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Hub legends Sam Black Church reunite for fundraiser

Sam Black Church has a ton of killer new stuff written. The legendary Boston hardcore/metal band has no plans to record it. Yet. The band’s sizable cult has been here before. Back in 2016, Sam Black Church reformed for three sold-out shows (two at the Sinclair, one at the Brighton Music Hall) and many fans and members of the band thought more gigs and new records might follow. But life got in the way. Now Sam Black Church is ready to stomp again with two sold-out Paradise shows Oct. 1 & 2.
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Weill Cornell Medicine launches ambitious community vaccination and education efforts

With vaccine availability growing in New York City and across the country, attention is increasingly turning to those who remain hesitant to receive it. Between 70 to 90 percent of the population needs to be vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity and bring the pandemic under control, according to public health experts. Yet 14 percent of Americans say they will definitely not get a vaccine and another 13 percent want to wait and see how they work or will only get one if required, a Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) poll found in July.

Lawyer-minister made a big difference

• The Rev. Taylor Boone was both a lawyer and a United Methodist minister in San Antonio. • As a lawyer, he had the key role in bringing about a hospital partnership that greatly expanded United Methodist-affiliated health care across San Antonio and South Texas. • - Boone entered seminary...

Clerical Error: Clericalism, Leadership, and Pastoral Care

Editor’s Note: This article appears in the latest issue of Spectrum (volume 49, issue 3). If you’re not already a member of Adventist Forum, click here to join today and receive this issue. For fifty years, I have lived, worked, and socialized in the Newbold community—both in a paid and...

The Washington National Cathedral Plans to Replace Confederate Images with Themes of Racial Justice. Why Did it Take So Long?

In 1963 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously said that “the most segregated hour in this nation is Sunday at 11:00 a.m.” King’s quote was in reference to the point of the week in which Christian church services were held and the irony of sanctuaries all across the country being rife with racial division, despite the fact that segregated churches essentially contradicted basic values of Christianity.

A reunion shows former Triangle neighbors a past replaced by gentrification

On its 111th birthday, friends from College Park reunited around a childhood neighborhood they scarcely recognized — its corner stores and bungalows mostly taken by bulldozers. The hospital where the elders were born — proud St. Agnes, long Raleigh’s only option for Black people — stands as a stone skeleton...
Kokomo Tribune

Wallace Temple AME Zion Church celebrates 100 years

ANDERSON — Each year in January, members of the congregation at Wallace Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church participate in a Roll Call event. As their names are called out, they come forward to share a favorite Bible verse or give a personal testimony followed by the donation of one dollar for each year of membership in the church.

Goin’ to worship: Sunday is a lifeline of Greenwood’s legacy and future

The Oklahoma Eagle’s “Of Greenwood” series is part of our 2nd Century Campaign, which commemorates the hundredth anniversary of this African American newspaper. This series is made possible through our partnership with Liberty Mutual Insurance. By Gary Lee, The Oklahoma Eagle. Photography by Jezrel White & Basil Childers. When Pastor...
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John Shelby Spong: US bishop who championed inclusivity in the church

The Right Rev John Shelby Spong, a liberal theologian and former bishop who shook up the modern Episcopal Church, championing the inclusion of women and LGBTQ+ people in the clergy while promoting a nonliteral interpretation of scripture, has died aged 90. Spong was an outspoken leader of the church’s liberal...

Covid Impact/Vaccine PSA

The series on “The Black Church in Detroit” examines the impact of covid-19 on ministers and their congregations. We’ll hear the stories of loss and grief caused by the pandemic and talk about vaccine hesitancy in the African American community. Plus, a look at the Black church’s role in alleviating this public health crisis. Episode 4939.