Man Picks Up And Hurls Away Rabid Bobcat In Wild Viral Footage

A man was seen swiftly picking up and tossing away a bobcat that attacked a woman on their front driveway in a viral video shared on social media this week. The footage, captured on a home security camera, raked in millions of views on Twitter after it was posted by user @Evi3Zamora, who told HuffPost the clip was first shared on TikTok by user @keithmgeaux, whose account was disabled for violating the platform’s policies. It was not immediately clear if the TikTok user was one of the people who appears in the video.
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Video: Couple attacked by rabid bobcat in their driveway

PENDER COUNTY, N.C. - Wild video shows a rabid bobcat attacking a North Carolina couple in their driveway. The video posted Thursday has been viewed more than 10 million times on Twitter. The footage, captured through a home security system, shows the pair leaving their home. As the two are...
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Man named Happy throws bobcat after it attacks wife in wild video

This suburban neighborhood had a wild morning. A harrowing 46-second home security video of a bobcat attacking a man’s wife has gone viral, documenting a scary turn of events that started with the surprise ambush — and ended with the man throwing the animal onto his front lawn. By Friday,...
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[WATCH] Man hurls rabid bobcat through the air after animal attacks wife

WARNING (violence/language): The video below includes explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised. The scene starts off depicting a normal morning as the family can be seen loading into a vehicle and greeting their neighbor. Suddenly, the wife shrieks “oh my god! run, Happy, run!" "Get out, watch out," the man...
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Throwing a screaming bobcat across your yard is the ultimate dad sport

Dads of the world have been looking to find a new hobby to dive into, and we might just have it. Bobcat throwing is the ultimate dad sport, typified by this brave dad. This video is not just an example of a man diving in to protect those around him, but a dad operating at peak dad for 36 seconds of distilled perfection. It has every trapping of a perfect dad moment.

Video shows man saving his wife from a bobcat by throwing it across the lawn

A man saved his wife from a bobcat by picking it up with his bare hands and throwing it across the lawn, a viral video appears to show. The video, which looks to be taken from home surveillance footage, begins with the man greeting a woman jogging down the street. He says "I need to wash my car," as he puts down his cup on the hood to pull out his car keys to unlock his vehicle. His wife appears in the video as he opens the rear car door. This was a wild 46 seconds— Sada (@Evi3Zamora) April...
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Video of a Man Chucking a Rabid Bobcat is Taking the Internet by Storm

Here it is: Your viral video of the day. A woman in suburban North Carolina was attacked by a bobcat while heading to her car with a pet carrier, according to TMZ. The entire episode is captured by the couple’s home security camera. As we publish this, the video has 10 million views on Twitter. Make sure to turn your device’s volume on to hear the animal’s yowls and the couple’s shouts.

Rabid Bobcat Attacks Woman in Wild Video

A rabid bobcat attacked a North Carolina woman in her driveway and her husband jumped in and hurled the animal across the lawn ... and it's all caught in this wild video. It went down in Pender County last week, when a guy is getting ready to hop in his car. As he prepares to get in, you hear the bobcat snarl and the woman screams for her husband.

Rabid Bobcat Attack Caught On Security Cam and it’s CRAZY!! | JJ Hayes | KFDI

This is some of the craziest video you will see today. This Suburban Husband proves that not all heroes wear capes. He didn’t even hesitate to protect his wife, he sprang into action, grabbed the animal and saved his wife. Putting himself in harms way. Turns out after further investigation, the bobcat had rabies which explains the crazy, aggressive behavior.
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Bobcat tennis team drops a pair in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS – Lincoln and Harrisburg both topped the Bobcats 9-0 in a boys’ tennis triangular Thursday. Brookings (1-4) heads back to Sioux Falls on Saturday to face Rapid City Stevens at 1 p.m. and host Roosevelt at 4 p.m. • Sioux Falls Lincoln 9, Brookings 0. The Patriots dropped...

Montana State’s Basye Finishes in Top 10 to Cap Bobcat Desert Classic

GOODYEAR, Ariz. – Junior Kameryn Basye completed a strong tournament showing as the Montana State women's golf team wrapped up the Bobcat Desert Classic on Tuesday, April 13, at the Golf Club of Estrella. Basye fired her best 18-hole round of her college career by shooting a 1-under-par 71. Her...

Wild Security Cam Footage Shows Bobcat Attack Woman, Husband Grab & Toss It

After 2020, you never really know what each day might bring. That's something one couple learned the hard way, and it was all caught on their home security camera. The video that cam captured shows a man seemingly starting his morning routine in an idyllic suburban neighborhood. He walks out to his car, says good morning to a jogger, rests his coffee on the vehicle's hood, and laments out loud that he needs to clean the car. At that point things go off the rails.