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'Bones day' on TikTok: How this viral pug inspired a new meme

If you're wondering what kind of day you'll be having today, 13-year-old pug Noodle says you should treat yourself and seize the day. Well, Noodle can't talk, of course, but he's part of a new TikTok trend in which he supposedly predicts how your day will go -- in other words, whether it'll be a "bones day" or a "no-bones day." Here's what that means and what to know about the meme that's exploded on TikTok.
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Commit to be Fit: Don’t take bone health for granted

With Halloween only weeks away; witches, goblins, skeletons and pumpkin decorations are seen all over. While little ones associate candy with Halloween, I’m going to ask “mature” older kids to associate bone health with Halloween as you focus on caring for your own skeleton. Q: When should I start caring...

Viral pug forecasts daily moods with “bones day” predictions

Is today a “bones,” or “no bones” day? TikTok-famous pug Noodles has the answer. Every morning, Noodles’ owner Jonathan Graziano, 30, attempts to lift the floppy pug from his dog bed. If Noodles stands, it’s a bones day, meaning it’ll be a good day. If Graziano removes his hands and...
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The Bone-Shaped Sweets That Honor the Dead in Spain

On Día de Todos los Santos in Spain, families across the country head to cemeteries, laying colorful flowers on the graves of their loved ones and remembering the legacies their relatives left behind. After paying their respects, they head home for a holiday feast that culminates in an unusual dessert: bones. But unlike other skeletal parts, these bones are soft and nutty, filled with an intensely sweet candied paste.
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Marian Anderson’s Bone-Chilling Rendition of “Crucifixion”

Over the summer, the Sony Classical label released “Marian Anderson: Beyond the Music,” a sumptuous boxed set containing the contralto’s complete published recordings for the RCA Victor label, from 1924 to 1966. It amounts, effectively, to a coffee-table book with fifteen CDs attached, containing more than two hundred pages of biographical text, archival photographs, and discographic information. Classical labels routinely manufacture such luxury objects these days to entice collectors to pay anew for recordings that they already own or that they can easily obtain from streaming services. The Anderson set stands out because it feels in some way necessary. The singer’s towering historical stature is given its due—we see images of her epochal performance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, in 1939, an event that materially influenced Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s “I Have a Dream” speech at the same location twenty-four years later. But the disks remind us that Anderson attained that status first and foremost because of the magnificence of her musicianship.

Is It Safe to Crack Your Back?

Cracking your back can feel oh-so-satisfying… but is it really something you should be doing? A chiropractor has the answer.

Taco Bell's Giving Out Totally Free Breakfast Burritos on Thursday

Taco Bell is bringing back breakfast menu items, finally answering the pleas of many breakfast lovers across the nation. Even a no-bones day could be made better with Taco Bell for breakfast. To celebrate this return, Taco Bell is offering its breakfast burritos for free on October 21. Between 7...

Evening of ghost stories to raise money for Ashfield church

ASHFIELD — The First Congregational Church of Ashfield is preparing for a scary good time with the return of “Whispering Bones,” an evening of ghost stories. Scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 23, at 7 p.m., the performances will raise money for the church, located at 429 Main St. The Whispering Bones...

Ancient bones reveal previously unknown Japanese ancestors

Researchers have rewritten Japanese history after uncovering a third, and previously unknown, group of ancestors that migrated to Japan around 2,000 years ago, of modern-day Japanese populations. Ancient Japan can be split into three key time periods: the Jomon period (13,000 B.C. to 300 B.C.), a time when a small...