Zero topics: The bitterness of the sweetest candy.

I looked back in time where life was like a solidified sugar under the wrap in a piece of shiny wax paper. I could still taste the balance of sugar in the mint flavour one, the smell of strawberry and the colour stain of apple on my lips. I just let the sugary flavour stays a bit in my mouth. But just like a dream, the sweetness of candy wasn’t last forever, as time goes by the sweetness faded and the bitterness was the flavour I savour.
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Love turns to bitterness for Mourinho as Inter storm the Stadio Olimpico

José Mourinho cancelled his press conference before Roma’s match against Inter on Saturday, denying us a window into his emotions as he prepared to face his former club in Serie A for the first time. Eleven years had passed since he left the Nerazzurri in floods of tears, hugging Marco Materazzi before disappearing into a Madrid night after completing an unprecedented Treble win.
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Totti bitterness Rome: 'I don't see champions ...'

Totti becomes Global Ambassador of DigitalBits, main sponsor of Rome from this summer, and according to many, the equation was soon done in recent days: it is a way for the former captain to return to Rome. "Far from it - explained Totti himself -. The fact that he is Digitalbits ambassador does not mean that I will return to Rome". The door, however, does not close it completely. "Even if I don't know what the future holds for me, for sure from now on I will have more opportunities to talk to the club - he continued -. Then maybe in the future anything could happen, this is true". So Saturday's meeting at the Olimpico with the Friedkins was "a simple greeting",Totti underlined from the splendid setting of the Fuksas Lantern where the partnership with DigitalBits for the next 3 years was made official with a profit of almost 5 million euros. It is then impossible not to comment on the moment that Mourinho's Roma is experiencing in the league and the ideas on what the team is missing to make the leap in quality are very clear. "To win you need players, an important coach and a club that helps and makes you feel at home. But the primary thing is the players, that's the basis." Then he adds to the dose: "I don't want to despise the current squad, it's important but there are no champions. He has players who can do well in a team context." A thought, after all, close to what Josè Mourinho reiterates almost weekly at the press conference.However, there is no lack of trust in society.
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Review: Hardwood Spiked Seltzer Bitter Citrus

Hardwood Spiked has essentially created a cocktail that inverts the role of ingredients where the bitters are featured front and center and the spirit and fruit are mere accoutrements. These 100 calorie seltzers use a corn whiskey base that “extracts 8 organic botanicals prior to oak barrel aging… balanced with organic maple syrup, though dry not sweet. All natural and no chemicals or preservatives.” The base whiskey is undeniably the herbal-flavored whiskey The Original Brodsky which was released in 2016 and reviewed here at Drinkhacker.

Left-liberal responsible for Hindu-Muslim bitterness, said Assam Chief Minister

Left-liberal responsible for Hindu-Muslim bitterness, said Assam Chief Minister. Sarma was discussing a book on Veer Savarkar in Guwahati. He pointed out the relevance of Savarkar in today’s times. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma blamed the Left-Liberals and Congress for creating bitterness between Hindus and Muslims. Sarma was discussing...

Reflections: Let bitterness go, if only for yourself

While reading “Widower’s Grief”, a website for grieving widows and widowers, I came upon the word bitterness. I found bitterness used 17 times in the Bible, 14 in the Old Testament. Bitter and its derivatives were used 81 times. More Reflections:Talking poorly about your church might not sit well with...

Exeter were most visibly wronged by Saracens' salary cap saga and it is a rivalry that has cracked the England dressing room... both clubs are keen to move on, but bitterness lingers ahead of their latest red-hot instalment

As desperate as both Saracens and Exeter are to move on from the salary cap saga that engulfed the former and enraged the latter, there will not be many fans inside Sandy Park on Saturday keen to let it lie. While the stolid collection of Premiership points may publicly be...
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Battling bitterness

In 1 Kings 2, King David is on his death bed having a conversation with his son Solomon, who will succeed him as the king of Israel. David tells Solomon to kill a man named Shimei after He is gone. Wow! David orders a murder right before his death. The backstory is that years before, there was a civil war in Israel. Absalom, David’s son, led a revolt against him causing David to flee the capital. On the way Shimei, came out and cursed David. David’s men offered to kill him but David refused. Later when David returned to power, Shimei apologized. David promised to never kill him, but now sees the opportunity to technically keep his word by having his son exact revenge. Disappointing! In some ways, David was amazing, but here he exposes a real dark side. I think David’s actions are a result of an unforgiving bitterness that he allowed to grow in his heart.

