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Red Ribbon Week proclaims prevention is key

Mayor Ed Mitchell proclaimed the start of Red Ribbon Week on the steps of Blount County Courthouse early Friday for the third year in a row. Red Ribbon Week is a national initiative to bring awareness toward youth substance abuse. It doubles as an anti-bullying campaign. Amanda Ingle-Lenski, executive director...
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Pet experts explain how to support our dogs during the winter

As the colder weather and darker days are upon us, it’s normal for some of us to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – in fact, one in three Brits experience symptoms. The reason this happens is due to our brains’ chemistry when the drop in daylight hours combined with chillier...
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High altitude may negatively affect brain chemistry

Living at a higher altitude could negatively affect brain chemistry, found a study by VA Salt Lake City researchers and colleagues. Epidemiological studies have suggested that living at high altitude may be a risk factor for mood disorders, substance abuse, and suicide. The researchers used brain imaging to compare metabolite...
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Magnetic Therapy May Offer New Treatment for Resistant Depression

Electroconvulsive therapy has long been used to treat severe, persistent depression, but not without unwelcome side effects; researchers looked at whether magnets might be better over the long-term. Treatment-resistant depression or TRD is exactly what it sounds like: a form of mental illness that defies effective therapy. It is not...

Focal Point – Jenny Qi

A culture as ostensibly committed to individual happiness and wellbeing as ours has a difficult time making sense of loss. It is worth considering whether we are even capable of the kind of grieving that lets blood from the chiseled stone of “wellness,” the kind of grieving that resolves into a truer orientation to self and society, regardless of whether it is a happy one. Scientists, therapists, life-coaches, even our profit-seeking bosses implore us to bereave our losses, feel our feelings, live our truths. Grieve, but go back to work on Monday; mourn, but do not lose yourselves in your mourning. It is as if everyone who has a credential to give advice is now of the opinion that grief should not be transformational, that it is an unfortunate, if unavoidable, digression from the business of living well. On such a view, the person who loses themselves completely in grieving, who lets their entire life be consumed by it, appears as if they simply do not know how to do it healthily. They appear unaware that the point of grieving is to emerge out of it harder, better, faster, stronger than when one began. Choose the method that works for you: read the Nature article about the brain chemistry of grief; keep a diary as you journey through its five distinct stages; study the seven habits of highly effective mourners; and so on. But what if, in the course of their grief, the person becomes so immersed that they cannot extricate themselves from it? What of that soul who does not know how to grieve properly, who perhaps refuses to learn, who experiments with different ways of grieving, not in order to come out of it improved, but to do their utmost by the departed?

Magnetic seizure therapy may be attractive alternative to electricity

Treatment-resistant depression or TRD is exactly what it sounds like: a form of mental illness that defies effective therapy. It is not rare, with an estimated 3 million persons in the United States suffering from TRD. In a novel study, published in the October 19, 2021 online issue of The...

The 10 Best Blink 182 Songs of All-Time

Blink 182 is a fantastic band that has been plagued with sad news throughout its career. Founded in 1992, the band went on “indefinite hiatus” in 2005. The band got back together four years later, but DJ Adam (Adam Goldstein) died of a drug overdose that same year. Then in June of this year, singer and bassist Mark Hoppus announced he’d been diagnosed with cancer. Whatever happens in the future, this group has brought us a lot of joy with its music. Here are the top ten best Blink 182 songs of all time.

17 year old daughter I'm lost with what to do next

I need some advice.(Background) My daughter's dad left when she was a baby... My husband brought her up as his own. She still speaks to her dad's mum. She didn't have the best childhood because if her dad but we fought tooth and nail for her to have a normal up bringing. Through high school she suffered from mental illness and boyfriend troubles. We have been there for her and she was demanding and made me ill. She has a younger brother and myself and husband both work full time.. We got her the right help but without pushing she wouldn't take it... But we made her take it... Anyone would... She attempted suicide at 17 years old and in hospital I told the mental health team I can't do it anymore as it's taken its toll... The team completely agreed and said she is old enough to deal with things on her own rather than me rushing home from work everytime. She was given the tools and armed with phone numbers to call. I was still there for her but was also there for myself (felt like an awful parent but if I didn't do that I would be useless to everyone) .. roll on now she is alot better in herself... And has found new friends. We got our loving daughter back for about 6 months... I still have to push her but she is 17 after all... She keeps running to her nans everytime I say something she doesn't like or make her do jobs... Now she has a new boyf and wants to sleep his house (I've made sure she has the implant) I've said no not until I've met him... then the bullying starts from my daughter to myself... She has now gone mad spreading things around that I'm a bad mum. She told me that everything is my fault.. if I say no to things she says it effects her mental illness, her illness is my fault how she is is my fault etc and ran off to her nans. Now everyone thinks I'm a bad mum (I know I'm not but I'm not perfect) because they only know her version (in the past this has been proven that she has spread things about me) .. at what point do you just say enough is enough? I have done everything for her... I'm not perfect but I don't know what more I can do... and I'm scared if I do do that then she will attempt suicide again... even though she has all the tools herself to help herself... it's like she is using it as a weapon... It's affecting her brothers life, my marriage, my work everything. At what point do I just say ... I'm still here for you but go and stand on your own two feet? Sorry for the rant I needed to get it out.
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Conley studies look at teachers, students

To help improve outcomes for Oklahoma public school students, Rep. Sherrie Conley, R-Newcastle, held two interim studies before the House Common Education Committee last week. The studies focused on teacher retention through meaningful professional development and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). "We all want to see Oklahoma students perform better...

Neuroscientists discover specific brain circuit that triggers cocaine relapse in mice

Relapse is a common feature of addiction recovery – two in three patients treated for substance use disorder in the United States relapse within 12 months, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. Substances of misuse hijack the brain's pleasure and reward systems, reinforcing drug-seeking behaviors by flooding...

'Obesity is triggered by brain chemistry, not willpower'

Dr. Sean Wharton says the belief that those with obesity lack discipline and self-control creates stigma so 'thick and intense' that it prevents people from seeking help. Living with elevated weight caused by obesity can be life-changing — and not in a good way. More than seven million Canadians are more likely to be overlooked for jobs, be poorly treated by their physician, and suffer criticism from those who believe that greater self-control can prevent obesity.

Does Your Child Have ADHD? Here’s What You Should Know

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a disorder of brain development that is characterized by problems with attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) occurs in children between ages 3 and 17. The symptoms of ADHD begin in early childhood and usually persist throughout adolescence and adulthood. ADHD...