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Area of Mars Visited by Curiosity Shows Steep Cliffs and Blue Water, It’s a Camera Trick

There are two kinds of hardware presently involved in keeping a close eye on Mars: we have the rovers on the surface (three still active, two American and on Chinese), and the orbiters that spin around the planet (8 still active out of a total of 18 send there). And they all return incredible vistas of a strange place we humans might one day call home.
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Boil ordered for Point Blue

A boil order is in effect for some customers of the Point Blue Water system. Customers who live south of the well who experienced low to no pressure at all will be under a boil order until further notice.
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Sykes had a ‘mechanical issue’ according to Coast Guard

This story has been updated with new information indicating that the ship did not run aground. Mechanical issues are to blame for the 678-foot long steamship Wilfred Sykes veering off course around 11:30pm Thursday night just north of the Blue Water Bridges. Video captured by the Stream Time Live camera at the Blue Water Convention Center shows the freighter apparently lost control of its steering while heading down bound and turned sharply to the west. The ship came to rest offshore of the US Coast Guard station near Dunn Paper in Port Huron. She was freed with assistance of tugs and the Sykes is currently at anchor in lower Lake Huron. A US Coast Guard spokesperson told WPHM Friday morning that there was no damage to the ship and that the mechanical issue has been resolved.

Blue Water Area businesses hope for more shoppers this year for Small Business Saturday

When Main Street Ensemble opened in downtown Port Huron in September 2020, it was only a few short months before the special shopping holiday Small Business Saturday. The clothing store's owners had more business than they were expecting with pretty stringent COVID-19 pandemic regulations in place, but they hope this year they're more prepared for what to expect on Saturday.

Clean air and water in Baltimore

On this month’s episode of Future City host Charles Robinson discusses the state of clean air and water in Baltimore. Mike Ewall, Founder & Executive Director of Energy and Justice Network. Fred Tutman, Patuxent River keeper. Tony Bridges, Executive Director for Blue Water of Baltimore.

Steel cut for Fehmarnbelt pontoon

HLPFI’s sister publication New Ships reports that Polish yard Crist has cut steel on a fully equipped, multi-functional pontoon. The vessel will be used to build the underwater Fehmarnbelt tunnel between the ports of Puttgarden in Germany and Rødbyin Denmark. The pontoon will have a hull length of 130.2 m...


The Blue Water Navy (BWN) Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019 (PL 116-23) extended the presumption of herbicide exposure, such as Agent Orange, to Veterans who served in the offshore waters of the Republic …. This item is available in full to subscribers. Attention subscribers. We have recently launched a new...

Meet Robert “Lucky” Pope & his 1947 Chevy Rat-Rod

Robert “Lucky” Pope is a serious gear head. His passion comes out in his 100% one-of-a-kind 1947 Chevy Rat-Rod named, Mighty Mouse. The car and Lucky both have quite a story to tell and, in ways, they overlap. Pope is a cancer survivor who dove into his work on cars as an escape. Now he is helping friends who are going through similar battles.

​Blue Water in iceberg delivery

Blue Water Shipping transported a piece of an iceberg from Narsaq in Greenland and three pallets containing a total of 540 litres of water from Godthaab Fjord to Scotland where they were part of an exhibition during the COP26 summit. Participants could see the ice slowly melt from the iceberg...