Michael Carrick slams key call amid bitter sentiment over Man Utd draw

Michael Carrick says he is “disappointed” that Manchester United have not been able to maintain their lead against Chelsea, despite being the team with far fewer shots. United came away from Stamford Bridge with a point after a tough game against Chelsea. The hosts managed 23 shots against three for United. However, it was the Red Devils who took the lead when Jadon Sancho took advantage of a Jorginho mistake.

Does the bitterness ever go?!

Look up radical acceptance. It is a DBT exercise for helping you accept what is and what you are powerless to change so that your pain doesn't hold you in a place of suffering. Unfortunately feeling bitter doesn't change anything, only keeps us feeling shit. Don't give the fucker any...

What It Really Means If Your Olive Oil Tastes Bitter

Olive oil is a pantry staple that's in most people's kitchens, but with so many choices in brand and type, it can be daunting to know how to pick a high-quality oil or even how to tell if your oil is good once you've had it for a while. For some home cooks, bitterness in olive oil might raise suspicion. When served in small doses and balanced by other flavors, slightly bitter notes can be welcome in many dishes. But when an ingredient tastes extremely bitter, it could be unappetizing or construed as a hint that the item has gone bad. With olive oil, however, it's actually the opposite.

Best bitter cocktail recipes

Looking for bitter cocktails to make at home? The last few years have seen more and more of us enthusiastically embrace the punchy, grown up flavours of bitter cocktails, particularly when it comes to aperitif hour, as bitter flavours can help wake up the palate and stimulate the appetite. From a classic negroni to tangy tequila coolers, here are a few of our favourites. Next, try our Campari cocktail recipes.

Off the Shelf: A dose of bitter with the sweet

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving, or at least one that brought gratitude to mind. Delicious food, of course, has set my mind to thinking about flavors. I’ve decided that bitterness is a very misunderstood flavor. To be clear, I’m not talking about bitterness as an emotion. Being bitter emotionally has been linked to a number of health problems. No, I’m just talking about bitter food, the kind that leaves that strange taste in your mouth that has you questioning your ability to make good decisions. Much maligned by many a patient taking medicine, bitterness is viewed as something to be avoided. As a side note, yes, for the most part, bitter tastes are caused by a variety of chemical compounds that are very good for you. Unfortunately, medical research has shown that people can often mistake sour tastes for bitter even though the chemicals associated with each taste are quite different. Yes, bitter has a bad reputation.

Bitter much? Piers Morgan mocks An Audience with Adele after not being invited

Piers Morgan called Adele fans“sycophantic” and questioned whether she was really singing live in a string of bitter tweets posted during last night’s concert. The former GMB host was a noticeable absentee among a large swathe of celebrity guests at Adele’s special London concert. A-listers including Dame Emma Thompson, Stormzy,...

Aluko played politics without bitterness – Egbeyemi mourns late former senator

The Ekiti State Deputy Governor, Otunba Bisi Egbeyemi, has mourned the lack of former Deputy Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Gbenga Aluko, describing his demise as surprising and a monumental loss to the state specifically and Nigeria on the whole. The Deputy Governor in a press release by his...

Defense grills sister about bitterness toward brother

A defense attorney grilled Ruth Correa for hours on Friday, asking about her traumatic upbringing, abandonment issues and bitterness toward her older brother, Sergio Correa, as she took the stand for the second day in a row to testify against Sergio. After staying stoic Thursday while she described plunging a...