Ana De Armas Wants Answers (And Revenge) In Upcoming John Wick Spinoff Ballerina

When Ana de Armas stepped out with guns blazing in "No Time To Die," she left one hell of an impression on the audience. In just 12 minutes she showcased movie star charisma, and impeccable action chops, before disappearing from the movie to leave us wanting more. And while the Bond franchise has likely closed the door on Paloma, de Armas has an action-packed future ahead. The "Blonde" star is set to headline the first spin-off in the "John Wick" franchise and based on the bloody premise, she'll be dropping bodies like it's nobody's business.
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The Bharat Bond Index series

The National Stock Exchange’s subsidiary NSE Indices has same it’s launched a brand new index below the good Asian nation Bond Index series. The Asian nation Bond Index series follows a target date structure whereby each index at intervals the series measures the performance of a portfolio of ‘AAA’ rated bonds issued by government owned entities maturing throughout a selected year.
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25 horrifying CGI disasters in film, from Star Trek to The Polar Express

Get our free weekly email for all the latest cinematic news from our film critic Clarisse Loughrey. Initially, CGI was funny because it was so rudimentary. Think pixelated monsters with unblinking eyes, supposedly living beings with stiff robotic arms, explosions more laughable than scary. But even now it’s become incredibly...
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Ethics Heroes: The Baseball Hall of Fame Era Committee

A new 16-member committee was charged with voting on the Hall of Fame membership cases of eight select players who had failed to acquire the necessary number of votes in their years on the main Hall ballots, which are cast by, ugh, baseball’s sportswriters. The results of their deliberations were announced yesterday: of the seven, only one, former Blue Jays first baseman Fred McGriff received the required twelve votes. He is deserving beyond a doubt, but the bigger story and even better news from an ethics perspective is that Barry Bonds, the King of the Steroid Cheats, the game’s career and single season record-holder in home runs, was rejected again. Also seeing their otherwise Hall-worthy career achievements rejected were Bond’s fellow PED-tarnished colleagues Roger Clemens and Rafael Palmeiro, both of whom, like Bonds, received few votes from the committee members.

The Best James Bond Gadgets Ranked

A variety of love has been given for James Bond’s devices however what about his antagonists? From Russia With Love featured the memorable Rosa Klebb (Lotte Lenya) because the villain. She’s a ruthless colonel and Soviet counter-intelligence operative, in addition to a SPECTRE double agent(!), who required her personal vary of shock weaponry. Disguised as a housekeeper, she will get the soar on Bond close to the top of the movie, aiming a gun at him earlier than she is disarmed by Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi). But it’s what’s hidden in her shoe that has grow to be way more iconic for followers of the collection and provides her the sting within the ensuing battle.

Clean Energy Improvement Program out of cash after one day

St. Albert’s Clean Energy Improvement Program is out of cash for the year after just one day, say city officials — a sign the initiative needs more money, according to one green energy advocate. The CEIP allows St. Albert residents to get around the often-high upfront costs of...

James Bond on your wrist: Atelier Jalaper’s latest dials cut from the hood of a DB5

I don’t get to review many wristwatches, but when French watchmaker Atelier Jalaper contacted a new timepiece with, shall we say, some unique materials, I was intrigued. Their latest line of timepieces, Collection DB5, is a limited edition of 600 pieces with a unique bit of automotive cachet: the dial is carved from the bonnet (or “bonnet”) of a vintage Aston Martin DB5, the vehicle of choice for James Bond, the cinematic and charismatic super spy from Ian Fleming.

Visit James Bond sets and relax in the spa at Austria’s luxury skiing resort

When it comes to envisioning a life of luxury, nothing quite screams glamour like 007 himself. But while James Bond may be known for battling notorious villains, he’s also renowned for his love of card games, food and lavish locations – all of which make for the perfect trip.

World Cup 2022: The Netherlands are in the quarter

Denzel Dumfries was directly involved in all three goals against the USA. The Netherlands have reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Qatar. In the round of 16, Bond coach Louis van Gaal's team beat the USA 3-1 (2-0), the Dutch goals were scored by Memphis Depay (10th minute), Daley Blind (45+1) and Denzel Dumfries (81st).

No Time To Die: All the updates on James Bond movie releasing this year

James Bond movies are a class apart. A full package of action plus entertainment, the Bond film always leaves fans wanting more. We have some happy news for all the fans! If you want to know what’s all the buzz about follow down. Here’s all the latest updates on...

The Unfilmed Shark Scene For Live And Let Die Is Very Jaws-Esque

The formula for James Bond movies hasn't changed much since 1962's "Dr. No." A Bond film needs: exotic locales, a dynamic villain, multiple romantic interludes, punny quips (which often accompany someone's death), a vehicular chase scene of some kind, gadgets, and a martini that's shaken and not stirred. That's not...

Bond denied for molesting, sexual battery suspect in Tupelo

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – Bond has been denied for a suspect arrested in Tupelo for Molesting and Sexual Battery. In November, Tupelo Police arrived at NMMC ER after it was reported that a minor was the victim of sexual activity. On December 1, William Lee Young was arrested. The...

K9 Bond sniffs out drugs in Main St. arrest

Olney’s K9 Officer Bond nosed out a haul of drugs during a traffic stop on Main Street that sent a Los Angeles man to Young County Jail, Police Chief Dan Birbeck said. Bond’s partner, Officer Miranda Wright, stopped David Huang, 28, on the 400 block of West Main Street on Oct. 4 for having an expired registration, Chief Birbeck said. Officer Wright asked to search the vehicle after noticing the smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle and Mr. Huang’s nervousness, Chief Birbeck said. Mr. Huang denied that he had any illegal substances in the vehicle, which he said he rented from Enterprise Rent-A-Car a few days earlier, the chief said.

Stranger Things Actor David Harbour Recalls ‘Creepy’ Audition For Madonna

Stranger Things actor David Harbour has recalled the ‘creepy’ audition he once had for a film directed by Madonna. Harbour, 47, shot to stardom starring as Jim Hopper in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. Before this, he had supporting roles in blockbusters such as Brokeback Mountain (2005)...

A museum displays vehicles from the Bond film

SARATOGA SPRINGS — At 11 a.m., the Saratoga Auto Museum smells good. This is different from what surrounds the suave British superspy James Bond at the beginning of the novel that introduces the character, Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. His first paragraph:. “The smell, smoke and sweat of a...