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Democrats tuck in border billions

Senate Democrats are considering including about $10 billion in their $3.5-trillion budget reconciliation package for border security — focused on infrastructure at legal entry points, two sources familiar with their plans tell Axios. Why it matters: Democrats already planned to include roughly $120 billion for pathways to citizenship for Dreamers,...
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Biden Administration Pays $3 Million Every Day To Not Build The Border Wall

The Biden administration is spending around $3 million daily to not finish construction on the southern border wall, Republican Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford said Wednesday. Around $2 billion in taxpayer dollars have been wasted on paying Department of Defense (DOD) contractors to not build the border wall since Jan. 20, increasing by at least $3 million daily, according to Lankford.
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The Case for Open Borders Is Laid Out in the Book ‘Build Bridges, Not Walls’

The iconic abolitionist activist Angela Davis once wrote that “walls turned sideways are bridges.” This creativity and openness to our fellow humans — this bridge-building — is what we need to do to address the unfolding crises of climate change, mass migration, and late-stage capitalism, according to investigative journalist and author Todd Miller. Miller has spent decades studying the politics of border regions, tracing the human and environmental toll of decades of militarization, forced displacement, and detention. His fourth and latest book on the subject, Build Bridges, Not Walls, from City Lights Books, makes an abolitionist case against borders.
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New Border Wall Construction Begins near West Texas Town

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Site preparation work for one segment of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s recently announced border wall project is visibly underway south of the city. On Thursday, work crews could be seen clearing land and surveying property near a truck route leading to the Camino Real International Bridge.
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Fox News says Abbott’s Texas border wall is a chain-link fence

DEL RIO, Texas -- Fox News is giving an inside look at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's promised U.S.-Mexico border wall, which is actually a chain-link fence. In a tweet on Tuesday, a Fox News correspondent shared photos of it and wrote: "We were given access to the beginning construction of Gov. Abbott's promised Texas border barrier. The first 1.5 mile stretch is here in Del Rio, yards from the Rio Grande. No trespass signs will be added. Migrants will be arrested on state charges if they cross."
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Texas begins jailing border crossers on trespassing charges

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas is beginning to arrest migrants on trespassing charges along the U.S.-Mexico border. Authorities said Thursday that at least 10 people have been jailed so far and more are expected in the coming weeks. The arrests are part of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s actions that he says are needed to slow the number of border crossings. He has also said he would continue building former President Donald Trump's border wall and called on other governors to deploy law enforcement to the southern border.

Fronteras: ‘Reclaiming The Border Narrative’ Through Arts And Culture

Issues at the border have largely focused on illegal immigration. Gov. Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration in May, which authorized the Republican to request the reallocation of $250 million toward construction of a southern border wall. States have also responded to calls from Abbott by sending their own troops to the Lone Star State to increase security at the border.