‘Brazen’ Review: Alyssa Milano Dares You Not to Laugh in Tawdry Serial Killer Thriller

More like “Fifty Shades of Beige,” “Brazen” applies an unconvincing dollop of kink into an equally by-the-numbers suburban mystery, providing a vehicle for producer-star Alyssa Milano as a crime novelist turned sleuth after her sister’s murder. This Netflix adaptation of a 1988 tome by prolific romance scribe Nora Roberts is slick but increasingly silly, its various elements so obvious and formulaic that they induce giggles more than chills by the climax. Still, whether viewers are looking for unintentional laughs or the streaming equivalent of a throwaway beach read, Monika Mitchell’s feature does offer some guilty-pleasure entertainment value. Introduced reading from her...
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Alyssa Milano Teases Netflix Dominatrix Thriller ‘Brazen’ on ‘The View’: “A Guilty Pleasure Getaway”

Alyssa Milano has a steamy new Netflix thriller you won’t want to miss. The actress is releasing Brazen tomorrow (Jan. 13), a crime drama that follows a mystery author as she attempts to solve the real world case of her sister’s murder. And lucky for us, Milano appeared on The View to tease the enticing new flick. After chatting about politics and activism, The View switched gears into the real breaking news.
Picture for Alyssa Milano Teases Netflix Dominatrix Thriller ‘Brazen’ on ‘The View’: “A Guilty Pleasure Getaway”

Alameda Police Search For Suspects After Brazen Armed Robbery

ALAMEDA (CBS SF) — Two armed robbery suspects confronted a customer inside an Alameda Park St. business, got into a struggle over the gun, discharging the weapon before fleeing, according to the Alameda police department. Investigators have released surveillance camera photos of the pair. While the male suspect was...

Brazen perfume thefts at Macy’s, Ulta spark search for thieves in West Hartford

West Hartford police are asking for the public’s help in solving two brazen, daylight makeup-counter thefts by a group of garbage bag-toting thieves. The men struck Macys and Ulta Tuesday afternoon, filling their large bags with thousands of dollars worth of fragrances and fleeing in a dark gray Toyota Highlander, police said. In one of the thefts, a robber implied he had a gun; no one was ...
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The ugliness of gerrymandering, epitomized in Ohio

Among the many political abuses in our system of government, few things rank as high on the brazenness scale as gerrymandering. That’s in large part because redistricting is extremely complex and invites all kinds of tactics that casual voters just can’t be persuaded to evaluate, much less care about.

Crime Stoppers: the brazen burglar

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A gate wasn’t enough to stop a thief from carrying out an illegal grab-and-go. But, maybe you can help stop him from striking again, by giving the Crime Stoppers a tip, and earning yourself, a possible four-figure reward!. Video surveillance shows the offender who appears...
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Garrett Klotz, the Rush's brazen enforcer, calls Rapid City home

A game-worn Garrett Klotz jersey is apparently worth nearly $3,000. At a post-game live auction for the sweater, complete with specialty decals in honor of the Rapid City Rush’s “Marvel Night” on New Year’s Eve, the eventual winner was just 50 bucks away from eclipsing the 3K mark.

Netflix's Brazen Release Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far

Netflix continues its push to keep subscribers tuned in and happy with a full production slate of original series and films. As reported by Deadline, the streamer's roster of original productions totaled some 70 features in 2021, including 52 English language live-actioners, 10 non-English features, and eight animated titles. In keeping with this high output of content for the streaming service is a new feature film scheduled to arrive early in the new year. Starring Alyssa Milano, the new feature is the much-anticipated mystery-thriller, "Brazen."
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The Brazen Chaos of the 2022 Twitter Golden Globes

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the winners in a series of deranged, oft inaccurate tweets. Turns out it is exactly what we needed. The best of Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards announcements—which is to say, tweets—were so gleefully, brilliantly terrible that you had to wonder if they knew what they were doing.

Brazen: Release Date, Cast, And More

our no-frills, zero B.S. guide to when and where you can watch upcoming movies and shows, and everything else you could possibly stand to know.) What makes crime scenes such great spots for romance? For some reason, many a romantic thriller begins with a death that sends two determined sleuths on a careening crash course into each other's lives. This situation plays out in "Brazen," an upcoming crime thriller with a steamy, romantic premise. The story pairs a detective with a novelist, two people attempting to unearth the secrets behind a mysterious murder — and based on our glimpses at the promo material, their relationship may go well beyond the professional. And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this Netflix original has in store: After all, what's a romance without a serial killer and a complex conspiracy to accompany it?