First Black owned bread company giving back to South Side community

CHICAGO (CBS)-- Some businesses are about more than making money -- they're about giving back to the communities.That's the case with the first-ever Black-owned slice bread company that was started by a group of friends from right here in Chicago.The greatest thing since sliced bread. You might have said it, without even knowing it dates back to 1928. That's when the first pre-sliced packaged bread was sold."What's crazy is it took 100 years for Black people to be part of this industry," Charles Alexander of the Black Bread Company. "To reap the benefits of our families and our community eating bread...
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These Easy Flatbreads Are Just Two Ingredients Away

I'm a bread baker. I keep two sourdough starters going, I make homemade pizza dough, dinner rolls, luxurious buttery brioches, and hearty pumpernickel. I love making individual bakes like bagels and English muffins. And I especially love homemade flatbreads. Pitas and naans and the like are endlessly useful to have in your repertoire, from accompanying dips on your appetizer spread and filling bread baskets at a dinner party to making a fast and easy breakfast or lunch for one.
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Virginia Kentucky Fair post goes viral

WISE, Va. (WJHL) — A recent social media post by the Virginia Kentucky District Fair has garnered thousands of shares. The fair posted the winners of its art and baked goods contests on Facebook and users quickly took note of one particular winner: Linda Skeens. According to the post, Skeens racked up multiple awards and […]
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Celebrities, giant chickens, and history in Carlsbad!

Did you know the historic 1914 Twin Inns restaurant in Carlsbad hosted a variety of celebrities over the years? (Including Groucho Marx, who took the occasion to promote his latest movie Duck Soup.) Did you know the restaurant’s big plaster chickens along Highway 101 were featured in National Geographic Magazine?...
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Cornbread Panzanella

Panzanella, the refreshing and crave-worthy Italian bread salad of summer, is here with a twist. Golden cornbread croutons are tossed with the classic ingredients, plus a few extras, to add sweetness and crunch. A mix of juicy heirloom and cherry tomatoes, zippy red onion, and crisp cucumber mingle with unexpected chunks of avocado for a touch of creaminess, plus bite-sized mozzarella balls for richness. The juices drawn from salting the tomatoes become the base for a lively tomato and vinegar dressing, a genius way to impart even more flavor to this simple salad. Shortcut alert: Pick up a pan of cornbread from the supermarket bakery. Day-old bread will get even crunchier and absorb even more flavor.

Ina Garten's Game-Changing Tip For Freezing Bread

Ina Garten is adored by her fans for many reasons: her positive energy, her beautiful Hamptons home, her self-taught skill set, her often decadently delicious recipes, and her equating cooking with love – to name a few. She's also meticulous in the kitchen. According to a New York Times article, her recipes are tested "between 10 and 12 times before publication." During the pandemic, Garten showed us a more casual side to her personality, gaining additional followers and the trust of a slew of people, stuck at home with little meal inspiration.

How to turn cooked chicken and old bread into a brilliant Turkish meze – recipe

Today’s Turkish dish is a great way to transform leftover cooked chicken and day-old bread into an incredibly moreish meze. It’s easy, too, because it essentially involves just shredding chicken leg or breast meat (or pick a whole roast carcass) and mixing it with stale bread soaked in chicken stock or milk, crushed walnuts, garlic and spicy paprika. Serve at room temperature, or chill and dress later. It will keep in the fridge for up to five days from when the chicken was cooked and is delicious cold, spread on toast or as part of a larger meze with flatbread, muhammara, hummus and grilled vegetables. Some versions of this recipe suggest blending everything in a food processor, but to my mind that gives it too paste-like a texture; you’ll get a much better texture and flavour if you shred the chicken by hand and crush the walnuts in a mortar, before adding the other ingredients and kneading it all together by hand.

The Best Thing to Happen in Denver Since Sliced Bread

Attention, carb addicts. Meet baking wizard Zach Martinucci, founder of Rebel Bread. It’s no wonder Zach Martinucci calls his Denver bakery, which he opened in October 2018, Rebel Bread: It’s anything but bread as usual. Offerings at the community bakery and bread school range from cranberry cinnamon sourdough to chocolate ciabatta studded with dark chocolate chunks, cocoa powder, virgin olive oil and sea salt. Baking is in his genes: His father’s cousin owns a French bakery in the Bay Area, La Châtaigne, where Martinucci learned to bake sourdough. “I fell in love with baking and was baking a bunch of bread in my college apartment and selling it to neighbors and baking flavored breads based off of my friends’ personalities,” he says. “I called them ‘persona loaves.’ We’d sit down with friends and say, ‘How does Lena show up in the world? Well, she’s kind of nutty and she’s got a spicy side, or she’s salty, or whatever … which would turn into a spicy pecan cranberry bread. It was a fun experiment.” Not long after finishing his de facto bread master’s at the San Francisco Baking Institute, he beelined to Denver and opened Rebel Bread. Read on to learn all the reasons why we (ahem) loaf him.

Loss of starch synthase IIIa changes starch molecular structure and granule morphology in grains of hexaploid bread wheat

Starch synthase III plays a key role in starch biosynthesis and is highly expressed in developing wheat grains. To understand the contribution of SSIII to starch and grain properties, we developed wheat ssIIIa mutants in the elite cultivar Cadenza using in silico TILLING in a mutagenized population. SSIIIa protein was undetectable by immunoblot analysis in triple ssIIIa mutants carrying mutations in each homoeologous copy of ssIIIa (A, B and D). Loss of SSIIIa in triple mutants led to significant changes in starch phenotype including smaller A-type granules and altered granule morphology. Starch chain-length distributions of double and triple mutants indicated greater levels of amylose than sibling controls (33.8% of starch in triple mutants, and 29.3% in double mutants vs. 25.5% in sibling controls) and fewer long amylopectin chains. Wholemeal flour of triple mutants had more resistant starch (6.0% vs. 2.9% in sibling controls) and greater levels of non-starch polysaccharides; the grains appeared shrunken and weighed"‰~"‰11% less than the sibling control which was partially explained by loss in starch content. Interestingly, our study revealed gene dosage effects which could be useful for fine-tuning starch properties in wheat breeding applications while minimizing impact on grain weight and quality.

Bourbon Bread and Coffee Saloon opening new patio

Bourbon Bread and Coffee Saloon celebrated its first anniversary earlier this month and announced the construction of a new outside patio and stage. The new patio officially opened on Father’s Day, although the construction project is not yet completed. The work will also include covered gazebos and an outdoor kitchen. The business is located at 373 E. Pine Street in Bourbon and is open Thursday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

How to Tell If Pickles Have Gone Bad (Plus, the Right Way to Store Them)

Whether you buy pickles from the grocery store or make your own, cucumber pickles — or more commonly, pickles — are a delicious way to add flavor to your meals. They also happen to make an excellent snack all on their own. But storing pickles can be a bit of a mystery. They’re purchased on the grocery shelf, but do you need to keep them in the refrigerator? Is it possible for pickles to go bad? If so, how can you tell? We’ll cover all of this below. So grab a dill spear and keep reading.