is awesome! You have less stuff, less cleaning, and there’s a community around you. But moving to an apartment with a pet could be complicated. Which animal companion would be best for your apartment?

Duckery Mod 1.16.5 (More Duck Breeds)

Duckery Mod 1.16.5 introduces into the game a hundred new duck breeds, which will roam the world and produce rare materials as they lay waste to the lands. Goose eggs are often referred to as something unique and worthwhile. With the system that is entailed along with the introduction of Duckery, players can raise gooses and ducks to earn a profit through their wastes as they only produce gold, diamond, and other valuable materials through pooping. This will allow players to have a reason to go out of their ways and hunt for new ducklings as each type of duck would poop out a random material. Players will no longer have to go search for gold and diamonds down in the deep, dark, and dangerous cave as they can get them from their home ducks.

Which dog should you get based on your zodiac sign?

Which dog should you get based on your zodiac sign?. Choosing a dog can be a huge endeavor, but you can make your decision much easier by learning about which breeds best match your zodiac sign. If you'd check the astrological sign of someone you're casually dating, then why wouldn't you find out whether you and your lifelong canine partner are compatible too? Click through to see some of the best potential pups according to your sign.

Want an easy pet? Don't choose one of these dog breeds

With all the dogs in the world, no doubt there is one perfect for nearly everyone — which is why you should think twice before welcoming one of the breeds on this list, which tend to be on the more difficult side. While they are all adorable, they are subjectively known for having traits that make it more complicated to treat them as a typical house pet.

6 Breeds of Low Energy Dogs – You Must Know

You might not think of dogs as being high or low energy, but they do have their own unique breeds which require different levels of attention and exercise. This article will help you determine your dog’s breed and how to best care for them based on their needs. The 6...

These are the dog breeds that love the winter

Baby, it's cold outside! And according to the Old Farmer's Almanac, it is going to get even colder. A quick look at the Almanac's predictions for the winter of 2019-2020 reveals that the frigid forecast includes below-normal winter temperatures. For some parts of the U.S., it's predicted that these wintry conditions will continue through Valentine's Day and into spring. While that news may send plenty of people packing for warm winter getaways, it spells months of fun for skiers, snowshoers, ice fishermen, and, of course, dogs who adore romping in the snow.

Demand Matiangi for President

Kenya has seen all breeds of pitucal sycophants aiming to loot our country's coffers for their self and family gratification. As concerned citizens, we have seen and attest to CS Fred Matiangi's track record in bringing change and hereby demand for him to vie for the post of Kenya's President in the upcoming General election.

What Dog Breed Lives the Longest ?

People often believe that the breed of a dog can tell you how long it will live. However, this is not always true as there are many other factors such as genetics and environment which also affect the life expectancy of a dog. There is no certain way to know exactly how long your pet might live but we do know some breeds have better chances than others for living longer lives. The following article takes an in-depth look at various dog breeds and their expected life span so you can make an informed decision when choosing your next canine companion.