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This Dementia Sign Could Appear 16 Years Before Diagnosis

As we get older, it becomes increasingly important that we pay attention to how we feel every day. Research has shown that even small changes could implicate larger problems down the road, and it’s best to communicate with our healthcare providers as soon as we notice something feels off. For example, when it comes to conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia, catching early symptoms can make a world of difference in treating the disease. Thankfully, emerging research points to initial signs we should be on the lookout for — and there’s one that could appear as much as 16 years before diagnosis.
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Check out the Brain Exhibit at Friday Harbour in Innisfil

The 6th annual Brain Project is back again this weekend at Friday Harbour in Innisfil, featuring brain sculptures created by various local and global artists to help raise awareness on brain disease. The Brain Project is a city-wide Toronto art exhibit of three-dimensional, brain-shaped canvases decorated using different mediums chosen...
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More Than a Personality Quirk: OCD is Debilitating, but Manageable

As a child, Andrea Martin says she would reread passages multiple times to make sure she didn’t miss anything. She didn’t think much about her quirk until she got to college and began experiencing more significant issues. “I was very worried about things like security in my home,” she says....
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Health Lunches for Optimal Learning

Today we are going to be talking about how to pack healthy school lunches. I know firsthand how dreadful it can be to start packing healthy food in the morning, getting kids ready, feeding them a healthy breakfast, and getting them to school on time. I get it; mornings are crazy! I’m here to give you some ideas to make your morning run smoothly.

Olyseum: cryptocurrencies and blockchain to interact with your idols

The restrictions stemming from the Covid pandemic have made social interaction much more complicated. However, crypto fans have come up with a different way of relating to their favorite stars. The result: Olyseum. It is scientifically proven that we need social interactions to make the most of life. Although some...

Motivation depends on how fatigue gets processed by the brain

BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom — How do we determine whether or not a particular piece of work is worth the effort? It’s natural to feel a bit more or less motivation than usual while doing tasks on certain days. Interestingly, researchers from the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford report that motivation is largely dependent on how our brains are processing fatigue in that moment.

Science Says That Taking Longer Breaks Can Boost Memory and Strengthen the Mind

Whether you are taking a short break for lunch or a walk outdoors, it can pay dividends for your brain health, according to new research from scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology. Their recent study published in the journal Current Biology found that this small action can help your brain remember your most recent activities—specifically by strengthening the connections between brain neurons.

Diet Tips: Add Some Colour To Your Plate To Cut The Risk Of Memory Loss

Have you been loading up on foods to keep your brain up and running? Whether you want to gear up for the exam season or ace it in the next meeting, paying attention to your diet can really pay off. Although there is no specific "brain food" that will prevent you from age-related illnesses like Alzheimer's or dementia, thinking about what you eat can help you improve your cognitive health. Certain foods are more beneficial for your brain than others.

Health Spotlight: Tasty SuperBeets®​ Heart Chews

I just tried two new dietary supplements... First, the SuperBeets®​ Heart Chews, which help to provide plant-based heart-healthy energy. It is designed to promote normal blood pressure for a healthy lifestyle, as well as supports blood flow and promotes healthy heart energy. The flavor is a burst of pomegranate berry,...
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Motivation Depends On How Brain Processes Fatigue

WASHINGTON — Researchers at the University of Birmingham and the University of Oxford have shown that the willingness to work is not static and depends upon the fluctuating rhythms of fatigue. The research team conducted a study to investigate the impact of fatigue on a person’s decision to exert effort....